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  • How to unlock Surgical Strike

    “Surgical Strike” is one of Starfield’s Freestar Rangers faction storyline achievements. While you get The Hammer Falls (30G) for completing the Freestar Rangers faction, and Deputized (10G) for completing the second faction mission and joining the Freestar Rangers, you’ll unlock this achievement for completing the sixth out of eight Freestar Rangers faction quest, the aptly titled “Surgical Strike.” Original achievement names, eh?

    Complete the “Surgical Strike” faction quest, get this achievement, and then you’re only 2 quests away from finishing the Freestar Rangers faction questline and netting yourself yet another achievement (The Hammer Falls (30G)).

    If you still haven’t joined the Freestar Rangers faction, then check out our Starfield - How to join the Freestar Rangers faction guide.

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