- Estimated achievement difficulty:4/10
- Offline: 27 [400]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 400: 10-15 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No

Super Time Force is an innovative side-scrolling shooter developed by Capybara Games. You’re in control of time itself, bending and stretching it to your advantage on the battlefield. Rewind time and choose when to jump back into the action, teaming-up with your past selves in a unique single-player co-op experience! Take control of up to 16 unique characters, and battle across 6 different time periods, from the long-ago past to the far-away future.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
You will have 6 different worlds to choose from, each containing three levels and a boss. You can play them in any order; it will not affect the story line. Once you beat all the worlds, you will gain access to the final boss, which is broken up into three different parts of the same level. You have 30 Time Outs per level, so use them wisely. 30 seems like a lot, and it usually is, but in certain boss battles, you will need close to the full 30. If you die with 0 Time Outs left, you will fail the mission. I recommend trying to collect every glorb and shard on your first playthrough, so that you don’t have to replay each mission later on. This is not as difficult as it seems, there are 10 glorbs and 3 shards in every level. When you collect them all you get a badge. To reveal a shard you will need to use a Time Out and rewind, then you can collect them. Glorbs are golden and shiny, and they will sometimes fly out of objects that are destroyed or enemies you’ve killed. To anticipate projecting glorbs, the object or enemy that is concealing them will be sparkly. As for shards, there are 3 in each level and are usually placed every 1/3 of the level, so near the beginning, right in the middle, and right at the end. You can always replay levels later on if you missed a few.

Most of the achievements will come with playing through the story, but there are certain achievements that are character specific, so you would just need to beat certain levels with a specific character, or perform some action with a specific character. Nothing too difficult. If you didn’t collect all the glorbs or shards on your first playthrough, then you will have to go back and replay the levels that you missed. When you collect every shard or glorb in a level you will get a badge for it, which makes it very easy to keep track of. Another achievement you might not have gotten is They Are Looking, which I found to be the most difficult of the bunch, but there is a great video guide below.

Super Time Force is a great little game, with a very unique and innovative game play style. It is fairly easy to get all 27 achievements, and once you get used to the game play, time flies! (Because you’re having fun).

[XBA would like to thank ZERATUL PL and Bare Bum Cheeks for this roadmap]

Super Time Force Achievement Guide

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There are 27 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Complete the 198X time zone

    Story related, cannot be missed

  • Complete the Medieval time zone

    Story related, cannot be missed

  • Complete the Future City time zone

    Story related, cannot be missed

  • Complete the Prehistoric time zone

    Story related, cannot be missed

  • Complete the Post-Apocalypse time zone

    Story related, cannot be missed

  • Complete the Ancient Atlantis time zone

    Story related, cannot be missed

  • Defeat Dr. Infinity

    Story related, cannot be missed

    This is the final boss battle, and will be accessible once you have completed all 6 worlds. It’s surprisingly easy for a final boss, even easier than some of the other bosses, so there is nothing to worry about.

  • Die within 3 seconds of spawning

    The easiest achievement in the game. Showcase worthy. Die, spawn near the area you died, immediately die again and the achievement is yours.

  • Complete any level with 30 seconds remaining on the clock

    All you have to do is complete the level with more than 30 seconds remaining on the clock. The best place to tackle it is during the boss fight in the level 9600BC. Just keep spawning your soldiers and on both sides of the "God" head. You will destroy dr. Infinity this way very quick. I completed the level in 25 seconds.

    You will most likely get this achievement at some point or another, without even trying.

  • Add a new team member to the Super Time Force

    There is a total of 16 playable characters, 13 of these must be unlocked. The first character you meet is Jeff. The game even stops you and gives you hints on how to save Jef Leppard. All you have to do is destroy the barrier and kill the robot before he kills Jef. You can also use Shieldy Blockerson and deploy the force field between the robot and Jef by holding to charge the shield.

  • Achieve your first STF rank on any level

    Every level has a total of four badges; one for completing the mission, one for collecting all the glorbs, one for collecting all the shards, and one for completing the Looker challenge. Obtain all four badges in any level to unlock your first STF rank.

    The easiest level to get this on is chapter 3 of 3072, because there is no Looker challenge.

  • This ones totally a secret but you'll know it when you see it, so hustle and look sharp

    This achievement requires you to complete a Looker challenge. You may notice a hovering collection of squares near the end of each level. Once you get it, you will notice another timer appear under you glorb/shard counters. Now you will have to rewind to the very start of the mission and get back to the spot where you collected the Looker shard before the new timer gets to zero. You can use as many Time Outs as you want, and try to take full advantage of the shards for their time-slow effect. Once you reach your destination you will see a Looker. Just jump onto him and a small cutscene will occur and the achievement is yours.

    Here are a couple of useful video guides that helped me out nicely.

  • Complete any level without leaving any saveable team members behind

    This achievement should come by just playing through the game. If one of your characters dies in a game and you revert the time to respawn, sometimes you save that character from dying by destroying the enemy that killed you faster or by blocking enemies attacks with a shield. If you manage to save your earlier character just walk over and you will "collect" him. So in other words, either make sure you collect all of the saved characters before the level is over, or just simply don't save them.

  • Get your first Glorb Badge


    See “All of the Glorbs

  • Get your first Shard Badge


    See “OMG You Sharded!

  • Collect all Glorbs in the game

    There are 10 glorbs in each level. Collecting all 10 will grant you a Glorb Badge. Glorbs are tiny gold things that you can collect. Sometimes they’re hidden in objects or enemies, and rocket out once the object or enemy is destroyed. To save yourself the stress of missing a projected glorb, you can anticipate which objects or enemies are concealing a glorb, because they will be sparkly. If you do not collect all 10 glorbs, you will be able to replay the mission whenever, but you will have to collect all 10 again. There are a few glorbs that are unreachable, so you will need to use Lou Don Jim and charge his attack to throw his weapon at the glorb.

    You can keep track of which levels you have Glorb Badges in at the menu.

  • Shatter or collect all Shards in the game

    There are 3 shards in each level. They are always placed at the beginning of the level, right in the middle, and near the end. In order to reveal a shard, you will have to use a Time Out and rewind. Shards look like colourful squares, that you can either jump into or shoot. Once they’re shattered time slows down for several seconds. Collect all 3 and you get a Shard Badge. Collect them all and this achievement is yours.

    You can keep track of which levels you have Shard Badges in at the menu.

  • Use Jef's highly explosive rocket launcher to explode 15 enemies on a single level

    Once you have Jef unlocked, use his charge ability to kill 15 enemies in a single level. Chapter 1 of level 198X seems to be the easiest place to do it.

  • Complete a... clean... run of any level using only Squirty Harry

    This just means complete any level using only Squirty Harry. Once you unlock Squirty Harry just rerun the first chapter of 198X. Use only Squirty Harry and you will get the achievement at the end of the level.

  • Beat any level using only Shieldy Blockerson

    The description speaks for itself. The easiest level would be the first chapter of 198X. You don’t have to kill all the enemies, but just so you know, your charge attack does do damage aside from being a force field, if you’re close enough. If you die you can respawn but don’t use any of the other characters.

  • Complete a Medieval level using only Lou Don Jim

    Once you unlock Lou Don Jim just rerun the first chapter of the level 673. Lou Don Jim is great in both close and ranged combat, so you should not have a problem completing this. Just make sure that you only use Lou Don Jim.

  • Complete any level using at least 6 different members of the Super Time Force

    There are a total of 16 characters. Once you have 6 unlocked, play a level and spawn with each of them at least once. Once the level is over the achievement will unlock.

  • Kill 3 enemies with a single Charged shot from Aimy McKillin

    There are plenty of opportunities to get this achievement. In chapter 2 level 198X you will jump down to the sewers. Once at the bottom, charge your shot and shoot straight. There are 4 enemies there; you should easily kill at least 3. Also, any of the dinosaur levels are great for this, or certain boss fights.

  • Kill any enemy by bouncing on it's head, plumber-style

    The only member of the STF who can do this is Zackasaurus. Once you unlock him just simply spawn with him and jump on an enemy.

  • Fire 7 different charged attacks in a single level

    There are a total of 16 characters. Once you have 7 unlocked, use each of their charged attacks at least once. You have to finish the level, and just to be safe, make sure each attack hits an enemy.

  • Fire 5000 rounds with Jean Rambois' machine gun

    This will come quickly, especially with Jean’s charged attack. If you use him frequently enough, then this could potentially unlock before even completing the first world.

  • Prevent the death of 50 members of the Super Time Force

    This achievement should also come before you complete the game. If your character gets killed by an enemy, you can respawn and take down that enemy before it kills your past you. If you’re successful, you can walk over your past you and he/she will merge with you. You have to repeat this 50 times and the achievement will be yours. This is accumulative, and does not have to be done in one level.

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