Completist Achievement in Super Toy Cars

  • Completist



    Finish all races in 1st position in Career Mode

    How to unlock Completist

    There are a total of 48 events and each event gives you 10 stars if you win it. There are a total of 480 stars to collect.

    I used only two cars to finish the game. My first car was the Scoiattolo Veloce. I used it for almost all events including the last race. I used the Schneider Panther as my second car for the events that I couldn't win with the first car. Upgrade the cars with your spare money. These two cars rely heavily on drifting. The Veloce drifts every corner, the Panther 90% of the corners. This fills your boost meter very fast. Use boost all the time to gain and protect your lead.

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  • I used the Horns Hot Rod fully upgraded, 2nd fastest acceleration and top speed but best for drifting. Soon as you go round a corner your boost bar is full so constant boosts all through the race

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