- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 41 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 15-20 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
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Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a space-themed shooter and exploration game from Ubisoft Toronto. You will be exploring seven gorgeously-rendered alien planets, each with their own unique atmosphere and animal life, and rescuing them from the scourge of the Legion, whose leader Grax threatens to conquer the galaxy! Along the way you'll build outposts to hold back the Legion, make friends with various alien factions, and engage in two types of combat: in space and on planetary surfaces.

This game is, optionally, a "toys to life" title. The physical edition of the game is sold with a toy ship (with a pilot and three swappable weapons) that attaches to your Xbox One controller via an included mount. (NOTE: The controller mount will fit onto an Xbox Series S|X controller, but it will cover the Share button and may accidentally press it during gameplay. An Xbox One controller is recommended if playing on the Series S|X.)

Which edition should I buy?
You can obtain all of the achievements with any digital edition - basic or deluxe - or the physical Starter Pack (or even just the game disc) alone, although this route is slightly more difficult as you will be limited to only one ship and pilot, and three weapons, unless you buy additional DLC items. One thing to note is that you cannot mix physical and digital content: if you go digital, you can't use physical toys, and vice-versa.

Do I have to buy any of the physical toys or DLC?
No. None of the achievements require you to buy any additional ships, pilots or weapons. If you only have the physical Starter Pack (or the game disc with no toys, which will unlock a digital copy of the Starter Pack contents), you may find some achievements more difficult, but not overwhelmingly so. Feel free to buy as much or as little as you like.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:

Part 1 - Story
Start a new game and proceed through the story missions in sequence. You'll be shown the game's basic features and be led to several planets: Kirite, Haven, Sonatus and Vylus. This will naturally unlock some story-related achievements like We Have Liftoff (10G), New Frontiers (10G), The Bigger They Are (10G) and Jailbreak (10G).

After defeating the first Dreadnought, you'll be returned to Kirite and the Alliance system will unlock. You'll also be able to build new outposts on the sites of destroyed Imp Hives, so you should aim to unlock Science! (10G), Prosperity (50G), Cartographer (10G) and Explorer (25G) now. Continue to play through the story and visit every planet to claim Astronomer (10G) - make sure to get at least 25% Alliance on each to get Diplomatic Network (50G).

The last story mission will have you build a Starlink Tower on one planet in each sector - building your first tower unlocks Strength in Unity (25G). Once you've built all three Towers (Boldly Go (10G)) you'll be told to return to the Equinox to fight Grax - do not do this yet. Beating the final boss and entering post-game mode fixes all enemy levels to 40, and Primes and Dreadnoughts will always be in their hardest forms, which will make mopping up the rest of the achievements marginally more difficult. Make sure to leave at least one Dreadnought alive so that you have a Prime to beat later in co-op.

Part 2: Checklists
The majority of these achievements are "checklists":
  • Mods: Equip, fuse and acquire Legendary mods (from Workshops) and Warden Relics (from the "pyramid" discoveries on each planet) to unlock six mod-related achievements.
  • Space exploration: discover 10 derelict ships in space (shown as question-mark icons) for Scavenger (10G)  and destroy 5 Outlaw Hideouts (purple icons) for Space Police (25G).
  • Animals: find every animal species on every planet - there are three on each - to get Xenobiologist (10G) and Dolittle (25G).
  • Combat: use Heat & Cold weapons for Blowing Off Steam (10G), Firefighter (10G)Antifreeze (10G). Reflect attacks with your shield for Counter Master (10G)hit weak points for That's The Spot (10G). Having a Blast (10G) and Singularity (10G) can be more difficult if you're a physical player without Stasis or Gravity weapons as you'll have to rely on elemental canisters.
  • Skill points: Level up your weapons and ships to gain skill points. 3 for each weapon, 5 for ships. You'll also get 1 skill point for completing certain story tasks like beating Dreadnoughts. Once you've earned and spent 14 points you'll unlock Ace (100G); make sure to unlock the middle second-row skill of your pilot for Mentor (25G).
  • Equinox upgrades: Upgrade the Equinox in the main menu by paying Electrum and Nova to unlock various skills. Buy at least 8 overall, and every upgrade from two full sections, to get Home Sweet Home (10G) and State of the Art (50G).
Part 3: Co-op
Two achievements require you to play in local co-op mode with a second controller.. You can do this solo easily enough, the second player will follow the first automatically. Physical players - this does not require a second controller mount or ship, the second player can use digital content. For Tag Team (50G) you'll have to defeat a Prime; do this now as you can weaken a Prime by destroying all Extractors for an easier fight, which isn't possible in post-game. (However, be sure to leave at least one Extractor around for later!) Then for Helping Hand (10G) let one player be destroyed and repair them.

Part 4: Mop-up
Clear out as much as possible from each planet - aim for at least 50% Alliance on each, as this will make Perfect Union (100G) easier. Land the killing blow on an Extractor or Prime while your shields are down for Close Scrape (10G). Then it's time to go fight Grax. Return to the Equinox and trigger the final battle; beat this for Savior of Atlas (100G). 

The last achievement, Perfect Union (100G)can only be done in post-game mode. If you've got 50% Alliance on each planet, all you need to do is fly to each and build a Starlink Tower on the ones that don't already have one. Enemies will be much stronger in post-game and knocking down Extractors has no effect on Primes, so the less you have to do here the better. Congratulations, you've gotten all of the achievements!

The achievements in this game are either linear and given to you over the course of the story, or open-ended checklist tasks that you can work towards while free-roaming the planets. None of them are particularly difficult, and the game itself should not be challenging to a seasoned player unless you are playing on the hardest difficulty setting, or only have the physical Starter Pack (with just one ship, meaning you can't respawn if you die, and have to return to an outpost). Completing the story should take you around 13-15 hours, then a few more for mop-up, so I'd estimate around 20 hours for 1000gs.png.
[XBA would like to thank CNash for this Roadmap]

Starlink: Battle For Atlas Achievement Guide

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There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Equip your first mod

    You'll obtain mods randomly from destroying boxes and crates, from looting Electrum Rush caches in abandoned towns and facilities, from destroying Legion, and (eventually) you can buy them from Workshops. Equip one to a ship or weapon to unlock this achievment.
  • Build a Starlink Tower on every planet

    This can only be done after the final boss fight, in "post-game" mode. If you have at least 50% Alliance on every planet that doesn't already have a Starlink Tower, you can just warp to each of them in turn and build a Tower - the achievement unlocks once you've placed the 7th one. If not, you'll have to grind the Alliance percentage up to 50% by destroying Extractors and building outposts as usual, except that all enemies will be at max level (and you can no longer weaken Primes by destroying Extractors) which might give you some trouble.
  • Loot 10 derelict ships in space

    Derelict ships will appear as question-mark icons on your mini-map - you'll notice these while you're travelling at hyperspace. When you see one, stop and investigate - there's an Electrum cache that you'll have to unlock by hitting it with the opposing elemental weapon. Loot ten of these ships and the achievement unlocks.
  • Neutralize 5 Outlaw Hideouts in Space

    When you defeat enough Outlaws on planet surfaces, Shaid will radio in and tell you that she's marked their space-based hideouts on your map. These appear as purple icons. To get this achievement you'll need to find and destroy five of them. The ones around the Trade and Frontier sectors are lower in difficulty than the ones in the Dark Sector, so for the easiest time of this, start there.

    Space pirate hideouts are similar to Dreadnought battles, but with far more gun turrets and Outlaw raiders - including the chief outlaw themselves, who will fly out to fight you in a heavily-shielded ship once you've destroyed all of their turrets. As with all space battles, homing missile weapons like Frost Barrage and Nullifier will make short work of enemy ships. Beat the outlaws and you'll be able to enter the ship and loot their treasure, which will "neutralize" the hideout and count for this achievement.
  • Use Fusion to craft a higher-level mod

    You'll need to purchase the Mod Fusion upgrade for the Equinox first. With that done, you will be able to fuse three copies of any mod into one higher-level version. Do this from the mod equip menu (highlight a mod and press button-y.png) and the achievement is yours.
  • Acquire a Legendary Mod

    Either fuse three Epic (purple) mods together to make one Legendary mod, or buy a Legendary mod outright from a Workshop. Fusing Rare or Epic mods requires Nova as well as Electrum, which you can get from defeating Extractors and Primes.
  • Find a Warden Relic

    Warden Relics are prizes for looting the treasure from "landmarks", represented by a pyramid icon on your map. There's one on every planet. They are guarded by enemies of at least level 20, so you may want to do this later in the game when you've had a chance to earn some levels yourself.
  • Equip 8 ship & weapon mods on a ship build, using Rare, Epic, or Legendary mods

    You'll only have 7 total mod slots to start off with - three on ships and two on weapons - so you'll need to buy upgrades from the Modding Bay section of the Equinox Upgrades menu first, to give yourself enough slots. Then it's just a matter of obtaining enough Rare (blue), Epic (purple) or Legendary (orange) mods to fill all of those slots. Find, fuse or buy the required mods - remember that there are three types of ship mod (Cores, Armors and Boosters) and two types of weapon mod (Ammo and Amplifiers) so make sure you have one for each slot type.
  • Fill your ship with Epic or Legendary Mods

    Similar to Fully Loaded (25G). Unlock all of the mod slots for your ships by buying the Starship Tuning and Shipwright Lab upgrades, and then gather enough Epic (purple) or Legendary (orange) mods to fill all of the slots.
  • Discover all the planets in Atlas

    Land on each of the seven planets in the Atlas system and this will unlock.
  • Map every part of a planet

    You can do this manually by flying around until you've exposed every hidden area of the map on a single planet, or build and upgrade Observatories to uncover the map automatically. Three Observatories will cover a whole planet when fully upgraded. You can do this as early as Kirite or Haven, though, before even getting the ability to build outposts.
  • Record every Discovery on a planet

    Look in the main menu under "Collection" > "Atlas Discoveries" and you'll see that each planet has between 13 and 15 "discoveries". These are broadly divided into categories:
    • Places of interest - as you uncover these on the map, they'll be filled in. You can find them yourself or build Observatories to unlock the map for you.
    • Animals - see Dolittle (25G). There are three animal species ("fauna") on each planet; fully scan each of them.
    • Plants, or "flora" - each planet has three types, two very common ones that can be plucked almost anywhere, and one which you'll need to accept a mission from an Observatory or Workshop to locate.
    • An item that will drop from one of the animal species if you attack it - for example, the Sandworm Scale on Kirite or Sunstrider Feather on Haven. Observatory/Workshop missions are available for these to guide you if you're having trouble - look for ones named "Xenobiology".
    • The Warden Relic location (see Memory of the Wardens (25G)), marked with a pyramid icon on your map.
    • Environmental hazards on some planets - Prickle Burrs on Haven, Bile Bombs on Vylus. You'll almost certainly run into one of these while exploring.
    You only need to get all Discoveries on one planet to unlock this achievement.
  • Discover 5 Animal Species

  • Discover every animal species in Atlas

    Each planet has three unique animal species. To "discover" them, you need to scan at least three specimens of each. Move in close to the animal and hold button-x.png to begin the scan, then move in a circle around the animal until all the markers are filled in. You can use the Atlas Discoveries menu to track which ones you need.

    Workshops and Observatories will often have scanners lying around outside. These are items that you can hold while flying around which will flag up all animals on your map (not just the one named by the scanner) - they'll appear as paw icons. If you scan three of the animal that the scanner wants, you can return it to the outpost for a reward, but they're useful just to find the animals that you need for this achievment.
  • Defeat 10 targets by shooting at their weak spots using Precision weapons like Shredder

    Each enemy type has a weak spot, which is usually glowing. "Critical" will appear when you hit it. Equip "Precise" weapons - Shredder, Volcano, Hailstorm or Gauss Gun are examples - and destroy enemies with a shot to their weak point. You will probably not have to go out of your way to get this achievement - it will likely unlock as you play through the game and destroy enemies, by random chance.
  • Time Active Shield perfectly to reflect an attack 10 times

    To reflect attacks, press button-y.png to shield just as it hits your ship. This can be done with any enemy, but there are specific Outlaw outposts dotted around each planet that will have four turrets protecting them, and to destroy them you must reflect their shots back - so if you're having trouble with regular Cyclops or Giant enemies, go for the Outlaw turrets.
  • Shatter 5 Frozen targets

    This one can be confusing as your regular Cold weapons, like Hailstorm or Frost Barrage, won't "freeze" enemies - despite appearing as if they do. Instead you need to find a Cold Canister and detonate it near an enemy to freeze them, and then a kinetic weapon like the Shredder to shatter them.
  • Thermal Shock 10 targets

    Thermal Shock is triggered when you hit a single enemy with both Heat and Cold weaponry. Since even the Starter Pack comes with a Heat and a Cold weapon, this isn't difficult for anyone to do ten times.
  • Hit 5 targets with a single Stasis blast combo

    Stasis Blast occurs when you hit an enemy with a Stasis weapon to make them freeze and levitate, and then hit them with Heat or Cold weaponry to cause a "blast" effect which damages any nearby enemies. The trick is doing this to five targets. Imps would seem to be the obvious solution as they appear in clusters, but they might die from the initial Stasis weapon before you've had a chance to trigger the Heat/Cold blast. Instead you could try luring Cyclops or Giant types together in a cluster, as they're more likely to survive.

    Note that only the blast element of the attack has to connect with five targets, not the initial Stasis shot.

    Physical players will need to find Stasis Canisters unless they've purchased one of the dedicated Stasis weapons. This can make the achievement slightly more difficult as they'll have to make sure the initial canister detonation doesn't kill the nearby enemies before they can trigger the Stasis Blast.
  • Trap 3 targets in a single Gravity Vortex

    The Crusher, Nullifier and Imploder weapons - as well as Gravity Canisters - will cause a Gravity Vortex effect when they connect with enemies. The easiest way to get three targers into a vortex is to fire one at a cluster of Imps.

    Physical players will need to find Gravity Canisters unless they've purchased one of the dedicated Gravity weapons. This can make the achievement slightly more difficult as they'll have to make sure the initial canister detonation doesn't kill the nearby enemies before they're sucked into the vortex.
  • Use Cold to defeat a Fire Giant

    Equip a Cold weapon like Hailstorm or Frost Barrage, then seek out a Fire Giant. They are very common around Extractors on most planets and even more so on Ashar, the fire planet. Defeat the giant with the Cold weapon and the achievement is yours.
  • Use Heat to defeat an Ice Giant

    Equip a Heat weapon like Volcano or Flamethrower, then seek out an Ice Giant. They are very common around Extractors on most planets and even more so on Tundria, the ice planet. Defeat the giant with the Heat weapon and the achievement is yours.
  • In COOP, repair your partner after they get shot down

    Attach a second controller to enter co-op mode. Physical players don't need an additional controller mount (although these are available to buy) or toy ship and can use the digital versions of their unlocked ships and weapons.

    For this achievement, let one player get completely destroyed by an enemy, and then have the other player fly over and repair them by holding button-x.png (as you would do with AI ships like Explorers or Vigilantes).
  • In COOP, defeat a Prime together

    Attach a second controller to enter co-op mode. Physical players don't need an additional controller mount (although these are available to buy) or toy ship and can use the digital versions of their unlocked ships and weapons.

    This achievement wants you to defeat a Prime in co-op mode. The second player doesn't need to do anything and will automatically follow the first player if left idle, so you could even do this solo. You'll just need to make sure there's a Prime alive somewhere, or a Dreadnought left intact which can spawn new Primes.
  • Build your first Expedition workshop

    During the story campaign, you'll unlock the ability to build new outposts on any destroyed Imp Hive site once the Alliance system is in play. Build an Observatory or a Workshop and the achievement is yours.
  • Ally with all 5 Outpost types

    The five outpost types are: Observatory, Refinery, Workshop, Armory and Starlink Tower. You'll ally with one of each of the first four during the story, and then you'll need to build a Starlink Tower on a planet as part of a later story mission.
  • Gain 100% alliance on a planet

    This can't be unlocked until the Alliance system is in play, which will happen shortly after defeating the first Dreadnought in the story campaign. From this point on, completing these activities on a planet will increase your Alliance percentage on that planet:
    • Defeating Extractors and Primes
    • Building and upgrading outposts
    • Clearing out settlements and claiming them
    If there's too much Legion presence on a planet, you'll need to destroy Extractors (or Primes) before outposts and settlements will begin to count towards Alliance percentage again. Usually the last thing to do on a planet to hit 100% Alliance is to defeat the Prime anyway.
  • Get at least 25% alliance on every planet

    See Prosperity (50G) for an overview of how to increase Alliance percentage on planets.
  • Earn 3 skill points from mastering ships

    Destroying enemies and completing objectives gives you XP for your ships and weapons. Each ship can level up 5 times, indicated by the stars and XP bar below the mod slots on the main menu. Equip XP Booster mods to speed up the process, and learn both levels of Mason's mentor skill "Quick Learner" to double the amount of XP that all pilots get. Once you have three stars across all of your ships (so this could be three stars on one ship or one star on three), this achievement unlocks.
  • Earn 6 Pilot Skill points from mastering weapons

    Destroying enemies and completing objectives gives you XP for your ships and weapons. Each weapon can level up 3 times, indicated by the stars and XP bar below the mod slots on the main menu. Equip XP Booster mods to speed up the process, and learn both levels of Mason's mentor skill "Quick Learner" to double the amount of XP that all pilots get. Once you have six stars across your collection of weapons, this achievement unlocks.
  • Mentor



    Invest in a pilot's Mentor skill, to make your whole crew stronger

    Every pilot has a set of skills to learn (press button-y.png on the main menu to access the Pilot Skills menu). The middle skill of the second row is the pilot's Mentor skill, and its effects apply to every pilot in your collection. You will need to spend six skill points on any other skills in order to unlock it, and then two skill points to learn it. (And then two further points to upgrade it, but for this achievement all you need to do is learn it.) Level up your ships and weapons until you've earned and spent enough points (see Ace (100G) for details).
  • Ace



    Spend 14 Skill Points on a single pilot

    Every pilot has a set of skills to learn (press button-y.png on the main menu to access the Pilot Skills menu), and each level you gain in weapons or ships grants you a skill point to spend. You'll also receive skill points from completing objectives like destroying Dreadnoughts and certain other story missions. To get 14 skill points on one pilot, you'll have to level up a lot of weapons or ships, and/or get fairly far into the story.
    • Digital players will have a large selection of weapons and ships to level up, so they can spread themselves thinly - for example, get one level in several weapons or ships.
    • Physical / disc-only players - without buying any additional toys or DLC - will need to fully level their ship and all three weapons, or complete much of the story for the additional skill points
    Learn Mason's mentor skill "Quick Learner" ASAP to double the amount of XP that he and all other pilots get, which will speed things up.
  • Build 8 Equinox Upgrades

    Equinox upgrades are available from the main menu and require Electrum and Nova, as well as a given number of pilot levels for certain upgrades (across all of your unlocked pilots). Purchase any 8 upgrades for this achievement; you may want to buy all of the upgrades from two specific sections in order to get State of the Art (50G) as well.
  • Upgrade two sections of the Equinox to their maximum level

    See Home Sweet Home (10G) - purchase all upgrades from two sections and you'll get this achievement.

Secret achievements

  • Enter space from a planet for the first time

    Story related, can't be missed.

    After repairing the Equinox on Kirite your next objective will be on Haven. Take off and fly out of Kirite's atmosphere to unlock this.
  • Discover your first new planet outside the Trade Sector

    Story related, can't be missed.

    After you take down your first Prime on Sonatus, your next mission will be to go to Vylus, which is in the Frontier Sector. Once you're there, the achievement unlocks.
  • Destroy A Prime

    Story related, can't be missed.

    You'll leave Haven after upgrading the Equinox with the Warden Cipher and head to Sonatus, where you'll have to fight and defeat your first Prime.
  • Destroy a Dreadnought

    Story related, can't be missed.

    After you've beaten the Prime on Sonatus, story events will lead you to Vylus where you'll recruit your first Armory. After this you'll head into space to take on your first Dreadnought.
  • Extend Starlink's range to bring the fight to Grax

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Once you've unlocked the Alliance percentage system (after defeating the first Dreadnought), you'll be tasked with building three Starlink Towers, one in each sector: Trade, Frontier and Dark. You can build a Starlink Tower when you have at least 50% Alliance on any planet. Do this and the achievement unlocks.
  • Defeat Grax

    Story related, can't be missed.

    After building the three Starlink Towers for Boldly Go (10G), go back to the Equinox and upgrade it with "Starlink Recalibration". This will unlock the final battle; the game will prompt you to accept the mission.

    (It's recommended that you do not do this until you have gathered most of the remaining achievements, and gotten at least 50% Alliance on each planet, which will make Perfect Union (100G) easier in the post-game. Once you beat the final boss you'll be in "post-game" mode, and all enemies will be raised to max level, which makes getting any stray achievements marginally more difficult.)

    When you're ready, accept the mission and defeat the final boss. If you're having trouble at all, you may need to level up your weapons or ships, or equip better mods.
  • Defeat an Extractor or Prime with your shields down

    Easiest to do this with an Extrator. Destroy all of the nodes or enemies around it, expose the core and blast away until it's got very little health left - then let it hit you with energy waves until your shields drop. Finish it off before they start recharging and the achievement is yours.

    It's best to do this on a planet where you haven't built any Armories yet, as the Vigilantes that appear will "help" you take down Extractors and Primes. Normally that's a good thing, but for this achievement you'll have to time the killing blow just right, and it doesn't count if a Vigilante lands it for you.

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