-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Estimated time for 200: 6-10 hours (depending on skill)
-Minimum playthroughs: 1 (level select)
-Offline: 17/17 (200)
-Online: 0/17 (0)
-Missable Achievements: 0 (level select)
-Unobtainable Achievements: 0
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
-Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
-Glitched achievements: 0
-Extra equipment needed: Windows Phone 7 or 8

Storm in a Teacup is a 2-D platformer in which you control Storm, a little boy riding a teacup through an imaginary world created by his brother, Cloud. Using on-screen controls, you move him around the game world by flying in short bursts. You can't get far without running out of boosting power, so you'll need to time jumps carefully to get where you're going. You'll also need to solve simple physics puzzles as you work your way through the game's 55 levels. This game is basically a direct port of the iOS version that was released early in 2011, except now with a few more levels. Currently the game is listed at $2.99 in the Windows Phone Store and is exclusive to Nokia Lumia phones.

Step 1: Perfect all levels
Play through all the levels starting with the Story (Original) levels. Then move onto the Bonus and Challenge levels once they become unlocked. To earn all of the achievements, you will need to earn a Perfect on each level, which essentially means completing the level while collecting all of the collectibles, finding the hidden sticker, and getting to the end of the level without dying in a single attempt.

Step 2: Mop-up
Complete whatever miscellaneous achievements you may have remaining. There is one simple achievement that must be earned in Survival mode, as well as a few others that are level specific.

The hardest part to this game is completing each level with a Perfect rating, most frustrating of which are the 5 challenge levels. Luckily most of the levels are quite short and if you die it is not too much trouble just to restart. The game also has a noticeable frame rate problem, which contributes a bit to the difficulty. Other than that, that trek to completing this game is straight-forward.

[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]

Storm in a Teacup Achievement Guide

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There are 17 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Achieve a Perfect on the credits level.

    The credits level can be found from the Main Menu by selecting the Cobra symbol on the right and then selecting Credits. The credits are a short level that display all of the developer's names. You need to earn a Perfect rating, which is quite simple. See the "Perfectionist" for more information on earning Perfect ratings. There are 50 sugar cubes to collect, as well as FOUR stickers. The only way you can actually die is the water near the very end of the level.

  • Complete all of the bonus levels.

    See "Living the Dream."

  • Achieve a Perfect on each bonus level.

    See "Perfectionist."

  • Complete all of the challenge levels.

    See "Living the Dream."

  • Achieve a Perfect on each challenge level.

    See "Perfectionist."

  • Score 30 or more in any survival levels.

    Survival mode levels will unlock after you complete story level 10. There are only 5 survival levels in all. You will need to pick a level that is easiest for you and earn a score of 30. Survival levels give you 2 minutes to collect as many sugar cubes as you can on a small level. The sugar cubes spawn periodically and fall from specific location(s) on each level. The enemies and killer obstacles become quicker as time goes on. This achievement is not that challenging.

    MY METHOD: I found the 2nd survival level to be the easiest. I spent most of the time in the middle platform collecting sugar cubes. When a saw blade would approach, I would just jump down to the left, hop over the rolling bomb, collect 1 sugar cube down there, then head back up to the middle platform when the saw blade was past it. This will require some precise jumping, but overall is not difficult. I got a score of 55 on my third attempt. The achievement unlocks when you die after reaching a score of 30+.

  • Complete all of the story levels.

    Completing a level only requires that you make it to the end of the level. Collecting the sugar cubes and sticker are not required. You can also die as many times as you want (there are checkpoints), as long as you make it to the end eventually.

    Initially you will only have access to the story (original) levels, but as you progress, the bonus and challenge levels will unlock as well. There are 40 story levels, 10 bonus levels, and 5 challenge levels that need to be completed for these achievements. Subsequent levels within each game mode are unlocked by completing the previous level.

  • Achieve a Perfect on 10 or more levels.

    This achievement requires that you earn a Perfect on 10 levels, which can be any combination of challenge levels, story levels, or bonus levels. Initially only the story levels are unlocked, so it will likely just be 10 of those.

    See "Perfectionist" for more info.

  • Achieve a Perfect in 20 or more story levels.

    See "Perfectionist."

  • Achieve a Perfect in 30 or more story levels.

    See "Perfectionist."

  • Achieve a Perfect on each story level.

    These achievements together require that you earn a Perfect rating on each level of the game. There are three requirements to earn a Perfect rating:

    1. You must collect ALL of the sugar cubes that are scattered around the level. There will be numerous amounts of these, anywhere from 10 up to 50 or so in some cases. Most are usually directly in your path to completing the level, but often there will be a few that are quite well hidden, a bit off the beaten path. The levels are fairly small, so take the time to check every corner.
    2. You must find and collect the single hidden sticker in the level. Stickers are almost always well hidden, and are usually just depictions of random objects. Again, if you are casing the levels thoroughly, you should have no problem finding the stickers. Most times you will also need to make a good jump to reach the sticker, or take advantage of part of the environment. See THIS thread for the location of all hidden stickers.
    3. Now the most challenging requirement for the Perfect rating. You need to complete both #1 and #2 above, AND make it to the end of the level without dying a single time.

    That is right, to get Perfect, you must collect all of the sugar cubes, find the hidden sticker, and make it to the end of the level, all without dying once. It is best to run through the level at first, finding all of the sugar cubes and hidden sticker, dying as many times as you want. You should learn the level layout and the enemy movements. Once you are familiar enough, attempt to complete the level without dying and gathering everything. If you die in this step, you need to pause the game and restart the level to have a shot at earning a Perfect. Respawning at all, even at the beginning of the level, will void your chance of Perfect (except challenge levels where there are no checkpoints. In these levels, you do not need to restart after every death).

    From the level-select screen, you can see what levels you have got Perfect on. All three symbols below the level will be filled in (sugar cubes, red target, and yellow star) if you got Perfect.

    For strategies and collectible locations for the 40 story levels, please refer to the video below created by Youtube user RSvideosUK! Head to the actual YouTube page for links to take you to the timestamps for each of the story levels in the game.

  • Collect a Sticker from every story level.


    You need to collect the hidden sticker (and make it the end of the level) in each of the 40 story (original) levels. See "Perfectionist" for more info on the hidden stickers and THIS thread for their locations. You can die as many times as you want when attempting to collect the sticker, but to earn the Perfect rating required for the "Perfectionist" achievement, among others, you need to do it without dying, so keep that in mind.

    From the level select screen you can see what levels you have collected the sticker on. The red target symbol below the level will be filled in if you have that sticker.

  • Collect all the Sugar from the story levels.


    You need to collect all of the sugar cubes (and make it the end of the level) in each of the 40 story (original) levels. See "Perfectionist" for more info on finding sugar cubes. You can die as many times as you want when attempting to collect all of the cubes, but to earn the Perfect rating required for the "Perfectionist" achievement, among others, you need to do it without dying, so keep that in mind.

    From the level select screen you can see what levels you have collected all of the sugar cubes on. The white cube symbol below the level will be filled in.

  • Complete level 15 having only collected one or two Sugars.


    This achievement requires that you make it to the finish line of story level 15 having collected 2 or less sugar cubes total. It is not that difficult at all. From the start of the level, jump across the gap and get hit by the boxing glove up and to the right, into the area with the hidden sticker. Go up over the stack of crates and then right over the saws. Jump out and land on the middle of the green platform, by the checkpoint marker. Head right to the platform just before the spinning saws area. You can make a single jump here and make it the entire way over the saws. From here, head down and right to the finish line. Easy as that. If you collect some sugar by accident, just kill yourself on purpose to spawn at the last checkpoint. Dying does not void the achievement.

  • Complete level 22 without pushing left.

    This achievement must be done on story level 22. You must complete the level without pushing the left button at all. This particular level consists of a fan that blows you left-to-right down through a long tunnel with obstacles to the finish line. Just do not use the left button. You can use the right button and the boost button as much as you like. This achievement is easy because you can die and respawn at the checkpoints as many times as you want. Once you reach the finish line, having not used the left arrow button, that achievement will unlock.

  • Complete level 38 without getting the key.

    This achievement has to be done in story level 38. Right at the end of the level, you will reach an area where you are supposed to pick up a yellow key, which removes a pencil that is holding up a wrecking ball that is will swing and knock a platform down for you to continue. To earn the achievement, you must make it to the finish without picking up that key.

    To do this, jump on top of the red wrecking ball (attached to the rope). Your objective is to jump to the right, maneuver under the spikes, and then over the tall blue platform to the finish. It may take a few attempt, but this is not that difficult at all.

  • Complete a level without collecting any sugar.

    As the description states, you must make it to the finish line of a level without collecting a single sugar cube. This is impossible on most levels, as the cubes are placed in spots that you must pass through. It is however quite doable on the very first level of story mode (original levels). Ignore all of the sugar and just head to the right until you reach the pencil door and the key sign. The key is on a platform directly above the sign. To reach it, you need to make a precise jump. Start by getting a running start from the left towards the sign. Then jump up into the gap between the platform the key is on and the wall to the right. You will likely need to do a bit of a bounce off the wall to be able to make it up to the platform. This may take several minutes of trying. Once you get to the key, head down through the gate and finish the level to unlock the achievement.

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