Supra Et Ultra Achievement in Starfield

  • Supra Et Ultra



    Join the UC Vanguard

  • How to unlock Supra Et Ultra

    The UC Vanguard act like the protectors of the galaxy; think of them like an entire fleet of Buzz Lightyears. They are - or, at least, they like to think they are - the good guys. If you want to join UC Vanguard, then good news: it’s very easy to do so. You can literally sign up in a recruitment centre on New Atlantis and after passing an exam, learning the history of the UC Vanguard and then passing the probationary mission, you’ll become a fully-fledged UC Vanguard.]

    On top of that, if you complete the UC Vanguard faction storyline (culminating with A Legacy Forged (30G)) you’ll even be able to buy a place in New Atlantis - something only UC citizens can do, and something you’ll become upon completion of the UC Vanguard faction questline. Nice!

    For more assistance on where to go exactly to kick start the UC Vanguard faction storyline, check out our Starfield How to join the UC Vanguard faction guide.

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