- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 [Luck & Skill Dependent]
- Offline: 12 [110]
- Online: 5 [90]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 5-10 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+
- Number of missable achievements: None [Stage Select]
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes [7 Stars achievement]
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: Turbo Controller [For cheesing the CPU]

Intro & Overview
Released in late 1992, Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting is Capcom's final Street Fighter release on the CPS1 arcade hardware. Hyper Fighting introduced a overall game speedup, and balanced the characters in various ways, including additional moves for several of them. The game was re-released as a downloadable Xbox Live Arcade game in August of 2006. This port plays a bit differently than the previous arcade and console installments. With notable sound and CPU differences, these issues detratced from the nostalgia the game once held in our hearts. The game also features leaderboards, 5.1 surround sound, and online play. Before you attempt to obtain all 200 gamerscore points for this game check out the link below if you are unfamilair with fighting games. Those who are familar, simply continue to read on.


Controls & Move List
Like most Street Fighter games, the Hyper Fighting's controls uses a configuration of an 8-directional joystick and 6 attack buttons. Use the joystick to jump, crouch and move the character towards or away from your opponent, as well as to guard the character from an opponent's attacks. There are three punch buttons(, , and ) and three kick buttons(, , and ) of differing strength and speed (Light, Medium and Heavy). Special moves can also be performed by inputting a combination of directional and button-based commands. Move list for all special moves is in the link below:


1st Step: World Champion Playthrough
This will be your first Arcade playthrough where you will "get a feel" for the game. Along the way there are other achievements you may be able to pick up such as "Perfection" and "Bonus Bonanza". It wouldn't be a bad idea to play a match as each of the 12 characters in this step to unlock "12 World Warriors" as well:

  • Perfection
  • Bonus Bonanza
  • 12 World Warriors
  • World Champion

2nd Step: 7 Stars
Go to options and set the difficulty to seven stars then start up Arcade. You will need to complete Arcade on this difficulty but lucky for you, continues are permitted. So you are allowed to lose matches and continue as much as you need to defeat all 12 opponents then unlock this after defeating M.Bison.

  • 7 Stars

3rd Step: Hyper & Perfect World Champion
Save these achievements for last to allow yourself to become experienced with the game and its cheap CPU. You have to clear Arcade mode without losing a single round. Select Bison and use his Psycho Crusher repeatedly. Hyper Champion stacks with Perfect Champion so if you happen to lose a round you can continue on to try and unlock Hyper Champ saving Perfect Champ for another playthrough. With enough luck and systematic breakdown of the CPU, you will unlock these:

  • Hyper World Champion
  • Perfect World Champion

4th Step: Online Mode
Find a friend online, or find one in the boosting thread that is willing to boost the online achievements for this game. Alternatively, create or join a Session. The online for this game is dead so this will be mandatory. You will need to win 30 Online Ranked matches and then go on to play another 20 matches online to obtain the following:

  • I Got Next
  • 10 Tokens
  • 50 Tokens
  • 10 Online Ranked Wins
  • 30 Online Ranked Wins

Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting is a very bare-bones fighting game these days, and is very simple to pick up with only one annoying achievement and very simple gameplay abilities. This is not to say it's an easy game to 200 however. It's not a terribly difficult 200 outside of "Perfect World Champion". That's the main achievement that people struggle with. Use the strategies in this guide to help you unlock that one and everything else is easy enough. Just make sure you have a friend online willing to boost the 30 Ranked Online Victories and 50 Tokens.

[XBA would like to thank ChoZen 1 for this Roadmap]

Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Fight with all twelve characters in single-player arcade mode.

    Simply play 1 match with each character in the single player arcade mode... If you're looking for a quick achievement, use 1 character, lose and continue, select the next and repeat.

    This can be unlocked right away. Start up Arcade Mode and then play as each of the follwing characters in the game:

    • Ryu
    • E. Honda
    • Blanka
    • Guile
    • Ken
    • Chun Li
    • Zangief
    • Dhalsim
    • Balrog
    • Vega
    • Sagat
    • M. Bison
  • Complete single-player arcade mode.

    Simply complete arcade mode. It contains 12 world warriors that you must face from different countries all leading up to a boss fight against M. Bison. Each warrior is listed below:

    • Ryu
    • E. Honda
    • Blanka
    • Guile
    • Ken
    • Chun Li
    • Zangief
    • Dhalsim
    • Balrog
    • Vega
    • Sagat
    • M. Bison

    Difficulty setting does not matter here however you're welcome to go for "Perfect World Warrior" in this run as well.

    Check the "Perfect World Champion" solution for more details.

  • Complete a perfect bonus round in single-player arcade mode.

    Your best bet is to use someone with a rapid move, like E. Honda's punches, Chun-Li's Kicks, or Blanka's electrifying move ( See Moves List at bottom for help. )

    Explanation of Bonus Rounds...
    Every time you beat 3 fighters in the arcade
    mode, you will have to do a bonus game.

    Destroy the car by damaging the right side of it first, then jump over to the car's left side and attack that enough times to destroy it for good. Destroy the car before the timer runs out to complete this bonus game.

    Barrels are dropping down overhead. Destroy them by attacking them. Destroy them all to complete this bonus game.

    Easy... Smash all the barrels when they aren't on fire. Destroy them all to complete this bonus game.

  • Complete a perfect match at default difficulty or higher in single-player arcade mode.

    Easiest way i found to get this achievement is to get to Zangief with anyone... Lose to him and pick E. Honda... Stand still and just do the 100 Hand slap by rapidly pressing any punch button... Do this for both rounds, if you get hit (most of the time you won't as long as you're constantly doing the 100 Hand Slap move), die and try again.

    Dhalsim is also pretty easy to perfect. The examples provided below are assuming you are on the left side of the screen:

    • M. Bison: Psycho Crusher (Charge , then + Any Punch)
    • E. Honda: Sumo Headbutt (Charge , then + Any Punch)
    • Blanka: Rolling Attack (Charge , then + Any Punch)

    Either spam these moves or you can try to hit crouching heavy kicks on Dhalsim until he is KO'ed. Zangief can also be perfected if you jump up and down in the corner and heavy kick him as you're coming down. If you use E. Honda you can mash the punch button quickly for Hundred Hand Slap and Zangief should walk right into it. This may take several attempts as well as some luck but since you will have to play Arcade mode multiple times you will more than likely unlock this naturally while going for "Perfect World Champion".

  • Complete single-player arcade mode at the highest difficulty level.

    You must first go into the options menu and set the difficulty all the way up to seven stars. Next, start up Arcade mode and defeat all 12 characters for the achievements. You may use as many continues as you need to accomplish this.

    Check the "Perfect World Champion" solution for more details.

  • Complete single-player arcade mode without losing a match.

    You can lose a round in single player arcade mode, as many times as you want, just don't lose the entire match against anyone. Complete the arcade mode under these stipulations... You can set the difficulty to easy to achieve this faster if you'd like.

  • Complete single-player arcade mode without losing a round.

    This achievement requires you to complete arcade mode without ever losing a round. Even worse, you can't use a second controller to press start and save you, it will void the achievement. Difficulty settings do not matter but even on the easiest setting the CPU is still painfully cheap. Defeating all 12 characters in the game without losing a round will require strategy, fortitude, and a little bit of luck.

    An important tip is the opponent you face first, which is random. The more opponents you defeat, the tougher the following opponents will be. Your first opponent is always the easiest to defeat. So try to start up Arcade until you get the opponent you have the most trouble with first such as Ryu or Ken, they tend to give people the most problems. Below are some the most popular methods of unlocking this:

    Ryu Method
    Most people like to go with the Japanese protagonist of the series for pure simplicity. Hadouken spamming at different speeds coupled with CPU time out cheesing really helps. His Hurricane kick works very well against people like Zangief. Lure the enemy in with fireballs then hit them with a Dragon Punch for good anti-air. Use those along with some well timed jumping heavy kicks followed up with a sweep. This method will take more skill as a Ryu player than it will luck however. You'll need to know he CPU well if you want to go with Ryu. For novices, go with the Bison method instead.

    M.Bison Method
    Simply spam his Psycho Crusher move which is done by holding Away from your opponent for 3 seconds then press Toward them + any punch button such as . The punch button you use is important because the CPU reacts differently to the light, medium, and fierce variations. For example Ken tends to fall for the medium version more often than the fierce. Remember to spam, but spam accordingly as some of the CPU characters can find ways around it at times.

    Blanka Method
    Although he's not as popular to go with as Bison some have had luck with obtaining this achievement by using Blanka. Just spam his Rolling Attack which is done by holding Away from your opponent for 3 seconds then pressing Toward them + any punch button. Blanka also has an Electric Thunder move that can be done by rapidly pressing any punch button. That as well as his crouching Fierce punch(Down + ) has good reach so use it to your advantage.

    Turbo Controller(Time-Out) Method
    If you happen to own a Hori-pad, Madcatz turbo controller, or a fight stick with turbo functionality then this can also work. If you set the rapid fire on some of the attack buttons while a few feet away from your opponent this will cause the CPU to sit in a crouched or stationary position. Depending on the character and stance you are using, you can usually use this as a nice Time-Out strategy to defeat opponents. Just make sure you have more health left over than them. This trick varies against certain CPU characters so check out THIS thread to see how exactly its done.


    Don't give up. This achievement will take some time and patience to pull off. The CPU is incredibly cheap in this game and it will take practice to get it just right. You don't just spam these moves but you use them accordingly. A lot of trial and error will go into analyzing some of the CPU characters and finding the easiest way to take them all out. For a full guide on this achievement see THIS thread. Credit to LLC2203 for the write up.

  • Play a match in the online quarter mode.

    This will be the first online achievement you will unlock. Simply play an online match from start to finish in online quarter mode. Because this game was released on Xbox Live Arcade so many years ago, this game does not have much of a community anymore so this may have to be boosted with a friend. Check the boosting thread to find a partner or create or join a Session.

  • Play 10 ranked online matches.

    Play 10 ranked matches, you don't have to win.

  • Play 50 ranked online matches.

    Simply play 50 ranked matches. You do not need to win these matches but it would help to win 30 of them to work towards the "30 Ranked Online Victories" achievement. You will more than likely unlock this while boosting back to your partner.

  • Achieve 10 wins during ranked online play.

    Check out the "30 Ranked Online Victories" solution for details.

  • Achieve 30 wins during ranked online play.

    Self explanatory.

    Moves List:

    D: DOWN
    U: UP
    B: BACK (Right or left, oppositie way in which you are facing)
    F: FORWARD (Right or Left, whichever way you are facing)
    P: Any Punch button
    K: Any kick button

    QCF: Quarter circle forward (D, DF, F)
    QCB: Quarter circle backward (D, DB, B)
    DPM: Dragon Punch motion (F,D,DF)
    HCF: Half circle forward (B,DB,D,DF,F)
    QCFX: (D,DR,R,UR)
    Charge: Charge direction or button for 2 seconds.


    Fireball: QCF+P
    Dragon punch: DPM+P
    Hurricane kick: QCB+K
    Air hurricane kick: QCB+K (in the air)


    100 hand slap: Press any P rapidly
    Sumo head butt: B (Charge) F+P
    Sumo smash: D (Charge) U+K


    Electricity: Press and P rapidly
    Rolling attack: B (Charge) F+P
    Vertical rolling attack: D (Charge) U+K


    Sonic boom: B (Charge) F+P
    Flash kick: D (Charge) U+K


    Fireball: QCF+P
    Dragon punch: DPM+P
    Hurricane kick: QCB+K
    Air hurricane kick: QCB+K (in the air)


    Lightning kick: Press K rapidly
    Spinning bird kick: D (Charge) U+K
    Fireball: B (Charge) F+P
    Air spinning bird kick: D (Charge) UR+K


    Spinning clothesline: Two P together
    Turbo spinning clothesline: Two K together
    Spinning pile driver: 360 motion+P (close)


    Yoga fire: QCF+P
    Yoga flame: HCF+P
    Yoga teleport forwards: DPM+3p or 3K
    Yoga teleport backwards: DPM backwards+3P or 3K


    Turn punch: Hold 2 P for 2 seconds then release
    Dash punch straight: B (Charge) F+P
    Dash punch uppercut: B (Charge) F+K


    Claw roll: B (Charge) F+P
    Claw dive: D (Charge) U+K, then P
    Wall leap: D (Charge) U+K, then P+direction toward opponent


    Tiger shot high: QCF+P
    Tiger shot low: QCF+K
    Tiger uppercut: DPM+P
    Tiger knee: QCFX+K


    Psycho crusher: B (Charge) F+P
    Scissor kick: B (Charge) F+K
    Head stomp: D (Charge) U+K, then P for extra attack

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