- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 
- Offline: 24/24 (400/400)
- Online: 0/24 (0/400)
- Approximate amount of time to 4005-15 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4 (Both games require two seperate playthroughs in different "modes").
- Number of missable achievements: Varies
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: Yes
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: 1 ("Peace Returns To Our Home").
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

SEGA's latest Vintage Collection compiles both original ToeJam & Earl games into one package. Like all classic SEGA collections both games are emulated and provide the typical save state features you'd expect. Both games are considerably different from each other gameplay-wise. The first game is a "dungeon crawler" styled game style game while the second is a side-scrolling platformer.

An important thing to note is that Co-op disables achievements in both games for Player 2 (Earl). It seems Player 1 (ToeJam) in LOCAL Co-op can earn achievements like normal however. - Thanks RockMan Respect & Flibbity Floid for confirming this.

Step 1:
I recommend first completing the original game in Fixed World and obtaining any of the miscellanious achievements on this initial playthrough. This is because levels are always the same in addition to the locations of presents being static (i.e. the first 4 presents of level 1 will always contain Decoy, Boombox, Tomatoes and Doorway).
Addition maps are available here: 

Step 2:
Now it's best to replay the game in Random World. This can be considered a tad more difficult given that presents and levels themselves are "randomly generated" meaning there aren't any guides to help you out here. Fortunately with some patience, use of save states, as well as the experience gained from your Fixed World playthrough, this really shouldn't be that much harder.

Step 3:
It's time to get Lil Kid Mode out of the way. Fortunately this really isn't all that difficult since the hidden warp zone related to the "I'll Just Go On Ahead" can be used here to skip straight to the last level (level 5) right from level 1.

In addition, all but the "Peace Returns To Our Home" achievement can be grabbed along the way.

Step 4:
Now all that's left is to complete the game in normal mode.

With the use of savestates, achievement completion is possible even by those unfamiliar with the game. At least some of the hazards in the first game (such as the Total Bummer! & Randomizer presents) can now easily be avoided with save states. Like a lot of sega compilations, it's simply a matter of time and patience.

[x360a would like to thank Kahn13 for this Roadmap]

Sega Vintage Collection: ToeJam & Earl Achievement Guide

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There are 24 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • [TJ&E] Cleared a Random World.

    Select "Random World" in the main menu. The object of the game is to progress from one level to the next in search of "Ship Pieces." Recovering all 10 pieces over the 25 Levels will unlock this.

    Given that levels are randomly generated, there's really not much that can be said. However I do strongly recommend that new players start out with Fixed World first and take what they learn from there into a second playthrough.

  • [TJ&E] Cleared the Fixed World.

    Select "Fixed World" in the main menu. The objective is identitical Random World, however this time levels and present/power-up locations will always be the same in every playthrough.

    Use this guide to help navigate levels: 

    Another very important tip that will make this playthrough considerably easier is to grab (but NOT use) the present second from the mailbox in level 2. This is a randomizer present which will mess around with all the presents in the game and undo the progress you've made in identifying presents. I recommend taking this present to the wise "carrot" man (first appears in level 4) and having him identify it for 2 bucks, then discarding it.

  • [TJ&E] Obtained a rank of FUNK LORD.

    Starting off as Weiner, there are a total of 8 ranks to progress through, with every third rank granting you an extra life.

    • Weiner - 0 points
    • Dufus - 40 points
    • Pointdexter - 100 points
    • Peanut - 180 points
    • Dude - 280 points
    • Bro - 400 points
    • Homey - 540 points
    • Rapmaster - 700 points
    • Funklord - 880 points

    The key to unlocking this achievement is exploration (each map block uncovered grants 1 point) and present usage (2 points). Use your playthrough of Fixed World to explore and use any harmless presents you have rather than dropping them.

    In addition, "promotion" presents can be found which can rank you up instantly (one such present appears in Level 2 of Fixed World on the narrow bridge near the Ship Piece). Save these up for one of the later ranks so as not to waste points.

  • [TJ&E] Defeated a Demon Mailbox.

    Mailboxes encountered in later levels may sometimes be a monster in disguise (starting around Level 5). Unlike regular mailboxes they cannot be used and when approached spring to life and chase you for a few seconds doing high damage. If you wait patiently they will peer out of the mail slot briefly and thus give themselves away.

    The absolute safest tactic to use once you identify one is to use a boombox present to incapacitate them (one will always spawn on Level 1 [Fixed World]) and then follow up with some tomatoes. If you don't have a boombox the next best option is to use the Slingshot from distance. DO NOT use the standard tomatoes on their own as the throw distance is too short and leaves you vulnerable.

    Another way to identify and attack them is to provoke them and then use either the edge of the map or water to block and safely wait out their rampaging attack. Once it's finished it will remain idle long enough for you to attack it. It takes a total of 10 tomatoes to defeat.

  • [TJ&E] Defeated a Cupid.

    First encountered around Level 4, these enemies are more of a nuisance than a threat. As they're in the air, they cannot be harmed by tomatoes. Either use Icarus Wings to fly up and knock them or a charged bounce from the Spring Shoes to kill them. 

  • [TJ&E] Woke up from a nap.

    Either leave the character idle or use a school book present to fall asleep. Then simply mash buttons until the character wakes up.

  • [TJ&E] Ate all of Earth's delicacies.


    Throughout the levels are food items (and occasionally presents) that are both helpful and harmful to your character. Simply eat each helpful one (in addition to those found in presents).

    Good: Candy Cane, Bowl of Cereal, Bacon & Eggs, Watermelon, Pancakes, Cherry Pie, Fries, Pizza, Fudge Sundae, Hamburger and Fudge Cake.

    Presents: Food (Can be good or bad), Rootbeer and Fudge Sundae

    It's been confirmed that harmful foods do not count towards this. However whether or not food contained in presents count toward the achievement is still unknown.

  • [TJ&E] Dashed with the Super Hitops.

    You begin with 4 Bonus Hi-Top presents at the start of the game. Just select one, then hold the Action button to start dashing.

  • [TJ&E] Flew across water using the Rocket Skates.

    One of the many present power-ups available. If you've identified them simply use them near water then fly right over it.

  • [TJ&E] Flew using the Icarus Wings.

    Another available present/power-up. Once you find some, simply use them and while standing still press the action button to flap your wings. In Fixed World there is a present containing them to the right of the ship piece on level 2.

  • [TJ&E] Snagged some goodies from Santa.

    Once you find him, just "sneak" ("action" button when no present power-up is active) and IMMEDIATELY stop moving the second he suspiciously looks around.

  • [TJ&E] Jumped in the bath on Floor 0.

    Reaching level 0 requires either Rocket Skates, Icarus Wings or an Innertube. The entrance is on an island at the bottom left corner of the level 1 map. 

    Simply use one of those presents to make it across the water then fall down the hole in the center of the island. Then simply walk into either side of the hot tub to dive in.

  • [TJ&E2] Cleared the game.


    In this game the goal is to capture and collect all earthlings in each level by throwing jars at them and taking them to the end of level spaceship. There are 17 levels in all.

    Note: Apparently both Trixie's Rendezvous AND the Permanent Super Jars bonus will prevent this achievement from unlocking as they're considered cheats.

  • [TJ&E2] Cleared "Lil' Kid Mode".

    Select this in the main menu. Unlike the normal playthrough of the game there are only 5 levels and you cannot die. This can be completed quicker using the warp zone related to the "I'll Just Go On Ahead" achievement which can take you from level 1 straight to level 5!

  • [TJ&E2] Defeated a duck on a flying carpet.

    Can be a pretty difficult opponent to hit since he will use hit and run tactics and is pretty agile. I recommend defeating him on level 5 during your Lil Kid mode run, as you'll have to in order to finish the level anyway and you'll be invulnerable also.

  • [TJ&E2] Found a Warp Room.

    Despite the achievement description stating "a" room, there is only 1 confirmed Warp Room that can be found in level 1. 

    When you reach the pool of water, swim to the left and walk past the button and through the wall, pressing the second button you find here. Now return to the very start of the level and use "Funk Vision" (press start and then the appropriate button) to see a secret door. 

    Enter it to discover the warp room. The doors here take you to levels 3, 4 and 5 respectively.

  • [TJ&E2] Sucked up 4 or more things at once with the Funk Vacuum.

    I personally did this on level 2, right at the start where I uncovered all Earthlings in the first area. When you manage to have 4 Earthlings on the screen at once, simply press "start" and select the Funk Vacuum which will immediately suck all enemies up and place them into jars for you to collect.

    Another option may be to use the old lady and her poodles as she normally has up to 3 dogs with her.

  • [TJ&E2] Went into Panic Mode.

    There's a present containing this in level 1 (hidden in one of the trees). Once you have one (shown at the bottom of the screen) simply press start and select the panic button.

  • [TJ&E2] Used some Coins.


    Coins are collected from presents (hidden in trees/bushes). There are usually several of these "parking meter" objects that can be found in a level (sometimes also uncovered from trees/bushes). Simply walk up to one and press up and you'll put a coin in.

    You can find one of these right near your first encounter with an earthling on the first level.

  • [TJ&E2] Shook 5 presents out of a single tree.

    Some trees will have multiple presents hidden in them (with 3 or sometimes 5 presents). I personally found one in level 5.

  • [TJ&E2] Had a laughing fit.


    Simply allow yourself to get hit by the read bag of dust of a Fairy/Witch enemy. There's a few flying about in level 5.

  • [TJ&E2] Used the Funk Scan.


    Press start and select "funk scan." You'll need to do this in order to reach the warp zone.

  • [TJ&E2] Found an Earthling hidden in a plant.


    Some enemies will be hiding in bushes. You can't really miss this since you'll need all earthlings to finish a level anyway. Just follow the radar at the bottom which will warn you if an enemy is hidden nearby. 

    There's one right near the visible parking meter in the first level (also near your first encounter with an earthling).

  • [TJ&E2] Gave a blowfish an underwater kiss.


    Some larger bodies of water in the game will spawn a blowfish which will replenish your air. Simply allow yourself to sink into the bottom of the screen and then search around. There aren't any in the first level but I personally found several in level 5.

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