Rock Collection Achievement in Starfield

  • Rock Collection



    Gather 500 Inorganic Resources

  • How to unlock Rock Collection

    Depending on how obsessively you play Starfield - and RPGs like Starfield - this is either going to be a chore for you, or come naturally. For us, it came naturally. Incredibly naturally, mainly because we needed the resources to build an Outpost purely for storage. Go figure.

    While Life Begets Life (20G) dealth with organic resources (like animal and plants resources), “Rock Collection” deals with… yes, you guessed it: rocks. So, all you need to do is to destroy 500 rocks with your laser cutter. You are a miner by trade, after all.

    There are various ways to make this 10 times easier. Firstly, you can invest in the Surveying skill, which increases the range of your scanner, so you can see resources from further away; and finally, by investing in the Geology skill, which will net you more resources per rock you destroy (the first rank will get you 2 common and uncommon resources per rock, when usually you’d get 1).

    Invest in both of those and you’ll get it in no time.

    If you’re build a crazy Outpost with loads of storage and mining operations (like below) all over the galaxy, this will be a cake walk, as you need resources to get them going. Check out the below guides and put those resources to good use:Also, remember, you don’t have to keep equipping the laser cutter. As long as you have one on your character in their inventory, it’ll be your default weapon when you have the scanner equipped and in use.

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