- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 24 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 2-3 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: <1 Hour [only need to play through a set amount of levels]
- Missable achievements: None, but be aware that Speedy (20G) is only available during certain levels, and levels can't be replayed
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
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Welcome to Super Star Blast, an action game reminiscent of Asteroids where you pilot a ship and are tasked with destroying everything - ships, guns, and asteroids - in a level to complete it. Completing levels (quickly) will earn you credits which can be used to upgrade your ship, making the game easier so you can earn more credits quicker. That's really all there is to this completion - play through enough levels to earn enough credits to fully upgrade your ship. Along the way, you'll unlock every other achievement naturally aside from possibly Speedy (20G), which you should pay particular attention to. Let's get started.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Jump right in and start completing levels to get the hang of the gameplay, since it's a bit awkward at first. You're at the center of the screen always, and the green dots around you show you where enemies are in relation to you. Your bullets shoot farther than the edge of your visibility, so always "prefire" at enemies as you approach their green dots, since you can virtually always kill them while they're off screen, thereby reducing the likelihood of them shooting at you and killing you. Be aware that the faster you finish a level, the more credits you get. Even so, don't rush so much that you continually die on the same level. Be quick but methodical, approaching one green dot at a time and firing in its direction as you approach, keeping it just off screen so it doesn't shoot at you while you're destroying it. This is the general approach for every level.

As for the only achievement to be aware of, that's Speedy (20G), which requires you to complete a level in under 30 seconds. This is only possible on a select few levels, because when there are a ton of enemies there's just no way to kill them quickly, even with full Power upgrade. The first and defintely easiest level to get this achievement on is level 27. There are only six enemies and they don't shoot at you, and they're pretty large targets. Make it a point to go for this achievement on level 27. Fly right to each green dot and unload on them, and while you can't see a timer of how long you take, as long as you fly right to each ship and destroy it, you'll finish in under 30 seconds. By the time you reach level 27, having your second Power upgrade will help it go even quicker.

Speaking of upgrades, there are four selections: Agility, Power, Shield, and Ship. The bottom one, Ship, just gives you an extra life when you pay for one, and they are not persistent (i.e. if you buy one extra life, and you get killed and lose it during the next level, that extra life is gone as is the money you spent on it). As a result, I recommend never spending any money on the Ships at the bottom of the screen. You will need to buy one for an achievement, but don't waste money on it until you've gotten the other upgrades that will actually significantly help your progression. Of the other three upgrades, completely ignore Agility. It's relatively useless in terms of survivability. Power makes your shots shoot more bullets, and faster, so this is invaluable. Shield allows you to take more hits before dying (although your "health" isn't visible anywhere during levels). As a result, you can somewhat alternate between the two. My approach was Power, Shield, Power, Shield, Power, Power, Power until Power was at maximum. This allows you to shoot in many dirrections very quickly, making short work of all enemy types. Then, focus entirely on maxing out Shield. Once you do, you'll notice that you can fly around much more recklessly because you kill enemies quickly and shots don't kill you. Lastly, spend your credits on maxing out Agility, which despite being the most useless is somehow the most expensive.

You'll likely notice early on how seemingly expensive these upgrades can get. While the progression-related achievements only require you to beat level 50, expect to progress double that to earn enough credits to max out all upgrades. To put it in perspective, I finished the completion (i.e. earned enough credits) at level 95, but I've seen people take until level 100-110. It really comes down to two things that influence how many credits you earn:
  1. Completing levels quickly. If you aren't buying extra lives (which you shouldn't be), there isn't a penalty for trying to go quickly other than needing to replay the level, so feel free to try to go fast. Just don't push it so much that you're getting frustrated because you keep dying on the same level. Be methodical and efficient rather than reckless.
  2. The biggest extra boost to credits comes in the form of the red dot enemies that randomly show up in levels. If you keep a close eye on your radar, you may occassionally see a red dot amongst the green dots. If/when you do, make a beeline for it, because it's a ship that will eventually fly away and leave the level. Destroy it and it will drop credit orbs. Each one of these orbs (there are over 10 that drop) grants you 2500 credits, and these are kept even if you die during the level. Since you'll normally be getting around 5,000 to 10,000 credits during early levels and 10,000 to 15,000 credits during later levels (just for completing them, I mean), you can see how getting 10+ credit drops in a single level can really boost your credits. Always try for these red dot enemies, and just hold down the trigger while you're picking up the credits in case any enemies come after you.
Your last achievement will be maxing out everything (likely Agility), so whenever you finally earn enough credits for that last upgrade, you'll be done with this completion.

Super Star Blast is a decent game at best. The controls are a bit awkward (I'm not sure why they didn't go for the full Asteroids layout on screen) and the gameplay is extremely repetitive, with virtually no variation in enemy type, and as a result, no need for variation in playstyle at all. Pretty much the entire game after the first few levels will feel like a grind just to get more credits to fully upgrade to finish this completion. Thankfully it's relatively short and relatively painless. Congrats on another completion.
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Super Star Blast Achievement Guide

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There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • purchase first power upgrade

    Refer to Max Agility (80G) for more information.
  • Reach maximum power expansion stage

    Refer to Max Agility (80G) for more information.
  • Rowdy



    Fire 5.000 bullets

    Refer to Gun Man (30G) for more information.
  • Fire 10.000 bullets

    This achievement is cumulative across all level attempts. As a result, assuming you're always holding down the trigger (there's really no reason to let go), you will unlock this achievement long before the completion. I unlocked it around level 25 (out of the 95 levels I played).
  • Lose 10 lives

    Refer to Immortal (30G) for more information.
  • Lose 20 lives

    This is cumulative over your entire time with the game, and unless you're extremely careful and conservative while playing, this is likely to unlock naturally on your way to the completion. You'll likely have many deaths early on before you upgrade your shield and power. If, somehow, you make it through all of the rest of the achievements without dying 20 times, you can simply start the next level and just run into an enemy to instantly die (even with fully upgraded shield) to grind out this achievement quickly.
  • Hitman



    Kill 100 enemies

    Refer to Hero (70G) for more information.
  • Hero



    Kill 500 enemies

    This is cumulative across all level attempts, and as a result, will unlock extremely early in your time with this game. To put it in perspective, I unlocked this achievement before even reaching level 20.
  • Spend 100.000 credits

    Refer to Investor (80G) for more information.
  • Spend 500.000 credits

    This amount of credits may seem huge at first read, but fully upgrading shield, power, and agility will require somewhere around 2,500,000 credits. As a result, this achievement will unlock naturally while working on fully upgrading everything.
  • Keeper



    Earn 100.000 credits

    Refer to Millionaire (80G) for more information.
  • Earn 1.000.000 credits

    While 1,000,000 credits will seem massive at first glance, you'll actually end up needing to earn somewhere around 2,500,000 credits to be able to afford all of the upgrades for all related achievements. Refer to Max Agility (80G) for more information about how to earn credits quickly. This achievement is unavoidable while working on fully upgrading your ship.
  • Rookie



    Finish level 5

    Refer to General (90G) for more information.
  • Finish level 20

    Refer to General (90G) for more information.
  • Finish level 30

    Refer to General (90G) for more information.
  • Finish level 50

    All levels in the game work the same way: you're in the center of the screen and the radar around you shows enemies marked as green dots. Enemies are either mobile (ships that fly around, some of which shoot at you and some just aimlessly fly, or asteroids) or stationary (cannons/guns that either shoot one shot, a spread of five shots, or a homing rocket). Both should be approached the same way: hold down the trigger to shoot in the direction of the green dot while you slowly approach it. Your shots go farther than the screen, so you can always kill enemies while they're off screen. You should always do this, because enemies won't shoot at you if they're off screen. If you get too close and an enemy appears on screen, immediately back up. They will shoot at you, but their shots don't go very far. You can almost always back up quickly to avoid their shots (rather than trying to dodge them, which would be a nightmare with the controls). Take your time and slowly approach each green dot to destroy it off screen (look for the dot to disappear) and that will get you through many levels.

    There are a handful of levels that are fully of aggressive ships that fly right at you from all directions from the start. These levels can be a little tougher at first, without upgrades. The best strategy is to fly straight forward from the start, shooting straight ahead. Destroy ships in front of you and allow all ships to collect behind you, then turn and shoot at them all as they approach.

    Once you start getting shield and power upgrades, you can start being a little more reckless since you won't die in a single shot anymore and you can kill enemies much quicker. This achievement will unlock naturally on your way to the completion, because you'll need to finish around twice as many levels to earn enough credits to purchase all upgrades.
  • Speedy



    Finish level within 30 seconds

    Note: While this achievement isn't technically missable because there are seemingly infinite levels, this achievement is only obtainable on a select few levels where there aren't many enemies. Even with fully upgraded power, it still takes a few seconds to kill each enemy, and some levels have dozens of enemies so there just isn't any real way to finish these levels this quickly. 

    Thankfully, there are a handful of levels with either barely any enemies or all aggressive enemies that come to you and die quickly. The first and best level to get this achievement on is level 27. This level only has 6 enemies, they're large (and therefore easy to hit), and they don't shoot at you. I had two power upgrades by level 27, but I don't believe the second is strictly required. Knowing the enemies don't shoot at you in level 27 allows you to fly right up to each one, unload on it until it explodes, then fly right to the next one and repeat. This virtually guarantees you'll unlock this achievement. Unfortunately, there is no ingame timer to know if you're being fast enough. There is also no way to replay levels. So if you feel like you screwed up or took too long doing something, run into an enemy to kill yourself so you can play the level over again to try to go faster.

    Aside from level 27, there are some later levels where it's also possible to get this achievement. In general, these are levels where you are swarmed by ships because, in general, the fewer guns/cannons, the quicker the level takes. Some other recommendations:
    • Level 58
    • Level 61
    • Level 85
    • Level 89
  • Earn 10.000 bonus

    Refer to Treasure Hunter (40G) for more information.
  • Earn 15.000 bonus

    Your bonus is displayed in the upper left corner between levels, and this is a cumulative total of bonuses achieved in every level. Bonus is awarded for completing level quickly. While that may seem stressful, this is thankfully an achievement that you don't need to worry about and that will unlock naturally without trying. To put it in perspective, I unlocked this achievement around level 10 out of the 95 levels I played.
  • Purchase first shield upgrade

    Refer to Max Agility (80G) for more information.
  • First ship purchased

    Between levels, there are four things you can spend money on. Ships are the option on the bottom, and your first costs 10,000 credits. This is the only one that is not a permanent upgrade. Purchasing a ship just gives you one extra life, and one you lose it, it's gone; you don't permanently get two lives per level after purchasing this. As a result, I highly recommend not wasting any money on ships and instead focus on the other three upgrades. Only once you're done with them should you spend a quick 10,000 credits on a single ship to unlock this achievement.
  • Purchase first agility upgrade

    Refer to Max Agility (80G) for more information.
  • Reach the maximum shield expansion stage

    Refer to Max Agility (80G) for more information.
  • Reach the maximum agility expansion stage

    In order to fully upgrade your agility, power, and shield, you will need somewhere in the vicinity of 2,500,000 credits. If that seems like a massive number, it is. I needed to play through 95 levels to earn enough credits, but I've seen reports of people needing to play as high as level 110.

    First, how to earn credits. Credits are earned in levels by defeating enemies, and more credits for defeating them quickly. Unfortunately, if you die, all credits are lost for that attempt. This means you only gain more credits by beating a level (not just for killing enemies each time you attempt a level). As a result, there is no way to grind or farm credits. You're stuck playing level after level until you amass enough. Fortunately, there are two ways to increase how many credits you gain (which is what allowed me to finish at level 95 versus level 110).
    1. You gain bonus credits the faster you finish a level. You don't really need to go out of your way to rush through levels, but just be efficient and don't dawdle and you'll gain decent bonus credits on some of the shorter levels.
    2. Randomly during any level, a red dot can show up on your radar. Make a beeline towards it, because it's a ship that will soon flee the level and be gone. Destroy it and it will drop around 10-15 credit orbs, each one being worth 2500 credits. Quickly fly around and collect as many as possible, because not only are they worth a lot but they stay collected even if you die while/after collecting them.
    Unfortunately, those two things are all you can really do to speed up this process. The rest is just a matter of grinding out levels until you finally can afford everything.

    As a side note, as mentioned in the roadmap, I highly recommend upgrading agility last. It is virtually useless. Focus on power first, then shield, upgrading both entirely before spending any credits on agility. Power will allow you to complete levels quicker, getting more bonus credits. Shield just prevents you from dying as much, so it doesn't help you get more credits but keeps you from getting frustrated and restarting continually.

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