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    Mod 50 Weapons

  • How to unlock Soldier of Fortune

    In Starfield, you can create mods and add them to any weapon you like, so long as you have access to a Weapon Workbench - which you can build at your Outpost, or find downstairs in the Lodge on New Atlantis.

    The tricky part with creating mods for weapons, however, is that they require some really rare materials to create. Most of the best mods in Starfield require Adhesive, which enemies like the Beetlecrab on Beta Marae I drop - we’re currently knocking up a guide on how to farm Adhesive, so keep an eye out for that.

    If you have no interest in mods though, or making your weapons better, and just want the achievement, then the best solution is to choose a mod below and then create it for your weapon.

    For instance, to create the Long Barrel attachment (as most guns won’t have this as standard), this only needs 1 Iron (which you should have plenty of if you created an Iron mining operation in Starfield), 1 Nickel and 1 Sealant (if you’re looking for Sealant, follow our Starfield - How to get Sealant guide) - all of which are easier to find than Adhesive.

    Also, try crafting Iron Sights for weapons - although you’d need them not to have that as standard. Check out the local Trade Authority, and other traders, if you don't have the aforementioned materials and need to get them easily.

    In terms of other mods that are easy to make (the below do depend on the gun and type of gun you're trying to mod, of course), try:
    • Iron Sights - 1 x Nickel / 1 x Aluminum
    • Short Barrel - 1 x Nickel / 1 x Iron
    • Standard Barrel - 1 x Iron / 1 x Sealant
    • Tech Barrel - 2 x Nickel / 2 x Iron / 1 x Sealant (needs Barrel Mods 2 research)
    • Large Magazine - 2 x Lead / 2 x Tungsten / 2 x Sealant
    • Small Magazine - 1 x Lead / 1 x Tungsten / 1 x Sealant
    • Standard Magazine - 1 x Lead / 1 x Tungsten
    • Tactical Magazine - 1 x Lead / 1 x Sealant
    • Compensator - 1 x Nickel / 1 x Aluminum
    We managed to get this achievement in under 5-minutes by adopting this strategy.
    • Firstly, save your game, so you're not wasting materials.
    • Then, we took a Grendel and went to the Weapon Workbench.
    • When there, we scrolled down to Muzzles.
    • From there we installed a Compensator for 1 Nickel and 1 Aluminum.
    • And finally, after that, we crafted “No Mod” for 1 Nickel and 1 Iron.
    • Then you just need to rinse and repeat the last two steps.
    Interestingly, despite one being called "No Mod," both of the above count as mods. So, if you have 50 Nickel, 25 Iron and 25 Aluminum (and a Grendel), you can get this achievement in minutes. Once you have it, reload your save and get those sweet resources back.

    Once you've crafted 50 mods, this achievement is yours.

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