- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline achievements: 13 [1000]
- Online achievements: 0 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : About 8-12 hours depending on skill
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 for each of the two campaigns [Mission Select]
- Missable achievements: None [Mission Select]
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty achievements, everything can be done on easy
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome Private to the United Nations of Earth (U.N.E.)! Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut is a single player space combat game similar to that of Star Fox and Zone of the Enders. The main vehicle you pilort is a Strike Suit which acts as both a fighter ship and as a mech. The game takes place in the year 2299 and Earth is in a raging war with colonists of other planets, the true cause of the war and it's events are revealed to you as you play through the game. The second campaign Heroes of the Fleet is based after the events of the main game and is a simulation for future recruits and exemplifies the might of the colonists. The achievements in this game are pretty straightforward and don't artificially lengthen the game with any grinding achievements. That is not to say you won't have to replay any missions, but the need to do so will be minimal.

Playthrough 1:
The majority of the achievements will come from the main campaign. You will unlock "TRANSFORMER" and "SAVE EARTH" just for completing the story. As you play through the two stories you will most likely earn "STRIKE SUIT EVOLVED" and "STRIKE SUIT COMBO" without much effort at all. There are a few achievements that are mission-specific that you can accomplish along the way, but it isn't too much of a big deal if you need to replay the mission as they all pretty short. You will want to focus on earning as many upgrades as you can by completing mission-specific challenges as you can as it will make the game a bit easier later on. Any upgrades you unlock will get you on track for the "COMPLETIST" achievement and reduce how many levels you need to replay. As well as the challenges, each level is scored and higher score will get you medals. "SAVE EARTH’S FUTURE" is tied to how well you are scored over all of the games 13 levels.

Playthrough 2:
This is when you will be playing the Heroes of the Fleet campaign. Upon completion of the 5 missions you will unlock "EXIT SIMULATION". Two new Strike Suits are unlocked as well as the achievements "STRIKE THREE!" and "TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM". There is only one level-specific achievement for this portion of the game called "OBEY CONTROL" and is nothing difficult to obtain at all. These missions have no upgrades to unlock and no score-based achievements, so you can play through these and enjoy the story.

At this point you will be replaying levels from the main story to either be completing challenges, improving your score, or getting any level specific achievements you may have missed along the way. The good news is that there isn't a single achievement that requires a long grind, so the clean-up won't take long. I would suggest obtaining all of the upgrades before improving your score as the upgrades will make it easier for you to do so.

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut is a must have for fans of the old space combat game Zone of the Enders and for anyone that enjoys the space combat genre. The story is well-written and interesting, it tells an epic story throughout every level of the game. It makes you feel like you are in the dead of a ragging war and you have an impact in altering the outcome. The ending is not a disappointment which is typically a problem with most video games. The graphics of the vehicles are decent but the planetary backdrops are absolutely beautiful and varied. Controls in the game are on par with other games in the genre and switching between targets, weapons, and the Strike Suit are fluid. How challenging the game is, is entirely up to you as there is no achievements tied to difficulty. It can be a breeze or difficult based on which difficulty you select. There is light to moderate replay value depending on how much you complete on your first go around. There are no major bugs or glitches to plague this game, it is a smooth experience. Overall, I found the game to very enjoyable and fun. I would suggest this game to anyone who is interested in playing this game as you will not be disappointed.

[XBA would like to thank WORLDEATER for this roadmap]

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut Achievement Guide

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There are 13 achievements with a total of 1000 points


    *Story Related Cannot Be Missed*
    You will earn this on the second mission Outpost during the Strike Suit tutorial.


    Each of the main campaigns 13 missions have a challenge that will unlock an upgrade. Simply complete one of them and earn the achievement.


    Any time you see a bunch of enemy Fighters and Interceptors on screen, transform your basic Strike Suit into Strike mode and hold and highlight 5 or more and then release the button and the achievement will unlock.


    This is earned in mission 10: Black Fleet with the Rocket Pods/BFRPCM Titan equipped. Right from the beginning there are Interceptors coming right at you. Target one of them an head straight at them and fire the Rocket Pods until it is dead and the achievement will pop.


    *Story Related Cannot Be Missed*
    Simply complete each of the main campaigns 13 levels.


    There are 13 challenges to complete, one for each level that will unlock a total of 15 upgrades for your vehicles.

    Mission 1 - Before The Storm
    Destroy all wreckage in the weapons range.
    Unlocks Performance Upgrade

    Once you have your main weapons unlocked you will undergo a tutorial where you will shoot wreckage. Make sure you destroy every peice for a total of 36. Press and hold and tap until you have wreckage selected. After that hit each time you destroy a piece of wreckage, when no more gets selected you can proceed with the level.

    Mission 2 - Outpost
    Destroy 2 or more Corvettes.
    Unlocks Armor Upgrade

    Corvettes are small ships that are relatively easy to kill but can be difficult to find since they are smaller than most of ships in the game and can get lost in the mess of Fighters and Interceptors flying around. Follow the method above to find them and make sure you destroy at least two.

    *Note - I will be referring for any vehicle larger than the Fighters and Interceptors as ships throughout the duration of the guide. If you should be looking for a specific ship, I will call it by it's name.

    Mission 3 - Aftermath
    Take down all the torpedoes fired at the Carrier.
    Unlocks Shield Upgrade

    It is best to go for this challenge when you have some upgrades and more powerful weapons. The Marauder is the best Strike Suit for this level with Swarm Missile/S2SSCM Swarm. Its Strike Mode has missiles that will take down the large ships quickly and the cannon can take out torpedoes from any distance in an instant. Use the Swarm missiles to kill the Fighters and Interceptors to build Flux quickly so you can get back into Strike Mode. The Carrier will constantly be barraged with missiles almost the entire level. You will want to complete the objectives as fast as you can while checking frequently for missiles being launched. Also make sure you never stray to far from the Carrier. When attacking the enemy try to do so with your back to your carrier so you know where it is at all times. Another tip is to never go beyond the ships you are attacking and periodically do a U-turn and head back towards your carrier and go for another run back to the ships, this way you can always attack the Torpedoes on time. You can use the method mentioned in the first mission as well as listen to Control, she will tell you when missiles are launched.

    Mission 4 - Bait
    Save all the Allied Freighters.
    Unlocks Energy Upgrade

    You will have to protect 4 Freighters throughout the majority of the mission. This is one of the easier challenges. Make sure you are destroying any enemies directly attacking the Freighters and if one dies restart the checkpoint and do that section again. Restarting will also give the Freighters full health even if they didn't have that much health going into the checkpoint.

    Mission 5 - Hit And Run
    Save the Auster.
    Unlocks Strike Mode Upgrade

    This shouldn't be too hard if you play this mission on easy but can be quite a challenge if you try this on a harder difficulty. You can either destroy the turrets on the Cruiser so the Bombers can damage it or depending on how strong your Strike Suit is you can just destroy everything yourself before any real damage comes to the Auster.

    Mission 6 - Minefield
    Take down 18 of the mines.
    Unlocks Performance Upgrade

    The mines actually act like missiles and will launch towards the Arcadia. You will be handicapped and won't be able to use any weapons that lock on to targets. This shouldn't be too much of an issue as you will be using an Interceptor and can fly quickly from missile to missile. Make sure once you destroy a missile you hit right away and are moving to the next one.

    Mission 7 - Taranto
    Kill 10 Fighters with the bomber.
    Unlocks Shield Upgrade

    You will be given a Bomber for this mission. Load up the four missile slots with anything that has lock on capabilities preferably the Swarm Missile/S2SSCM Swarm. There are two points in the mission where you will see Fighters and Interceptors dog fighting each other. Simply fly over to them and target them one by one killing at least 10 in the process.

    Mission 8 - Distress Call
    Destroy the enemy Cruiser.
    Unlocks Armor Upgrade

    You can destroy the Cruiser two ways before time runs out. You can either use the Strike Suit and focus on the weak spots to get the health down or the bomber and spam torpedoes at it until it is destroyed. Whichever you choose replaying with upgrades are ideal as is playing on easy difficulty.

    Mission 9 - Break In
    Complete this mission with the Interceptor.
    Unlocks Energy And Strike Mode Upgrades

    You have to play this a second time to unlock the Interceptor. It is best to wait until you have completed the campaign and unlocked all of the weapons and ideally some armor and shield upgrades to help you survive. Play this on easy difficulty and stick to the mission and try to complete every objective as fast as you can. Dying is OK as you will restart at the checkpoint with full health.

    Mission 10 - Black Fleet
    Ensure the Arcadia takes less than 70% damage.
    Unlocks Performance Upgrade

    This is a really easy challenge simply play through each checkpoint trying to protect the Arcadia. If it takes too much damage restart the checkpoint and you get its health replenished to higher than it was going into the checkpoint.

    Mission 11 - Raid
    Complete the mission in 15 minutes.
    Unlocks Shield Upgrade

    Here is the hardest challenge in the game. This is best to complete once you have completed all of the other challenges and make sure to play on easy. Through each checkpoint ignore the little Fighters you are told to kill and always target the big ships. Killing them will trigger the cutscene and progress you through the level. There will be a time consuming part at the end where there won't be any ships and will be force to kill the Fighters. You will want to use the bomber loaded with Swarm Missile/S2SSCM Swarm or the Marauder Strike Suit with the same missiles. Both vehicles deal solid damage to the larger ships and when equipped with the Swarm missiles they can destroy the fighters with ease.

    Mission 12 - Gauntlet
    Save the Titan.
    Unlocks Armor Upgrade

    There are other ships on this mission to protect, but you do not have to worry about them at all just the Titan. The strategy is along the lines of the last one where you want to primarily focus on killing the larger ships and trying to rush through the level. Restarting checkpoints, once again, will replenish the Titans health.

    Mission 13 - Relic
    Destroy the Limiters.
    Unlocks Energy And Strike Mode Upgrades

    Once you get to the objective you can go to the right into another cavern. Make sure you fly through it as quickly as you can and take down the three limiters. You will need to have enough time to get back to the main room and damage the main objective.


    This is obtained on level 13 Relic. The majority of the mission you are flying through a long winding cavern. You will need to get through this part as fast as you can by boosting using and pushing down the . You will need to slow up to take some sharp turns or destroy some barriers, but make sure you get back to boosting as soon as you can. When you get to the end, do not go for the side objective just destroy the object directly in front of you as quickly as you can.


    To get the good ending you will need to score well during the 13 campaign levels, earning as many points as possible. I was able to get this with 6 Platinum, 3 Gold, 1 silver, and 1 Bronze. Yes, there are 2 levels in which I didn't obtain a medal of any sort and still got the good ending. You are looking to get over 18.5 million points across all of the 13 main campaign levels. Speed and enemy kills are what gives you a higher score. Higher difficulty and completing challenges do not boost your score and just make it harder on you. If you didn't get the achievement on your first run at the final level Relic and improved your scores since then, simply replay and complete the final level again.


    As soon as you can use your missiles in the first level: Before the Storm, switch to the Rocket Pods/BFRPCM Titan and fire them at the moon .


    In order to obtain this you will need to use the Raptor Strike Suit which will be available by the time you get to the Heroes of the Fleet campaign. The cannon is the weapon attached to in Strike mode, the weapon behaves like a shot gun. Level 5: Hit And Run has 4 fuel canisters together, right in the beginning that can be destroyed. Make sure you are in Strike mode and fire at one of them and the others should get destroyed as well. Alternatively, you can find a tight cluster of fighters and Interceptors and fire at them or find a Cruiser and on the front, top of the ship has a cluster of turrets you can fire at.


    The Marauder Strike Suit will be unlocked by the time you play the Heroes of the Fleet campaign. This can be done on any level which the large ships fire missiles at your commanding ships, level 3: Aftermath and level 10: Black fleet have tons of missiles being fired and are great options. The best way to get a directly hit by a torpedoe is to be in Strike mode and line yourself up as best as you can, use and to raise and lower yourself while you use the sticks to get the alignment correct. Be sure to go for this achievement on easy as you will take less damage, if you still die obtain some shield and armor upgrades before trying again.


    This is obtained in the Heroes of the Fleet campaign on level 5 Bonus Simulation: The Now Win Scenario. You will be told to ram into a ship, obey the order by doing what you are told and killing yourself. The achievement will unlock at the game over screen.


    *Story Related Cannot Be Missed*
    This will unlock after you complete all 5 levels of the Heroes of the Fleet campaign.

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