- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 18 [1000 ]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 12-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Glitched achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

Superman Returns is frequently at the top of everyone's "easiest 1000 " list and for good reason. Almost no skill is required for any achievement in the game. It only takes so long to 1000 because two of the achievements are based on how long you've played the game and how far you've traveled. This road map will guide you to the fastest possible 1000 .

Cheats do not disable achievements. To enter a cheat, simply punch it in at the Gladiator's Arena in the pause menu.

Infinite Health:
Infinite Stamina:
Unlock All Moves:
Unlock All Trophies, Costumes, and Theater Items:

Step 1: Start a new game. First, you'll face off against a few meteors and put out some fires. Nothing difficult as this is the intro chapter that teaches you how to play the game. Finishing this chapter nets you the "Armageddon Averted" achievement. As soon as you are transported into Warworld, ignore the fight. Fly around the room lifting the large discs that are stacked into towers and just toss them aside. Each one weighs in at 65,000 pounds - the heaviest item in the game. If you totally ignore the enemy and just fly around lifting until you are defeated, you will have lifted around 2.5 million pounds. Its alright if you die because you'll spawn right at the last checkpoint, which is the beginning of this fight, and you keep all your lifting stats. At 2.5 million pounds per life, it will take you about eight tries to unlock the "Heavy Lifting" achievement. Once you are satisfied with your lifting, go ahead and finish the battle. Its super easy, just attack with combos and throw the large discs when one of the enemies grows to superhuman size. When you have done this you will net the "Warworld" achievement.

3/18 for 110/1000 so far.

Step 2:
Now you are back in Metropolis and the regular part of the game officially starts. Immediately pause the game and enter one of the cheats listed in this thread if you care to get the "Not that Super" achievement. Its only 0, so its entirely up to you. As you fly around the map, you will encounter random enemies and events. None of these are difficult at all. Just keep locating events and completing them until you get a boss fight. It might be tempting to go for any of the mini-game achievements at this time, but its easier in the long run to leave them for after you have completed the story mode. Important: stay away from any and every kitten you see. If you obtain one now and go through the list later to get the full 100 you will have no idea which one you have and it'll mess you up almost to the point where you will have to start a new game.

For now, just complete random battles and fighting enemies as you see them. After a few hours of fighting you will have obtained the "Metallo Mastered", "Me aM savE yOU!", and "The Mongul Hordes" achievements. Sometime during the story you are guaranteed to unlock the "Versatile Fighter" achievement during the many, many random encounters. Even just button mashing will unlock this. The final mission of the game is an encounter with 3 mini tornado and then a huge tornado. A lot of people think this battle is difficult, but its really super easy. Just make sure to save the three victims after the first mini tornado and you should have enough life during the huge tornado to not worry at all about getting hit. Just blast the center tornado with heat when the outer tornado is blue and blast with cold when its red. Takes no time at all and when its over you'll net the final story achievement "Twisted". "Souped-Up Superman" will also unlock at this time for completing the story.
10/18 for 570/1000

Step 3:
Now on to the mini-games. First, use this guide/map to find the bizzaro levels and the race levels. The Race levels must be done in order from 1-9, but it doesn't matter because they don't appear on the map until you have completed the previous one. The bizzaro levels are super easy. Just follow what the guide says to do and you'll have no problem. On to the kittens! Just follow this guide/map and get them in order, checking off each one as you find them. It's best to wait until last to do this because it takes around an hour and also, if you are trying to find a kitten earlier in the game, a battle will spawn sometimes as you are inches from a kitten. Kittens are NOT obtainable during an encounter even though they stay on the map, meaning you have to go find that same one again after the fight. After completing these three mini-games you will have the following achievements: "Mr. Whiskers", "Super Sonic", "You Am Bizarro!", "Mr. What's-his-name", and "Hero of Metropolis".

15/18 for 910/1000

Step 4:
If you have not already gotten the "Roadside Assistance" achievement during the story mode, just pick up any random car and set it back down over and over until it unlocks. The reason you shouldn't have to worry about it until now is because you will probably get it anyway much earlier. It's just quicker to ignore it until the last moment. That leaves only two achievements and they are both the two easiest in the game AND the most annoying. All you have to do is use a rubber band to hold down . Its also probably a good idea to find something to tilt the both up and to one of the sides to continuously fly in a circle. Now, just go to sleep or leave the house or whatever you want to do. It takes about 6-8 hours of playtime to complete the story and mini-games and after having done all this you will only be around 2,000 - 3,000 miles traveled. After about 7 hours of Superman flying in a circle you should have unlocked both the remaining achievements. If not, just keep him flying in a circle until they do which will net you the last two remaining achievements - "Frequent Flyer", and "The Greatest Day".

18/18 for 1000/1000

Of course any of the mini-game achievements can be completed at any time, but its just easier to wait as you will have less interruption from the story. There are still random encounters after the story mode is completed, but not nearly as many. If, for some reason, you did not get the heavy lifting achievement at the beginning, you have two options. If you are currently at around 15 million pounds or more, just lift construction site I-beams until it unlocks. They weigh 11,000 pounds each so it'll take a little while. If you are anywhere under this number start a brand new game and follow this road map as it will go MUCH faster lifting those discs 300 times for 20 million pounds than the 1819 I-beams. Enjoy!!!
[XBA would like to thank kovenant and Go8888od for this Roadmap]

Superman Returns Achievement Guide

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There are 18 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete All Metro Events And Mini-Games

    For this one you have to:

    complete all 5 Bizarro Mini Games (see "You Am Bizarro")
    complete all 9 Fast Flyer races (see "Super Sonic")
    find all 100 Kittens (see "Mr. Whiskers")

    and complete the entire story mode

  • Complete Level 01: Meteor Storm

    Simply complete the first level of the game. The game will walk you through this, just destroy all the meteors and the level's over.

  • Complete All Mini-Games

    "All Mini-Games" means:
    all Bizarro games (see "You Am Bizarro!")
    all Fast Flyer races (see "Super Sonic")
    and finding all kittens. (see "Mr. Whiskers")

  • Complete The Bizarro Mini-Game

    There are 5 of these total and a map to find each one can be found HERE.

    The best way to rack up points is to use the "hold " move around a group of 2 or more cars (the more the better), and to use his corkscrew move (, +) when facing rows of single cars. If there aren't many cars around then use his sprint to find bigger bunches of them.

  • Finished All Fast Flyer Mini-Games

    There are nine of these races, and a map to them can be found HERE.

    Please note that these must be done in order from 1-9 in order for them to even appear on the map.

    If you are having trouble with any of them the best way to get them is to get to know the track after a few tries and learn where its easiest to cut corners without missing the checkpoints.

    Also, make sure you save right after you use each race, because if you choose to redo a chapter or if you fail in protecting Metropolis and have to start over that way, all of your times will be deleted and you'll have to start from scratch. (thanks to miiiguel for hint)

  • Find All Kittens

    Collect the 100 kittens scattered across Metropolis. This is the hardest achievement in the game, but you can check this thread for help.

  • Obtain All 15 Power-Ups

    Power-ups are earned during story progression. You'll get this achievement after you complete the final level of the game where you save Metropolis from the Tornadoes.

  • Travel For 10,000 Miles

    The odd thing about this achievement is that you don't actually have to fly all 10,000 miles to get it, it also counts any miles that you walk.

    So I recommend beating the game first and getting those miles added on. Then, in the post-game chapter, use rubber bands to hold the right stick so it's rotating the camera around superman. Then put tape down (scotch tape works fine) over the to go as fast as possible. I also recommend using a rubber band to pull the forward, just in case the tape over the comes off.

    Go to sleep, and you should be there or nearly there when you wake up.

  • Pick Up 100 Cars Throughout The Game

    All you have to do for this is pick up the same car with and put it down with over and over. You can check how many you've lifted in the statistics menu at the pause screen.

  • Play A Total Of 12 Hours

    Playing through the whole campaign which takes about 6 hours, and finding all the kittens, takes about three. When you leave the console on overnight to get the "Frequent Flyer" achievement, you'll get this one as well.

  • Lift 10,000 Tons Throughout The Game

    The I-Beams found in construction sites are obscenely heavy, and work like a charm. The way to do this is to grab one of them, and then find a section between two buildings with a good amount of space.

    Have Superman's back to one of the buildings, but 5 or 6 steps in front of it. Every time you press to throw the beam, he pulls it back first. If you are close enough to the building, the beam will hit the building and you'll just drop the beam. Now you just have to rapidly tap and he'll keep dropping and picking up the Beam at a good rate. You'll also have to take 3 or 4 steps forward after a good 10-12 drops, because each time he's moved a little closer to the wall. Keep this up for a half hour or so, and you should get it in no time.


Secret achievements

  • Visited and Dominated Warworld

    You'll get this achievement after beating the first part of the game where you fight the 2 minibosses and then Mongul. For Mongul all you have to do is block his attacks and then counter attack with a good combo. Rinse and repeat until he falls.

  • Twisted



    Saved Metropolis from the rampaging tornado.

    This is the very last part of the game, where you'll stop 3 tornadoes by using your super breath to blow them away from the city, then freeze breath to damage them. Then, you need to put out several fires, and finally, stop one massive tornado. Once you're inside the big one, you'll have to alternate shooting its core with heat vision and ice breath. First use heat vision. When the core turns red, use ice breath, and repeat until it's over.

  • Vanquished Mongul once again.

    All the bosses you fought on War World will come to visit you near the end of the game. Simply keep progressing and fighting them, while making sure to not let the city get too damaged. Once you beat Mongul in an extremely similar fashion to the first time, you'll get the achievement.

  • By you is Bizarro not undefeated!

    Bizzaro's not so hard to fight. When Bizarro was in the air, what I did was lock onto him with , then used to keep ramming into him over and over. Alternatively, you can hit him with heat vision.

    When he's on the ground just block and counter attack until he's in the air again. Near the end, you'll engage in a button pressing minigame of sorts. After the third one he'll finally go down for good!

  • Stopped Metallo in the name of justice.

    Metallo is the first boss you fight when you get back to Metropolis. The first few times you fight him aren't so hard. but eventually he'll start emanating this green aura which doesn't let you touch him. This is the time to destroy all his minions and eventually he'll use that energy to revive them. During the time his aura is down,unload your combos on him until he puts it up again, and repeat. When he gets huge the only way to hurt him is to throw his flying minions at him. Just freeze them and throw, over and over, until he launches the missile. Now, just lock onto the missile and hold right bumper to speed after it. Once you catch up to it, you'll get a cut scene and the achievement.

  • Perform 99 fighting combos.

    You should easily attain this while playing the campaign. Just make sure to use a lot of combos while you fight minions and you'll get it in no time. I actually got it doing the Bizarro mini games, because every time you do the corkscrew or his Hold attack, it counts as a combo, and you'll be doing these a lot.

  • Entered a cheat code in a desperate plea for help.

    Anytime during gameplay after the Gladiator Battle first set, pause the game. Enter the following buttons to unlock the cheats. A Chime will confirm the code has been entered correctly.

    Infinite Health (Metropolis) - , Right, , Right, Up, Left, Right,

    Infinite Stamina - Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, ,

    Unlock All Costumes, Trophies, and Theater Items - Left, Up, Right, Down, , , , Up, Right,

    Unlock All Moves - Left, , Right, , Down, , Up, Down, X, ,

    Note: You can earn other achievements with cheats active.


    For gameplay hints, strategies, and help, check this (https://www.xboxachievements.com/f...ad.php?t=34779) thread.

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