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There are 43 achievements with a total of 1400 points

  • Where's your face, dingus? Get your butt to the avatar creator and sort yourself out!

  • Welcome to the Battle Hub. Do enjoy yourself. That is the purpose for which it was built, after all.

  • Start with a match in the Battle Hub. Taking that first step is what matters the most.

  • Done 30 matches in the Battle Hub? Keep at it! Nobody ever got sumo strong being shy of the ring!

  • Getting used to this? Then try winning 30 Battle Hub matches. Gotta give yourself a challenge.

  • Ever hear of Extreme Battles? They're more WILD than regular fights. Let your instincts take over!

  • If you can't adapt, you won't survive. Fight 20 Extreme Battles. It'll sharpen your judgement.

  • 20 wins in Extreme Battle. Should be a snap for you! Stomp this flat, then aim even higher! Bwahaha!

  • In Avatar Battles, you can battle others as an avatar; a self outside of your self. Try it out!

  • Nothing gets my engine revving like a brawl between avatars! Let's see you do 20 Avatar Battles!

  • A new form of combat, with a different path to victory. Win 20 Avatar Battles. Fight and grow.

  • You wanna match the one-and-only Jamie Siu? You'd better get up early. Give a Tournament a shot!

  • The will to stand in the ring turns mind and muscle into steel! Enter five Tournaments! You'll see!

  • Even ninja tricks can't shortcut training. Win ten Tournaments. It won't be easy, but you can do it.

  • Kung fu is ceaseless training. Fight in the Battle Hub 100 times, and you will see results.

  • You know they've got classic games at the Game Center? They might be old, but they still slap.

  • Tried the Game Center's Ranking Challenge? Give it a shot! Always challenge yourself, even in games.

  • Audiences turn mere fights into thrilling spectacles. Spectate a Battle Hub Match and witness glory.

  • In combat, you must constantly analyze the situation. Spectate an Extreme Battle, and watch closely.

  • There's nothing quite like a fight, one-on-one, in the flesh! Go spectate an Avatar Battle!

  • Battle Hub Clubs are kinda like sumo stables! You should join one! I hope they have chanko stew...

  • Hrrah! To fight before a roaring crowd is a wrestler's honor! Try earning a "Nice" fan of your own!

  • Uwo! My dream's to get famous! I bet if I gather 200 "Nice" fans, Mama'll be proud! You try, too!

  • Fans are like spirits; you feel stronger if you have them. Get 600 "Nice" fans. You'll feel it too.

  • Investigation or vacation, you can learn a lot by talking to people. Try chatting in the Battle Hub.

  • Reviewing replays is a great way to learn from past fights. You're bound to make some discoveries.

  • Earned any titles for your efforts yet? Me? Pfft. I don't need a title. I'm Jamie freakin' Siu!

  • A lone wolf is strong, but they're far more fearsome in a pack. So go on—try making some friends!

  • Do you know who else never changes their clothes? Animals. Change your outfit. Please.

  • Have you jammed out at the Battle Hub DJ Booth yet, bud? Turn up and light the dance floor aflame!

  • Sit down by the Battle Hub's big screen and see what's on show. Man... Used to be me up there.


Secret achievements

    DLC: World Tour (Store Link)

    There are 6 achievements with a total of 200 points

    • Helping people in need's the secret to keeping any city peaceful. Go finish 22 sub-missions, got it?

    • If you would call someone master, it is best to know them well. Raise the bond with a master to 100.

    • I've worked a few odd jobs. They all doubled as training. You should try a part-time job, too.

    • Something in your way? Easy fix: send it flyin' with a Master Action! One of life's li'l pleasures.


    Secret achievements

    • Finished World Tour, did you? Congratulations are in order. I hope it was somehow meaningful to you.

    • That's it for basic training! You're a full-fledged rookie now. Next move is up to you. Have fun!

    DLC: Fighting Ground (Store Link)

    There are 6 achievements with a total of 200 points

    • Fight 100 FG online battles. Too difficult? If you're taking on the world, there is no other path.

    • Head to Fighting Ground and finish Arcade Mode once, buddy! Ya gotta hear fellow fighters' stories!

    • You know of Combo Trials, yes? Finish 45 of them. It will be difficult, but I've faith in you.

    • Swallows can fly super fast, right? Even they were chicks once. Get yourself to Training Mode!

    • You seen these Character Guide things? Talk about rad! Bushinryu gets some rep too, naturally.

    • You want to learn the basics? I'm not in the mood to take on students. Go hit the Tutorials, kid.

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      There are 43 achievements to unlock in Street Fighter 6 worth a total of 1400 gamerscore.

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