Shipping Magnate Achievement in Starfield

  • Shipping Magnate



    Connect 5 Outposts with Cargo Links

  • How to unlock Shipping Magnate

    Outposts are a handy tool when navigating the universe of Starfield - you can use them to boost your grav drive automatically if you pass over one, you can use them to mine materials, you can use them to set up a home base, you can use them to grow vegetables, domesticate creatures from around the galaxy and much more. Sometimes you’ll want to send materials and goods from one to the other. That’s where Cargo Links come in.

    Out the gate you’ll be able to use normal Cargo Links, where you can send goods from one planet to another in the same system. However, if you want to send stuff from one star system to another you’re going to need to use a Research Station (there’s one on the Frontier) to research Manufacturing 1, which then unlocks Cargo Link - Inter-System cargo pads.

    Once you’ve built one, you need to hook them up with another one. And you need to do this 5 times. So, in order to unlock this achievement, you have to not only build five Outposts (see Home Sweet Home (10G)) but string them together with Cargo Links.

    Now, it doesn’t have to be all 5 in a row - like a daisy chain. It can be 5 individual Cargo Links i.e. 5 Cargo Links linked to 5 other Cargo Links (not necessarily 5 other planets, as you can build multiple Cargo Links at every Outpost). To see how you do this, and also how you can become an intergalactic shipping magnate, check out our Starfield Having storage issues? Build an Outpost storage farm! guide. In that guide we create an Outpost that functions as a cargo port, where all our resources from around the galaxy get shipped into one place.

    For something a little more straightforward, like setting up 1 Cargo Link, we discuss setting up just the 1 Cargo Link in both the following guides (although that can be the starting point for the cargo port we set up):Just set up 5 Cargo Links, and you’ll be golden.

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