Overhead Kick Achievement in Super Soccer Blast

  • Overhead Kick



    Score a goal with an overhead kick

    How to unlock Overhead Kick


    While progressing towards Golden player (100G), when you have control of the ball, carry it to the center of the field and drive it towards the opposing goal. When you are just past the halfway line, press and hold button-x.png to about half strength then release to lob the ball to the player (the striker) closest to the goal. Just as the ball reaches the striker, press and hold button-b.png until about two-thirds strength then release and they should perform an overhead kick. Keep trying until this unlocks.

    Note: Depending on the position of the striker and the power of the kick will determine if you score or not. Also, if the striker is too far away from the goal, they might perform a headbutt instead of an overhead kick. The striker generally has to be inside the penalty area to do a kick. This might take a few attempts.

    This achievement can be earned concurrently with Hat trick (50G) as these are the only two that require that you score goals on the opposing team (if you’re following the guide).

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