Rook Meets King Achievement in Starfield

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    Join the Crimson Fleet

  • How to unlock Rook Meets King

    The Crimson Fleet is a space pirate outfit, and they wear funky red armour, so who wouldn’t want to join them? There are several ways to enroll. You can infiltrate their ranks as an undercover operative for the UC Vanguard, or you can make a few shadowy contacts on Cydonia, and work your way up by doing odd jobs.

    For all the different ways to join the Crimson Fleet faction, check out our Starfield How to join the Crimson Fleet faction guide. This will be 1 of 3 Crimson Fleet faction achievements you’ll earn along the way. If you’re interested in what other missions you need to do to complete this faction, check out Legacy's End (30G) guide entry.

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