Replicator Achievement in Starfield

  • Replicator



    Craft 100 Items

  • How to unlock Replicator

    While this might sound like a pain in the ass, it really isn’t, and come the end of Starfield we fully suspect anyone who has even started a small-medium sized Outpost to have well exceeded this (for instance, we’re currently at 207 "objects built").

    So, the best way to do this and get this relatively easy, is to as we’ve said in a few other achievements, and that’s to create an Iron mining operation, an Aluminum mining operation, and then building yourself an Outpost with some insane storage options. Take a look at the following 3 guides for how to get this started.Once you have Iron and Aluminum in abundance, you’ll be able to craft hundreds of Starfield’s Adaptive Frames in an instant by using the Aluminum and Iron on a Industrial Workbench - which you’ll then use to craft various different types of resource storage (whether that’s solid materials, gas, liquids, or even manufactured materials themselves).

    If you're doing that, you'll rack up 100 in no time whatsoever.

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