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    “The Best There Is” is the second of three Crimson Fleet faction achievements, and is rewarded for completing the mission of the same name. The first achievement you’ll unlock is for completing the second Crimson Fleet faction mission (Rook Meets King (10G)) and this is the one you’ll get for finishing the sixth of nine Crimson Fleet faction missions. If you want a run down of all 9 Crimson Fleet mission names, then check out the guide entry for Legacy's End (30G).

    Finish “The Best There Is” and you’ll be one step closer, and two missions away, from finishing the whole Crimson Fleet faction.

    If you still haven’t joined the Crimson Fleet faction, then check out our Starfield - How to join the Crimson Fleet faction guide - it covers every single way to join the faction too, from the undercover mole way, to the legit I want to be a pirate route.

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