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    Score 100 goals

    From the main menu, select ‘Play’ then ‘Quick Match’. Move the AI Level slider to ‘Very Easy’ and Match Length to ‘30’ then press button-a.png. Select then pick your team and press button-a.png to start the match.

    Note: ‘30’ might be too long for these two scoring achievements but having more time will allow you to earn all 9 of the quick match achievements in the same match. There may be some time left over at the end, but setting the match to ‘15’ might not give you enough time to get them all.

    To earn this achievement, you do not need to score goals on the opposing team; scoring on your own goal works and is much quicker. Once you have control of the ball, pass it back to a player (direction plus button-a.png) near your goal then pass it back to your goalie (there might be more passes depending on the strength of the pass). Have your goalie kick it into the net (press button-a.png instead of button-b.png) and it will count towards this achievement. Repeat until both scoring achievements unlock.

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