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  • How to unlock The Hammer Falls

    “The Hammer Falls” achievement in Starfield is the third and final Freestar Rangers faction achievement, and you’ll get it for finishing all faction quests, culminating with “The Hammer Falls” mission. There are 8 faction quests, in all. You’ll get an achievement for the second mission (Deputized (10G)), the 6th (Surgical Strike (10G)) and of course, this one when you wrap it all up.

    Here’s the name of all 8 Freestar Rangers faction quests:
    • Job Gone Wrong
    • Deputized
    • Where Hope is Built
    • Shadows in Neon
    • On the Run
    • Surgical Strike
    • First to Fight, First to Die
    • The Hammer Falls
    If you haven’t joined the Freestar Rangers faction, and you want to know how, then check out our guide to tell you where to go and who to speak to:

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