The Family You Choose Achievement in Starfield

  • The Family You Choose



    Recruit 10 Separate Companions

  • How to unlock The Family You Choose

    Throughout your adventure through the stars in Starfield, you can pick up companions along the way to aid you and keep you company while cruising from star system to star system. Starfield is absolutely chock full of companions, from slightly unhinged ones like the Adoring Fan (who you can recruit if you selected the Hero Worshipped Trait) to more of the traditional core Constellation members. There’s probably a good 30-40, in truth, maybe more, so you should have no issues with this one - Constellation alone allows you to recruit 5 of them (Sarah, Sam, Barrett, Vasco and Andreja).

    If you’re looking for more companions to recruit, though, you’ll find generic ones (like Mr Defense Systems Specialist) and more named characters, like the bonkers Mickey Caviar, in the bars at the various settlements. The bigger the settlement/city, the more likely it is to have someone you can recruit.

    For instance, the Viewport bar in New Atlantis has a handful to recruit, as does The Hitching Post in Akila City and the Astral Lounge in Neon. Recruit 10 of them - even if you don’t use or assign them anywhere - and you’ll unlock this achievement.

    For a full list of all Starfield's companions, check out our guide through the link.

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