- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 50 [1000]
- Online: 0 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 100-200 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (provided you make a certain choice at the end of the game and don't rush into New Game Plus)
- Missable achievements: 0 (Unless you make a certain choice at the end of the game)
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: 0

It’s been a hot minute since Bethesda Game Studios launched one of its epic open-world RPGs. Can you believe it’s been 8-years since Fallout 4 came out?! Anyway, Starfield is finally upon us, an epic space opera of an RPG that sees you travel a vast galaxy to uncover the mysteries of the universe.

In typical Bethesda fashion, Starfield is absolutely ginormous and incredibly immersive. There’s around 100 star systems, 1,000 planets and so many massive settlements, chock full of side missions, that you’ve probably got a good 200-300 hours worth of content under one roof to get stuck in to.

So, without further ado, let’s get on with the show!

Starfield’s achievement list is very much a case of pretty simple in concept, and can be quite complicated in execution. Whichever way you play though, it’s going to be an easy, but time consuming 1,000Gs. But hey, you’ll have a hell of a lot of fun along the way, and that’s all that matters, right?

Let’s run you through the order of how you should tackle things.

Step 1 - The Main Missions & Faction Missions
If I’m being completely honest, instead of flying through the story and then getting into the open-world to do everything else, I would approach Starfield with the mindset that faction missions are main missions too, and should be tackled at the same time. This will mean you get fun distractions from the main plot along the way, and experience a side of the universe that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

So, with that in mind, the achievements you should focus on out of the gate are all story-related achievements (both main and faction). They are as follows:

Main Story Achievements:
For All, Into the Starfield (10G) 
One Small Step (10G) 
Into the Unknown (10G) 
All That Money Can Buy (10G) 
Further Into the Unknown (20G) 
Entangled (20G) 
High Price to Pay (20G) 
In Their Footsteps (20G) 
Unearthed (20G) 
One Giant Leap (50G) 

Faction Achievements
Supra Et Ultra (10G) (UC Vanguard faction)
The Devils You Know (10G) (UC Vanguard faction)
A Legacy Forged (30G) (UC Vanguard faction)
Back to the Grind (10G) (Ryujin Industries faction)
Guilty Parties (10G) Ryujin Industries faction)
Executive Level (30G) (Ryujin Industries faction)
Deputized (10G) (Freestar Rangers faction)
Surgical Strike (10G) (Freestar Rangers faction)
The Hammer Falls (30G) (Freestar Rangers faction)
Rook Meets King (10G)  (Crimson Fleet faction)
The Best There Is (10G) (Crimson Fleet faction)
Legacy's End (30G)  (Crimson Fleet faction)

Step 2 - Mop Up
Firstly, when we say “mop up” here, it’s going to take tens of hours, especially if you’ve done no exploration along the way up until now. Don’t worry though, it’s all relatively straightforward. 

Before we crack on, as we hinted at in the overview, there’ll be a point in the game (the end) where you can go back into the open-world or start New Game Plus. Make sure you choose the former if you want to mop up the rest of the achievements. However, if you decide to opt for New Game Plus, only your character will carry across, not any of their gear (or even credits), so that’s worth bearing in mind with the crafting stuff. One thing that does go across, though, is your record, so if you’ve kill 299 creatures, you’ll be okay to start New Game Plus and get that 300th.

Anyway! The achievements you’ll be working towards after you’ve done the main story and faction missions, are all the other task related achievements - for things like crafting, side missions, exploration, and so on. We’ve grouped them up below so you can easily keep track of them.

Companion Achievements
The Family You Choose (20G) - Recruit 10 Separate Companions
Starcrossed (20G) - Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion

Crafting Achievements
Replicator (30G) - Craft 100 Items
Soldier of Fortune (30G) - Mod 50 Weapons

Outpost Achievements
Home Sweet Home (10G) - Build an Outpost
Shipping Magnate (10G) - Connect 5 Outposts with Cargo Links
Industrialist (20G) - Produce 500 Total Resources from Outposts

Exploration Achievements
Boots on the Ground (20G) - Land on 100 Planets
Stellar Cartography (10G) - Visit 20 Star Systems
The Stars My Destination (20G)  - Visit all Star Systems
Thirst for Knowledge (10G) - Read 20 Skill Magazines
Life Begets Life (20G) - Gather 500 Organic Resources
Rock Collection (10G) - Gather 500 Inorganic Resources

Combat Achievements
Another Bug Hunt (20G) - Eliminate 300 Creatures
Dark Matter (20G) - Eliminate 300 Human Enemies
War of Angels (20G) - Collect 20 Quantum Essence

Side Mission Achievements
Fixer (30G)  - Complete 30 Activities
Privateer (10G) - Complete 30 Terminal or Misc. Missions

Misc Achievements
I Use Them For Smuggling (10G) - Successfully Smuggle Contraband
Chief Engineer (10G) - Modify a Ship
Fleet Commander (20G) - Collect 10 Ships
Cyber Jockey (30G) - Bypass 50 Digital Locks
Jacked In (20G) - Access 50 Computers

All the time while you’ll be doing the above, you'll be working towards the 5 level achievements too: (Dust Off (10G) (Level 5), Traveler (10G) (Level 10), Elite (20G) (Level 25), Space Opera (50G) (Level 50) and Reach for the Stars (100G) (Level 100). There is a chance, though, that once you get all the above done, you’ll still be short on quite a few levels to get to Level 100 (which incidentally isn't the level cap - there doesn't appear to be one at present). For more assistance there, jump down to the Reach for the Stars (100G) description.

On top of the achievement guide, we’ve also created a ton of extra supplementary guides to assist you on your journey too. They range from more introductory stuff, to super in-depth stuff, like how to build an inter-system space cargo port. Basically, anything that remotely tripped us up for a few seconds, we created a guide for. Hopefully they’ll prove useful to you.

Mission Guides
Starfield – How to join the Crimson Fleet faction
Starfield - How to join the Freestar Rangers faction
Starfield - How to join the Ryujin Industries faction
Starfield - How to join the UC Vanguard faction
Starfield - How to persuade the bank robbers to stand down in Job Gone Wrong
Starfield - How to save Tomo in Back to the Grind
Starfield - How to fix the Lopez Satellite in Failure to Communicate
Starfield - Should you stay at the Lodge or go to the Eye in 'High Price to Pay'

Traits and Backgrounds Guides
Starfield - Here’s the best backgrounds to choose
Starfield - Here’s the best traits to choose
Starfield - Is the Hero Worshipped Trait (Adoring Fan) worth it?
Starfield - Is the Kid Stuff trait worth it? Can you cancel payments back home?
Starfield - What is the Dream Home like? And is it worth it?
Starfield - What’s in the special chest in the Sanctum Universum in New Atlantis?
Starfield - What’s in the House of the Enlightened Chest in New Atlantis?
Starfield - How to remove the Wanted perk

Introduction Guides
Starfield - Can you switch shoulders in combat?
Starfield - How to find your ship, and instantly travel to it
Starfield - How to wait/rest and advance time
Starfield - How to set custom waypoints on planets
Starfield - How does lock picking work?
Starfield - How does persuasion work?
Starfield - How to fill out the survey bar when exploring planets
Starfield - How to get more inventory space
Starfield - How to Save a Huge Amount of Travel Time
Starfield - How Do You Use the Jetpack?

Great Item Guides
Starfield - How to get the Mantis' Razorleaf, one of the best ships in the game, early
Starfield - How to get one of the best armours in the game early on

Crafting & Outpost Guides
Starfield - How to build an Outpost
Starfield - Can you increase the number of Outposts you can build?
Starfield - Having storage issues? Build an Outpost storage farm!
Starfield - How to get Sealant
Starfield - Here’s the best planet for Iron in the galaxy
Starfield - How to craft Adaptive Frames
Starfield - Here’s the best planet for Aluminum in the galaxy
Starfield - How to farm Adhesive
Starfield - The best planet to farm Titanium; and the best storage you can build
Starfield - How to craft a Supercooled Magnet (and all other rare items)
Starfield - How to make lights work in an Outpost
Starfield - Where to farm Lubricant and Biosuppressant

Starfield - Where to farm Membrane

Misc Guides
Starfield - How to level up fast (Xbox Series X|S)
Starfield - Where is the Trade Authority in Akila City?
Starfield - How to visit Earth and check out London
Starfield - Where to get Digipicks
Starfield - How to have more than one follower companion
Starfield - Where to find the Mars Rover on Mars
Starfield - How to use the Jackpot Combination on the Almagest
Starfield - Exactly how many star systems are there?

Completion Guides
Starfield - All side missions and where to find them
Starfield - All Major Cities & Settlements Locations
Starfield - All companions locations guide
Starfield - All Skill Magazine locations

Ship Guides
Starfield - How to use thrusters
Starfield - How to escape space combat & general ship combat tips
Starfield - How to get more cargo space on your ship
Starfield - How to board and commandeer ships
Starfield - How to smuggle contraband and make lots of money

And that’s it, folks! Depending on how you finished off the Reach for the Stars (100G) achievement, will depend on how long it took you - we estimate around 120 hours-ish if you craft your way to Level 100, or 200 hours or so, if you just do side missions, combat and exploration - or even New Game Plus - to carry you over the finish line.

As we said, it’s an easy 1,000Gs, but it will take 100 hours minimum to get through everything, especially if you stop and smell the roses every so often, which you totally should do. Good luck on your journey, and we’ll see you on the other side, traveller.

Starfield Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Enter Space for the First Time

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    As soon as you get onboard the Frontier on Vectera (within the first hour of you starting Starfield) and leave to head into the stars - after the showdown on the landing pad - this achievement will unlock.
  • Join Constellation

    Story-related. Cannot miss.

    After getting the Frontier (your first ship), clearing out the pirates on Kreet and making it to New Atlantis in Alpha Centauri, on Jemison, as part of the “One Small Step” main mission, you’ll meet with Sarah Morgan. After a brief exchange you’ll agree to join Constellation, and this achievement will unlock.
  • Complete "Into the Unknown"

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    “Into the Unknown” is one of Starfield’s main story quests, which will kick in after you’ve finished the trio of missions that are given to you upon your proper induction into Constellation.

    The main quests you need to complete for this achievement are:
    • One Small Step
    • The Old Neighbourhood
    • Back to Vectera
    • The Empty Nest
    • Into the Unknown
  • Complete "All That Money Can Buy"

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    The main quest, “All That Money Can Buy,” is the next story mission that becomes available after completing “Into the Unknown” (Into the Unknown (10G)). In it, you’ll head to Neon with Walter Stroud, seeking out another Artifact.

    Complete this quest, and this achievement is all yours.
  • Complete "Further Into the Unknown"

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    The next two missions in Starfield, after All That Money Can Buy (10G) make up the next story beats of the game, and contribute towards this story-related achievement. They are as follows:
    • Starborn
    • Further into the Unknown
  • Complete "High Price to Pay"

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    After you’ve unlocked Further Into the Unknown (20G), you’ll start a new thread of quests, starting with "Short Sighted," and concluding with the epic main quest, "High Price to Pay."

    Complete the following 3 main quests and you’ll unlock this achievement:
    • Short Sighted
    • No Sudden Moves
    • High Price to Pay
  • Complete "In Their Footsteps"

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    After you’ve unlocked High Price to Pay (20G), your next set of quests will be:
    • Unity
    • In Their Footsteps
    Complete both of those missions to unlock this achievement.
  • Complete "Entangled"

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    The main mission, “Final Glimpses,” will unlock the main quest, “Entangled” - which will unlock after you’ve completed the main quest, “In Their Footsteps” (In Their Footsteps (20G)).
  • Complete "Unearthed"

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    The Unearthed mission is one of two missions you’ll open up after heading to Oberum III for the main quest, “In Their Footsteps.” In it, unsurprisingly, you’ll head to earth… well, the moon. Our moon. Complete these two mission to unlock this achievement:Also, do “Missed Beyond Measure” as well, you owe it to yourself.
  • Complete "One Giant Leap"

    After completing “Entangled” and “Final Glimpses,” you’ll then be on the home straight. All that’s left are two main quests: 
    • Revelation
    • One Giant Leap
    “Revelation” is the big final mission, while “One Giant Leap” is the cutscene finale, effectively. AKA Decision time. Simply complete “One Giant Leap” and this achievement is yours, regardless of what you decide.

    It is worth noting, though, that one choice in “One Giant Leap” will send you back into the universe you’re in, while the other, does not. So, get everything you want to get done before this point, or prepare a save beforehand, so you can get back to what you were doing regardless of your choice (which is exactly what we did).
  • Join the UC Vanguard

    The UC Vanguard act like the protectors of the galaxy; think of them like an entire fleet of Buzz Lightyears. They are - or, at least, they like to think they are - the good guys. If you want to join UC Vanguard, then good news: it’s very easy to do so. You can literally sign up in a recruitment centre on New Atlantis and after passing an exam, learning the history of the UC Vanguard and then passing the probationary mission, you’ll become a fully-fledged UC Vanguard.]

    On top of that, if you complete the UC Vanguard faction storyline (culminating with A Legacy Forged (30G)) you’ll even be able to buy a place in New Atlantis - something only UC citizens can do, and something you’ll become upon completion of the UC Vanguard faction questline. Nice!

    For more assistance on where to go exactly to kick start the UC Vanguard faction storyline, check out our Starfield How to join the UC Vanguard faction guide.
  • Complete "The Devils You Know"

    The “Devils You Know” achievement is the second of three UC Vanguard faction achievements in Starfield - by now you’ll have unlocked the Supra Et Ultra (10G) achievement (if you’ve started the faction questline, that is), and you’ll unlock this one when you finish the sixth of nine UC Vanguard faction story quests, titled, “The Devils You Know.” 

    Complete “The Devils You Know” faction quest and you’ll only be a few missions away from unlocking A Legacy Forged (30G) achievement, and finishing the UC Vanguard faction questline - and you can finally buy that new house in New Atlantis then!

    If you still haven’t joined the UC Vanguard faction, then check out our Starfield - How to join the UC Vanguard faction guide.
  • Complete "A Legacy Forged"

    The “A Legacy Forged” achievement is one of three achievements tied to the UC Vanguard in Starfield. You’ll get one for joining the faction (Supra Et Ultra (10G)); one for doing the vast majority of UC Vanguard faction missions (The Devils You Know (10G)), and finally, one for completing the faction storyline - this achievement.

    There are 9 UC Vanguard faction missions in all, which are:
    • Supra Et Ultra
    • Grunt Work
    • Delivering Devils
    • Eyewitness
    • Friends like these
    • The Devils You Know
    • War Relics
    • Hostile Intelligence
    • A Legacy Forged
    It’s fairly easy to stay on track with a faction and know what to do next, because a.) they flow from one into the next; and b.) they appear in your quest log on the faction tab, with an icon to denote which faction. However, knowing where to go and how to join the faction is perhaps the trickiest part, so we created a specialist guide to assist:Incidentally, completing the UC Vanguard faction will make you a full UC citizen, which means you can actually then buy property in New Atlantis. Seek out the Aphelion Realty in New Atlantis. You’ll find this by the Lodge, near the Freestar Collective Embassy and the Sanctum Universum.
  • Join the Freestar Rangers

    Space cowboys! The Freestar Rangers operate out in the space equivalent of the frontier, in “Freestar Collective” space. If you wish to become a space cowboy yourself, then you’ll need to head out to the Cheyenne System, and to the planet Akila, whose eponymous capital city, Akila City, is home to the Freestar Rangers. This is where you have to go to join.

    You can head to Akila City whenever you want to start the Freestar Rangers faction, and as with the UC Vanguard faction, the Freestar Rangers faction has you protecting the little guys. Want to become one of the universe’s protectors? Well, at least in Freestar Collective space, then this is the faction for you.

    See our Starfield How to join the Freestar Rangers faction guide for more assistance on where to go and what to do exactly to kick off this faction questline.
  • Complete "Surgical Strike"

    “Surgical Strike” is one of Starfield’s Freestar Rangers faction storyline achievements. While you get The Hammer Falls (30G) for completing the Freestar Rangers faction, and Deputized (10G) for completing the second faction mission and joining the Freestar Rangers, you’ll unlock this achievement for completing the sixth out of eight Freestar Rangers faction quest, the aptly titled “Surgical Strike.” Original achievement names, eh?

    Complete the “Surgical Strike” faction quest, get this achievement, and then you’re only 2 quests away from finishing the Freestar Rangers faction questline and netting yourself yet another achievement (The Hammer Falls (30G)).

    If you still haven’t joined the Freestar Rangers faction, then check out our Starfield - How to join the Freestar Rangers faction guide.
  • Complete "The Hammer Falls"

    “The Hammer Falls” achievement in Starfield is the third and final Freestar Rangers faction achievement, and you’ll get it for finishing all faction quests, culminating with “The Hammer Falls” mission. There are 8 faction quests, in all. You’ll get an achievement for the second mission (Deputized (10G)), the 6th (Surgical Strike (10G)) and of course, this one when you wrap it all up.

    Here’s the name of all 8 Freestar Rangers faction quests:
    • Job Gone Wrong
    • Deputized
    • Where Hope is Built
    • Shadows in Neon
    • On the Run
    • Surgical Strike
    • First to Fight, First to Die
    • The Hammer Falls
    If you haven’t joined the Freestar Rangers faction, and you want to know how, then check out our guide to tell you where to go and who to speak to:
  • Join Ryujin Industries

    Ryujin Industries is a mega-corporation, based in the city of Neon, on the water planet of Volii Alpha in the Volii system. Ryujin is interested in the future, and in those who have the brains - and the cash, naturally - to shape it. The Ryujin Industries faction is one of four factions in Starfield, and while the UC Vanguard and Freestar Rangers are most certainly the “good guys” and the Crimson Fleet are the “bad guys,” the Ryujin Industries faction is the middle ground. The shades of grey!

    If you’re interested in getting a little Cyberpunk and unleashing your inner Corpo, then Ryujin is the faction for you. And Volii Alpha is where you need to head.

    See our Starfield How to join the Ryujin Industries faction guide for more of an in-depth guide on where to go and who to speak to, to start on this chaotic questline.
  • Complete "Guilty Parties"

    While all the other factions reward players with the second faction achievement after the sixth mission of eight or nine missions, you’re going to need to finish a whopping ten missions before you get the second of three Ryujin Industries faction missions.

    Like all the factions in Starfield, in the Ryujin Industries faction you’ll receive Back to the Grind (10G) for starting the faction; this here Guilty Parties achievement for finishing the 10th mission; and Executive Level (30G) for finishing the 13th and final Ryujin Industries faction quest - for a full rundown of all 13 missions, check out the Executive Level (30G) achievement guide write-up.

    If you still haven’t joined the Ryujin Industries faction, then check out our Starfield - How to join the Ryujin Industries faction guide to know how to do so.
  • Complete "Executive Level"

    Of all the faction storylines in Starfield, the Ryujin Industries one is perhaps one of the more interesting. While you’re fighting the good fight when you’re part of the UC Vanguard and the Freestar Rangers, and blending in as evil scum when joining the Crimson Fleet, the Ryujin Industries faction questline is all about the shades of grey. 

    As is the case for all the other factions, the Ryujin Industries faction storyline also has 3 achievements. You’ll get Back to the Grind (10G) for starting the faction; Guilty Parties (10G) for completing one of the latter quests; and this here achievement for completing the last quest, “Executive Level.”

    There are a whopping 13 missions in the Ryujin Industries questline - more than any other faction - and they are as follows:
    • Back to the Grind
    • One Step Ahead
    • A New Narrative
    • Access is Key
    • Sowing Discord
    • Accidents Happen
    • Maintaining the Edge
    • Top Secrets
    • Background Checks
    • Guilty Parties
    • The Key Ingredient
    • Sabotage
    • Executive Level
    If you’ve not started the Ryujin Industries faction and really want to get involved (you totally should), then check out our Starfield - How to join the Ryujin Industries faction guide for more assistance.
  • Join the Crimson Fleet

    The Crimson Fleet is a space pirate outfit, and they wear funky red armour, so who wouldn’t want to join them? There are several ways to enroll. You can infiltrate their ranks as an undercover operative for the UC Vanguard, or you can make a few shadowy contacts on Cydonia, and work your way up by doing odd jobs.

    For all the different ways to join the Crimson Fleet faction, check out our Starfield How to join the Crimson Fleet faction guide. This will be 1 of 3 Crimson Fleet faction achievements you’ll earn along the way. If you’re interested in what other missions you need to do to complete this faction, check out Legacy's End (30G) guide entry.
  • Complete "The Best There Is"

    “The Best There Is” is the second of three Crimson Fleet faction achievements, and is rewarded for completing the mission of the same name. The first achievement you’ll unlock is for completing the second Crimson Fleet faction mission (Rook Meets King (10G)) and this is the one you’ll get for finishing the sixth of nine Crimson Fleet faction missions. If you want a run down of all 9 Crimson Fleet mission names, then check out the guide entry for Legacy's End (30G).

    Finish “The Best There Is” and you’ll be one step closer, and two missions away, from finishing the whole Crimson Fleet faction.

    If you still haven’t joined the Crimson Fleet faction, then check out our Starfield - How to join the Crimson Fleet faction guide - it covers every single way to join the faction too, from the undercover mole way, to the legit I want to be a pirate route.
  • Complete "Legacy's End"

    The Crimson Fleet is Starfield’s Dark Brotherhood questline. A chance for you to step into the shoes of the bad guys and cause absolute chaos. Like the other factions in Starfield, the Crimson Fleet faction storyline has 3 achievements: Rook Meets King (10G) for joining the Crimson Fleet; The Best There Is (10G) for completing the 6th mission; and “Legacy’s End” for finishing the final quest and completing the faction.

    There are 9 missions in all, and they are:
    • Deep Cover
    • Rook Meets King
    • Burden of Proof
    • Echoes of the Past
    • Breaking the Bank
    • The Best There Is
    • Absolute Power
    • Eye of the Storm
    • Legacy's End
    If you haven’t yet joined the Crimson Faction, because honestly, it’s not the most straightforward to join, then check out our Starfield - How to join the Crimson Fleet faction guide - it covers every single way to join the faction from the undercover cop route, to the full on criminal route. Your call. Just be wary that the latter might piss off your companions, so do bear that in mind. Especially if you're going after The Family You Choose (20G) achievement.
  • Build an Outpost

    This is an easy achievement to unlock. All you need to do is head to a planet where you would like to set up an Outpost, wander out to your chosen spot, press lb.png and then you will see the option to establish one. Easy! 

    For a little extra detail, see our Starfield How to build an Outpost guide.

    If you want to take your Outpost to the next level, we’ve prepared a ton of other supplementary guides to assist you, that involve setting up mining operations (something you can do for Shipping Magnate (10G)) and creating storage for all of your excess gear and resources.All three of those guides will show you how to set up meaningful Outposts that will positively affect your Starfield experience - especially the storage farm one, as I was personally struggling without it… not anymore!
  • Connect 5 Outposts with Cargo Links

    Outposts are a handy tool when navigating the universe of Starfield - you can use them to boost your grav drive automatically if you pass over one, you can use them to mine materials, you can use them to set up a home base, you can use them to grow vegetables, domesticate creatures from around the galaxy and much more. Sometimes you’ll want to send materials and goods from one to the other. That’s where Cargo Links come in.

    Out the gate you’ll be able to use normal Cargo Links, where you can send goods from one planet to another in the same system. However, if you want to send stuff from one star system to another you’re going to need to use a Research Station (there’s one on the Frontier) to research Manufacturing 1, which then unlocks Cargo Link - Inter-System cargo pads.

    Once you’ve built one, you need to hook them up with another one. And you need to do this 5 times. So, in order to unlock this achievement, you have to not only build five Outposts (see Home Sweet Home (10G)) but string them together with Cargo Links.

    Now, it doesn’t have to be all 5 in a row - like a daisy chain. It can be 5 individual Cargo Links i.e. 5 Cargo Links linked to 5 other Cargo Links (not necessarily 5 other planets, as you can build multiple Cargo Links at every Outpost). To see how you do this, and also how you can become an intergalactic shipping magnate, check out our Starfield Having storage issues? Build an Outpost storage farm! guide. In that guide we create an Outpost that functions as a cargo port, where all our resources from around the galaxy get shipped into one place.

    For something a little more straightforward, like setting up 1 Cargo Link, we discuss setting up just the 1 Cargo Link in both the following guides (although that can be the starting point for the cargo port we set up):Just set up 5 Cargo Links, and you’ll be golden.
  • Produce 500 Total Resources from Outposts

    While this might sound like a bit of a pain in the arse, the “Industrialist” achievement is incredibly easy if you know what you’re doing. That’s where we come in.

    To “produce” 500 total resources, you basically need to set up an Outpost with a mining operation and then just let it do its thing. We’ve created multiple in-depth guides on how to do this very thing. Just follow them to the letter and you’ll not only get the “Industrialist” achievement in no time whatsoever, you’ll also have the materials and resources needed to create the ultimate Outpost.

    Those 3 guides are as follows (you’ll only need to use 1, but they all offer different perspectives and options for you):
  • Modify a Ship

    Rather easy achievement, this. All you need to do to get it is to modify a ship, which can be done by visiting a Ship Services Technician, who are available at not only every major city, but most major settlements too.

    The Ship Services Technician is usually found near the space port, whether stood by the Trade Authority kiosk in New Atlantis, or in his own little hut near the Akila City main gates on Akila. There’s one in most large places, you might just need to look for them. And like I said, they’re not just at major cities, but major settlements too: for instance, both Gagarin Landing on Gagarin in Alpha Centauri and the Red Mile on Porrima III in Porrima have one too.

    Once you’ve found one, approach them, and say “I’d like to view and modify my ships,” and then, in the next screen, hit button-x.png to open up the Ship Builder, where you can add and subtract parts to/from your ship. Make a change, save it, and get this achievement - you may as well add more storage, as it always helps.
  • Visit 20 Star Systems

  • Visit all Star Systems

    There are 120 different star systems in Starfield, housing 1,000 different planets and moons. In order to get this achievement and Stellar Cartography (10G) you’re going to need to visit every star system.

    Now, this might sound daunting, but the truth is, it’s not at all. For one, it doesn’t take you long to see the whole galaxy in Starfield’s starmap (just zoom out with lt.png and you can see most of them with a 3 or 4-second scroll); and secondly, there’s actually a colour code system to tell you where you’ve been and where you haven’t. Let’s run you through it.

    There are 3 colour states when looking at the galaxy starmap. They are:
    • Red - This means you’ve not been there, but is currently out of grav drive range.
    • White - This means that this planet is within range, and you’ve not been there.
    • Glowing white - This means that you’ve visited this star system before.
    So, all you need to do is scroll from the galaxy, from bottom left to bottom right, and then top right to top left, visiting every star system that you’ve not been to before.

    The only thing you have to be careful of here is the systems that are on top of one another, so use the right stick to shift the camera perspective, and then you’ll be able to see the star systems that were previously doubled up.

    Visit the lot, then, unlock this achievement. If you need more assistance or are missing a few star systems, we created an in-depth guide here to assist:
  • Land on 100 Planets

    In order to unlock the Boots on the Ground achievement all you need to do is land on 100 planets. You don’t need to do anything on them, just land on them - you don’t even need to get out of your ship.

    The quickest way to do this is to find a galaxy with lots of planets, and just use the menu system to bounce from one to the next. So, go to Starmap in the main menu, go to a star system, click on a Planet, click Set Course, then hold button-x.png to travel. This will take you to the orbit or said planet. There, hit button-a.png on the planet, then button-x.png to open the map up, and then button-a.png to set a landing target, and then button-x.png to travel. Rinse and repeat 100 times.

    I wouldn’t personally rush this, though, to be honest, as a lot of the different quests, faction quests and side quests take you to a whole host of different planets. If you’ve still not visited 100 planets by the time you’ve done everything, I’ll be very shocked.

    To keep track of how many planets you’ve landed on, hit the button-page.png button, then hit button-y.png and then scroll down to Exploration, where it’ll tell you how many “Planets [you’ve] Landed On.” Get that number to 100, and you’ll unlock this achievement.
  • Fixer



    Complete 30 Activities

    “Activities” in Starfield are effectively small nudges for the player to explore, that will lead to various other more meanwhile activities, usually a fully-fledged mission. A lot of the time these Activities will be based on conversations you overhear, or hints that the game gives you, that will open up into much larger opportunities. Starfield is packed to the rafters with these kinds of things, so if you hear a conversation break out, stick around and let it populate your log, and then see where it goes.

    A non-exhaustive example of these Activities that may pop up at one time or another are as follows:
    • Check out the Constellation Board.
    • Follow Noel when first in The Lodge, after asking her where you can stay.
    • Speak to the security guard in the booth near the spaceport in New Atlantis, to discover about "brown-outs" in The Well, a district in New Atlantis.
    • One of them will pop up telling you to check out your ship’s inventory when you get back on the Frontier.
    • If you watch the encounter by the elevator in Neon, the activity "Talk to Saburo Okadigbo" will appear in your list.
    • If you speak to Donna Rain, the janitor, in the MAST District, near the tram, she'll ask you to fetch her a Terrabrew Cappuccino.
    • If you ask about Vlad's home in the Eye, he'll ask you to visit his home and make sure it's still standing.
    • After overhearing a conversation in New Atlantis, the activity "Talk to the Scientist by the tree" will end up in your Activities tab.
    • "Look for the Opportunity Rover on Mars" will be an Activity you can get from reading a sign near a Mars attraction in one of the game’s later missions.
    My Activities list is fully populated even now, after having finished 46 of them already. I have numerous “Speak with/Talk to” Activities all ready to follow up on (including talking/speaking to Trevor, Laylah, Zinaida (at the Gagrin Recruitment office), “Doc” Manning, Tevin Anastas, Frank Renick, Borealus, Hamza, and so on). 

    My point is, you won’t be short of Activities to do and follow-up on in Starfield. Just stop and listen (and watch) every once in a while to conversations happening in the major cities and settlements, to see where they go.

    Check off 30 of these and you’ll unlock this achievement.
  • Complete 30 Terminal or Misc. Missions

    Starfield has many, many different types of missions if you look in the Missions section of the button-page.png screen (down on the left joystick). You’ll have Main missions, Faction missions, Misc. Missions, Mission Missions and Activities.

    The two we need for this achievement are:
    • Misc Missions - Miscellaneous missions in Starfield are essentially the game’s side quests, of which there are absolutely tons of them. Side missions mostly come around by talking to people and following up on Activities - which turn into fully-fledged side missions.
    • Mission Missions - There are various different types of Mission missions in Starfield, and the majority of these come from digital notice boards which you can find in the local watering holes - you can even build the kiosks at your Outpost too. They come in various different forms, whether that’s Freestar Collective missions, Constellation missions and a general mission board (where you can do surveys, take on bounty hunter missions, space combat missions and more).
    Simply finish 30 of these missions and this achievement will pop. Even though I was mainlining the story on my first playthrough I still managed to do 31 of these without even trying, and my quest log is still absolutely full of them too (I’ve still got 23 of them just sat there waiting to be done).

    For a full list of every Starfield side quest, check out our Starfield side mission (i.e. Misc. Missions) guide, check out the guide through the link:
  • Gather 500 Organic Resources

    While Rock Collection (10G)  covers inorganic material collection (i.e. collecting rocks and the like using the laser cutter), the “Life Begets Life” achievement covers everything organic. So, in short: picking resources off plants and trees, and killing animals and taking their innards (unless you have the Zoology Rank 1, that is, which allows you to get resources from animals without killing them).

    However, because you need to kill 300 creatures for the Another Bug Hunt (20G) achievement, you may as well kill everything that moves on a planet and harvest their organic resources, and kill two birds with one stone. Or, at least two things that look like birds...

    To make this a little easier on yourself, try investing in the Zoology skill in the Science skill tree, because as you move up the ranks, you’ll harvest more resources from creatures. The same goes for the Botany skill in the Science skill tree too, which will allow you to harvest more resources from plants.

    Harvest 500 in total and this achievement is yours. We recommend combining this with Rock Collection (10G) and completing planet survey bars, as you can make some pretty decent coin by selling the data surveys for credits to either Phil Hill (found in Cydonia and the Den, amongst other places), Vlad or any other trader.
  • Gather 500 Inorganic Resources

    Depending on how obsessively you play Starfield - and RPGs like Starfield - this is either going to be a chore for you, or come naturally. For us, it came naturally. Incredibly naturally, mainly because we needed the resources to build an Outpost purely for storage. Go figure.

    While Life Begets Life (20G) dealth with organic resources (like animal and plants resources), “Rock Collection” deals with… yes, you guessed it: rocks. So, all you need to do is to destroy 500 rocks with your laser cutter. You are a miner by trade, after all.

    There are various ways to make this 10 times easier. Firstly, you can invest in the Surveying skill, which increases the range of your scanner, so you can see resources from further away; and finally, by investing in the Geology skill, which will net you more resources per rock you destroy (the first rank will get you 2 common and uncommon resources per rock, when usually you’d get 1).

    Invest in both of those and you’ll get it in no time.

    If you’re build a crazy Outpost with loads of storage and mining operations (like below) all over the galaxy, this will be a cake walk, as you need resources to get them going. Check out the below guides and put those resources to good use:Also, remember, you don’t have to keep equipping the laser cutter. As long as you have one on your character in their inventory, it’ll be your default weapon when you have the scanner equipped and in use.
  • Bypass 50 Digital Locks

    “Bypass 50 Digital Locks” is basically Bethesda lingo and future Starfield speak for “pick 50 locks.” Lockpicking in Starfield is drastically different to what it’s been like in previous Bethesda Game Studios games - in fact, many would argue that it’s a massive improvement as far as mini-games go.

    If you’re struggling to work out how to lockpick in Starfield, check out our Starfield – How does lock picking work? guide for assistance on the mechanics and how they work.

    In terms of advice:
    • Check out our Starfield - Here’s the best backgrounds to choose guide to see which classes start with lockpicking, so you can hack digital locks with Digilocks straight out the gate.
    • We’ve also prepared a guide for where to buy Digipicks in Starfield (Digilocks are essentially the game’s lockpicks).
    • Invest in the Security skill when possible (the Security skill is all about hacking locks) so you can work your way up the ranks quickly, and access harder locks.
    • And finally, to give yourself a good head start in getting all 50, in the main mission, “The Empty Nest,” you’ll head to the GalBank in Akila City, specifically the vault. While the main objective is to find Solomon’s Maps, there are a good 5-10 safes to pick which can help you work your way through the Security skill challenges and get some good numbers in the bank for this achievement.
  • Access 50 Computers

    In order to unlock get the “Jacked In” achievement in Starfield, all you basically need to do is interact with 50 computers. You don’t need to read everything on the workstations, you don’t need to turn off turrets or robots, you literally just need to interact with it.

    Computers are dotted all over Starfield, from abandoned Outposts to heavily defended encampments, just make sure to keep your eye open for powered up computer displays, and then when you see one, interact with it. You’ll usually find a few in structures dotted all over each planet, as Bethesda attempted to tell micro-stories with environmental storytelling at every chance it got.

    Interact with 50 different computers and this achievement will unlock - incidentally, for this achievement, it doesn’t matter if they are locked or completely unlocked computer stations, they all count.
  • Mod 50 Weapons

    In Starfield, you can create mods and add them to any weapon you like, so long as you have access to a Weapon Workbench - which you can build at your Outpost, or find downstairs in the Lodge on New Atlantis.

    The tricky part with creating mods for weapons, however, is that they require some really rare materials to create. Most of the best mods in Starfield require Adhesive, which enemies like the Beetlecrab on Beta Marae I drop - we’re currently knocking up a guide on how to farm Adhesive, so keep an eye out for that.

    If you have no interest in mods though, or making your weapons better, and just want the achievement, then the best solution is to choose a mod below and then create it for your weapon.

    For instance, to create the Long Barrel attachment (as most guns won’t have this as standard), this only needs 1 Iron (which you should have plenty of if you created an Iron mining operation in Starfield), 1 Nickel and 1 Sealant (if you’re looking for Sealant, follow our Starfield - How to get Sealant guide) - all of which are easier to find than Adhesive.

    Also, try crafting Iron Sights for weapons - although you’d need them not to have that as standard. Check out the local Trade Authority, and other traders, if you don't have the aforementioned materials and need to get them easily.

    In terms of other mods that are easy to make (the below do depend on the gun and type of gun you're trying to mod, of course), try:
    • Iron Sights - 1 x Nickel / 1 x Aluminum
    • Short Barrel - 1 x Nickel / 1 x Iron
    • Standard Barrel - 1 x Iron / 1 x Sealant
    • Tech Barrel - 2 x Nickel / 2 x Iron / 1 x Sealant (needs Barrel Mods 2 research)
    • Large Magazine - 2 x Lead / 2 x Tungsten / 2 x Sealant
    • Small Magazine - 1 x Lead / 1 x Tungsten / 1 x Sealant
    • Standard Magazine - 1 x Lead / 1 x Tungsten
    • Tactical Magazine - 1 x Lead / 1 x Sealant
    • Compensator - 1 x Nickel / 1 x Aluminum
    We managed to get this achievement in under 5-minutes by adopting this strategy.
    • Firstly, save your game, so you're not wasting materials.
    • Then, we took a Grendel and went to the Weapon Workbench.
    • When there, we scrolled down to Muzzles.
    • From there we installed a Compensator for 1 Nickel and 1 Aluminum.
    • And finally, after that, we crafted “No Mod” for 1 Nickel and 1 Iron.
    • Then you just need to rinse and repeat the last two steps.
    Interestingly, despite one being called "No Mod," both of the above count as mods. So, if you have 50 Nickel, 25 Iron and 25 Aluminum (and a Grendel), you can get this achievement in minutes. Once you have it, reload your save and get those sweet resources back.

    Once you've crafted 50 mods, this achievement is yours.
  • Craft 100 Items

    While this might sound like a pain in the ass, it really isn’t, and come the end of Starfield we fully suspect anyone who has even started a small-medium sized Outpost to have well exceeded this (for instance, we’re currently at 207 "objects built").

    So, the best way to do this and get this relatively easy, is to as we’ve said in a few other achievements, and that’s to create an Iron mining operation, an Aluminum mining operation, and then building yourself an Outpost with some insane storage options. Take a look at the following 3 guides for how to get this started.Once you have Iron and Aluminum in abundance, you’ll be able to craft hundreds of Starfield’s Adaptive Frames in an instant by using the Aluminum and Iron on a Industrial Workbench - which you’ll then use to craft various different types of resource storage (whether that’s solid materials, gas, liquids, or even manufactured materials themselves).

    If you're doing that, you'll rack up 100 in no time whatsoever.
  • Recruit 10 Separate Companions

    Throughout your adventure through the stars in Starfield, you can pick up companions along the way to aid you and keep you company while cruising from star system to star system. Starfield is absolutely chock full of companions, from slightly unhinged ones like the Adoring Fan (who you can recruit if you selected the Hero Worshipped Trait) to more of the traditional core Constellation members. There’s probably a good 30-40, in truth, maybe more, so you should have no issues with this one - Constellation alone allows you to recruit 5 of them (Sarah, Sam, Barrett, Vasco and Andreja).

    If you’re looking for more companions to recruit, though, you’ll find generic ones (like Mr Defense Systems Specialist) and more named characters, like the bonkers Mickey Caviar, in the bars at the various settlements. The bigger the settlement/city, the more likely it is to have someone you can recruit.

    For instance, the Viewport bar in New Atlantis has a handful to recruit, as does The Hitching Post in Akila City and the Astral Lounge in Neon. Recruit 10 of them - even if you don’t use or assign them anywhere - and you’ll unlock this achievement.

    For a full list of all Starfield's companions, check out our guide through the link.
  • Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion

    Bethesda Game Studios has made a concerted effort to improve its core relationships in Starfield, and that is very much apparent. In all, Starfield has 4 romanceable/super friend options (Sarah, Sam, Barrett and Andreja), each of which actually has its own Mass Effect-like loyalty mission at the end (although nowhere near that kind of quality).

    Basically, to get a companion to the maximum relationship level, you need to take them everywhere with you, and make dialogue choices while in the game that they would approve of. In other words, when you’re with Sarah, don’t be a dick, don’t be evil, don’t steal, don’t kill innocents, and when you get a chance to speak, talk about how you love Constellation and exploring the galaxy. Just generally be as nice as possible.

    Then, at various points throughout the game, the companion in question, whoever that may be, will ask to speak to you, and they’ll reveal more about themselves and open up more. This process then goes on and on: you do things that they like, and they’ll eventually ask to speak to you as you climb the various invisible tiers on the relationship tree - it'll even create an entry in your Activities list too (which will help with Fixer (30G)).

    In terms of tips for how to max out a relationship, try these:
    • If you want a romantic relationship, when you get the chance choose “Flirt” as the conversation option.
    • Try to stick to one follower companion until you've unlocked this achievement. Once you’ve done one, then you can share the wealth and try the others.
    • Different companions give you different gifts every so often - Sarah gives you organic resources, Sam gives you inorganic resources, and Andreja straight up gives you credits.
    • Responses to things you do in the world range from this character “Dislikes that” and”Hates that” to “Likes that” and “Loves that.”
    • If you’re going to do something dodgy, leave your companion on the ship, or ask them to wait around the corner while you go and do something shady.
    Basically though, get them to the top level and finish their loyalty mission, and see the relationship through to the maximum and you’ll unlock this achievement.
  • Collect 20 Quantum Essence

    Towards the latter part of the game, when the story really gets going, you’ll start to encounter beings called Starborn. They will be rare enemies that crop up at various points throughout the story. Every time you kill one, instead of getting loot, you’ll absorb something that’s called Quantum Essence.

    There are a finite number of these Starborn in Starfield, so you’ll definitely have to go out of your way for this one. If you just stick to the story, you will fall short.

    Thankfully, every time you visit and complete one of the game’s temples, you’ll have a Starborn to face off with after you leave the temple. I completed 11 temples by the time I went to do the last two missions (see One Giant Leap (50G)) and I unlocked this achievement during the penultimate mission, “Revelations” (I ended up with 22 in the end). There were more temples for me to seek out as well - 15, according to my stats - so there's not a shortage of them per se, you just really need to seek them out.

    So, in order to get this, you’re going to need to visit Vlad regularly for the side mission, “Power from Beyond,” to get temple locations. Then, simply visit the temple locations that Vlad gives you, defeat the Starborn Guardian at the end (outside the temple) and you’ll have 20 Quantum Essence in no time whatsoever.

    Incidentally, you can check how many Quantum Essences you’ve collected if you go to the pause menu and then go up to “Powers.” At the bottom of the Powers screen it will say “Use Quantum Essence” and then a number in brackets. Provided you’ve not used Quantum Essence to increase your Starborn power regeneration speed for 60 seconds, then that number will be how many you’ve collected so far.

    Once that number reaches 20, this achievement will unlock.
  • Collect 10 Ships

    There are many ways to get ships in Starfield. You can buy them from a Ship Services Technician - same guy you visited for the Chief Engineer (10G) achievement - or you can even board and commandeer ships, before visiting the Ship Services Technician (yup, same guy) and registering them - this will add them to your fleet for a chunk of credits.

    On top of that, certain missions like the Mantis mission, will net you a free ship too (check out our Starfield – How to get the Mantis' Razorleaf, one of the best ships in the game, early to net that one), so keep an eye out for them.

    To get this achievement, then, you simply have to collect 10 ships. Whether you get them as a reward, buy them and then register them, or commandeer them, it doesn’t matter. Just get 10 and start a proper space fleet.
  • Read 20 Skill Magazines

    Like most Bethesda Game Studios games, Starfield too has “Skill Magazines.” Skill Magazines can be found dotted around the open-world and give your player character special abilities and stat buffs, so long as they keep these Skill Magazines (that don’t weigh anything) on their persons.

    There are seemingly hundreds to collect, in all, and even duplicates of the same magazine exist - unfortunately though, the duplicates don’t count towards this achievement, they need to be unique. They can be found on the main path, in the middle of abandoned mines in the middle of nowhere or upstairs in a restaurant in The Well. There’s no pattern t where they are, really.

    Collect 20 of them and this achievement is yours. Check our out Starfield all Skill Magazines guide for more assistance.
  • Eliminate 300 Human Enemies

    While Another Bug Hunt (20G) is a bit of a pain in the ass when it comes to killing 300 creatures, because you’ll likely need to grind a few of those out, “Dark Matter” is the exact opposite.

    In fact, I’d killed 300 human enemies in no time whatsoever in Starfield, and finished the main campaign (with very little deviation) killing 450 human enemies.

    To keep track of how many human enemies you’ve killed, hit the button-page.png button, then hit button-y.png and then scroll down to Combat, where it’ll tell you how many “People [you’ve] killed.”

    Shoot people, lots of them, and get this achievement. It’s as simple as that.
  • Eliminate 300 Creatures

    The “Another Bug Hunt” achievement is a bit of a pain, in all honesty. It’s one of the few achievements in Starfield that you’ll probably have to grind. Personally, I spent an insane amount of time exploring planets and taking on creatures that got in my way, and after 100 hours, I’d only killed 250. But yes, for this achievement, you have to kill 300 creatures - i.e. what passes for fauna in Starfield.

    So, head to planets and aimlessly kill the local wildlife. If I can, however, offer some advice. If you are short of this naturally and you need to grind it out a little bit, I’d suggest finding a planet that has resources you need: for example, you may need Structural resources, so you can make stuff like Storage Crates for your Outposts. If you're looking for a certain material, find it on a planet and grind there i.e. kill 300 creatures on planets where you need to farm stuff so that you can grow Adhesive back at your base camp - which you’ll need for Soldier of Fortune (30G), if you actually want to craft the best weapon mods in the game.

    However you do it, though, kill 300 creatures and this achievement is all yours.

    To keep track of how many creatures you’ve killed, hit the button-page.png button, then hit button-y.png and then scroll down to Combat, where it’ll tell you how many “Creatures [you’ve] killed.”
  • Successfully Smuggle Contraband

    There’s nothing more exhilarating in Starfield than smuggling contraband. Watching that scan run over your ship whilst simultaneously crossing your fingers is such a thrill. That said, successfully smuggling contraband isn’t exactly straightforward, so let’s run you through the process.

    Firstly, you need to know what contraband is. Contraband isn’t stolen sandwiches or weapons, contraband is an actual separate thing in Starfield, and they come in the form of swanky briefcases - you can tell if it’s contraband if there’s a small yellow symbol next to the item when you look at it in any inventory.

    Secondly, you need to know where to get it. Contraband can be found in numerous places, but the best bet to regularly find it is to board enemy ships, destroy the crew, and loot anything valuable - look out for black briefcases and what not. This is usually contraband. For a more detailed guide on how to board and commandeer ships, check out our Starfield - How to board and commandeer ships guide.

    And finally, how do you smuggle it (for the achievement) and where do you sell it (not for the achievement, but for sweet, sweet cash).

    First things first, in order to sell contraband you need to visit a Trade Authority on any planet - and by that we mean a Trade Authority store, and not a Trade Authority kiosk. The New Atlantis one is in The Well, the Akila City Trade Authority is in the back alleys of the wild west town, and the one on Neon is on the strip.

    Now, there are multiple ways to smuggle for the purposes of the achievement:
    • The Exhilarating Way - This way involves buying Shielded Cargo and going through the scanners at the major cities and settlements, so you can make it to the Trade Authority. For a more detailed description of how to do this, and where to get Shielded Cargo, check out our Starfield - How to smuggle contraband guide.
    • The Easy Way - Go and visit the Den in the Wolf system (just right of Sol; and up and to the right from Alpha Centauri) because they don’t scan there and there’s a solitary Trade Authority there too.
    We’re assuming the latter counts as smuggling - we did it the hard way, so can’t confirm - but if it fails, you know what to do otherwise.

    Before we leave you to it though, a few more tips and things to note:
    • Contraband does not sell for the price that’s quoted in your inventory, so don’t get your hopes up too high. If you have the Commerce skill though, you will be able to get a bit more money.
    • Apparently, according to the load-screen text, the Payloads skill (which is there to increase your ship cargo hold size) is also meant to make it harder for authorities to detect contraband.
    • If you have contraband on you, avoid planets that have cities and large settlements on them, as you’ll automatically be scanned as you enter the orbit of the planet. If you forget you have some and they're mid-scan, quickly fast-travel out of there before the scan concludes. I can't tell you how many times I completely forgot I was packing an insane amount of contraband with no Shielded Cargo. Oops!
    Anyway! Smuggle one bit of contraband successfully and this achievement is all yours. Just bear in mind that it’s not a 100% chance either, so maybe save before trying this.
  • Reach Level 5

  • Reach Level 10

  • Elite



    Reach Level 25

  • Reach Level 50

  • Reach Level 100

    In Starfield you get XP for absolutely everything. And I mean everything. You get XP for killing enemies, killing fauna, scanning flora, heading to a planet and galaxy for the first time, discovering a planet’s traits, for crafting, for side missions, main missions, faction missions, and so on. The only thing you don’t get experience for is breathing.

    Level 100, though, is a bit of a stretch and a big ask. By the time we finished our first runthrough of the main story, dabbling in only a few side missions and a few faction missions for each faction, we ended up at a measly level 37. That means, in order to get to 100, you’re going to have to do a hell of a lot more.

    Now, there are a few ways to do this.
    • Firstly, you could just go around and do missions. Obviously the main missions and faction missions should be your go-to. But after that, there's tons of side missions and general missions (that repeat) that you could do for good XP from both mission completion and combat points of view. You need to finish all factions anyway if you’re going to get all 1,000Gs.
    • Secondly, you could survey planets and explore the galaxy. Not only will you get XP for going to a new star system, a new galaxy and for scanning new flora and fauna, but you can also make some decent money this way too - and get important resources for the third and perhaps best strategy.
    • Thirdly, our suggestion is crafting. Now, the crafting strategy for XP isn’t a glitch per se, but it can be exploited if you have the time and patience. But basically, you need to create a resource farming operation and then use the Manufacturing Bench to create items in bulk (which you can also sell and make a load of money too). We've created a step-by-step guide on how to level up fast and get to level 100 with relative ease. Check it out here: Starfield - How to level up fast (Xbox). In short, to get lots of XP, you basically need lots of mining and lots of storage, before spam creating a variety of different objects in the name of XP.

    One final note on this, don’t forget to use food to get XP buffs & sleep often to get the Well-Rested status effect bonus (10% XP gain for 24-minutes) to give you a slight boost in XP earned.

    Interestingly, Starfield doesn't seem to have a level cap either (it definitely isn't 100), so if you find a strategy, you can effectively unlock every single skill in the game, and become truly unstoppable.

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Starfield Achievement GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated achievement difficulty for Starfield?
    The estimated achievement difficulty for Starfield is 2/10.
  • How many offline achievements are there in Starfield?
    There are 50 offline achievements in Starfield.
  • How many online achievements are there in Starfield?
    There are 0 online achievements in Starfield.
  • How long does it take to get 100% in Starfield?
    The estimated time to get 100% in Starfield is 100-200 hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get 100% in Starfield?
    1 (provided you make a certain choice at the end of the game and don't rush into New Game Plus).
  • How many missable achievements are there in Starfield?
    There are 0 (Unless you make a certain choice at the end of the game) missable achievements in Starfield.
  • Does difficulty affect achievements in Starfield?
    Difficulty does not affect achievements in Starfield.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched achievements in Starfield?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched achievements in Starfield.

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