Thirst for Knowledge Achievement in Starfield

  • Thirst for Knowledge



    Read 20 Skill Magazines

  • How to unlock Thirst for Knowledge

    Like most Bethesda Game Studios games, Starfield too has “Skill Magazines.” Skill Magazines can be found dotted around the open-world and give your player character special abilities and stat buffs, so long as they keep these Skill Magazines (that don’t weigh anything) on their persons.

    There are seemingly hundreds to collect, in all, and even duplicates of the same magazine exist - unfortunately though, the duplicates don’t count towards this achievement, they need to be unique. They can be found on the main path, in the middle of abandoned mines in the middle of nowhere or upstairs in a restaurant in The Well. There’s no pattern t where they are, really.

    Collect 20 of them and this achievement is yours. Check our out Starfield all Skill Magazines guide for more assistance.

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