- Estimated difficulty: 1/10
- Offline: 13 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 10004-5 hours with a walkthrough, 5-10 without.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 5 [refer to the guide for more details].
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes [for "Old School" you have to play on 'Difficult' mode].
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No
- Glitchy / unobtainable achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No
- Avatar Awards / Gamerpics: No
- Is there DLC available: No
- Stackable achievements: No

Special thanks to Fergy2k8 for writing the base of this guide.

Thanks to EXM9000 for the 100% text walkthrough and Averse for the 100% video walkthrough.

Syberia II for the Xbox Live Arcade was released in May 2015. It was originally released on the PC in 2004. It is a point-and-click adventure and plays similar to the old 1990's Lucasarts games. Solving puzzles, gathering information and finding items to progress the story are key factors in this game. You cannot die or make any mistakes, so you are free to explore each location in full. However, once you move onto the next location, previous areas become inaccessible for the most part, so be sure you've found everything and talked to everyone before moving on.

In this game you continue your role as Kate Walker on her quest to help Hans Voralberg search for the lost land of Syberia. Your journey will take you to exotic locations where you interact with unique and interesting characters in the hopes of finally reaching Syberia and solving the mystery of the mammoths.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
To ensure all achievements are unlocked in one playthrough, it is recommended that you follow EXM9000's text walkthrough or Averse's video walkthrough playlist so you don’t miss a thing. The game can be completed in about 4-5 hours regardless of which walkthrough you choose, so start the game on the 'Difficult' mode, skip all the dialogue and always run instead of walk (hold down ).

Note: If you wish to take your time, read all the dialogue, explore the environment and enjoy all the game has to offer, this will likely take you more than 6 hours and you will miss unlocking the "Old School" achievement. If this happens, a second playthrough will be required.

Mop Up & 100%:
If you followed one or both of the walkthroughs, this step is unnecessary, but if you missed any achievement, unfortunately you will have the play the entire game again up until the achievement(s) unlock. Please refer to the text walkthrough or video walkthrough for more information.

Whether you used a walkthrough or not, I hope you enjoyed this game. Although it isn't a remaster, this is still a very entertaining and enjoyable game with a wonderful story and interesting characters. Congratulations on another 1000!

[XBA would like to thank bLaKgRaVy for this Roadmap]

Syberia 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 13 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Call everyone on the phone


    Once you have unlocked "Trick or Treat," press  to take out your phone and call the four contacts on it (Mother, Oscar, Office and Candy [the number on the bottom of the broken candy dispenser]). Once you have called the last contact, the achievement will unlock.

  • Get Candyroff phone number

    This is story related and cannot be missed. At the beginning of the game after exiting the train, at some point you will enter the general store on the train platform on the right side of the screen. After speaking with Colonel Emeliov, examine the counter to the right of Kate. On it, you will see a broken candy dispenser with the name "Candyroff" on the bottom. The achievement will unlock automatically. 

  • Finish the game


    This is story related and cannot be missed. Once you have completed the final task and the last cutscene has played, you will return to the menu screen, unlocking this achievement.

  • Gossip



    Talk with every character



    There are 18 characters in the game you can speak to. Of those 18, four are missable. If you've spoken with everyone, the achievement will unlock when you speak with Father Voralberg.


    1. Hans Voralberg - On the train
    2. Oscar - On the platform
    3. Colonel Emeliov - In the shop on the platform
    4. Malka - Little girl under the platform
    5. Ivan - Through the fence under the platform
    6. Cirkos - In Cirkos Cabaret under the platform


    1. Monk by water
    2. Patriarch Monk - In Monastery chapel
    3. Eavesdropping Monk - Outside of Han’s room
    4. Monk at top of lift (silent) (missable)
    5. Grave digging Monk (silent) (missable)
      • Make sure you speak to the two silent Monks before ringing the bell as they disappear afterwards.

    Snow Area (plane wreck [top of the cliff]):

    1. Boris - Before activating the console (talking to him on the radio doesn't count)

    Snow Area (where the train is stopped before discovering the Youkol Village):

    1. Igor - Across the train tracks after you silence the owl statue

    Youkol Village:

    1. Great Chief - Outside of hut when you first arrive
    2. Villager near drums - Outside Spirit Woman's abode (missable)
      • If you stop the drums from beating before speaking to this character, this villager can then be found walking around the village.
    3. Spirit Woman - In her abode

    Dream Sequence:

    1. Anna Voralberg - Walking from the river to the manor
    2. Father Voralberg - In the living room of the manor; you must talk to him before solving the clock puzzle. (missable)
  • Snoop



    Find all the game items



    If you follow either walkthrough, you will get this achievement. I have provided a list of all the items in each area:

    Romansburg (upper platform):

    • Small Key - Colonel's shop
    • Coins - Candy machine on the right.
    • Katals Candy - Candy machine on the left
    • Fish Candy - Candy machine in the middle
    • Gate Key - From Malka after you give her the Katals Candy

    Romansburg (beneath platform):

    • Empty Can - Next to generator
    • Jerry Can - In Ivan and Igor's junkyard
    • Token - From Malka after talking to Cirkos after Hans gets sick.
    • Shroud - In a machine next to bridge on the way to the Monastery.
    • Winter Clothes - In the attic of the Colonel's shop [upper platform].
    • Hans' Shroud - Shroud with Hans' face imprint on it [train].
    • Gold/Silver/Black/Brown Birdcalls - Colonel’s shop [upper platform].
    • Monk Clothes - Not in inventory, automatic


    • Box of Matches - Where you make the candles
    • Candle - When you enter the Monastery, craft this item immediately. The crafting machine is to the left [Kate's right] of the lift. (missable)
      • Interact with the crafting machine. First open the lower box, put a wick into the box (click on the wicks on the left side of the oven), close the box, pull the lever on the left and then the handle in the middle. Open the box and pick up the candle.
    • Scroll - Given to you by the Eavesdropping Monk
    • Stained Glass Mammoth - Given to you by the Eavesdropping Monk
    • Brush - After talking with the Eavesdropping Monk, walk up and to the left to a new screen and you will see a brush and bucket on the ground. (missable)
    • Brother Alexi's Book - In a hidden room after solving the Mammoth's eye light puzzle
    • Youkol Relic - In a hidden room after solving the Mammoth's eye light puzzle
    • Shears - Back towards the entrance to the Monastery is a wheelbarrow with this item in it
    • Herbs and Brambles - Covering Brother Alexi's tombstone
    • Herbal Candle - Make this candle at the candle crafting machine near the entrance to the Monastery
    • Ornate Key - Patriarch Monk's private chambers in the chapel

    Romansburg (second visit after Monastery):

    • Mechanical Heart - Given to you by Hans on the train
    • Newspaper - Ivan and Igor's junkyard on the table next to the couch (missable)


    • Branches - Past the youki barking at the beaver
    • Offering - After burning the branches


    • Russian Doll - On mantle above fireplace
    • Hatchet - On mantle above fireplace
    • The Fisherman's Guide - On mantle above fireplace (missable)
    • Fish Tank - In kitchen; no message on screen
    • Orange Salmon - Fishing off the back deck, cast the line in the right-most position in the water.
      • There are several different fish you can catch but only the orange salmon is required (for the achievement and for game progression). If you catch another one, you have to leave it for the bear and then go back and fish again until you get the correct colored one.
    • Fishbone - After fending of the bear, this can be found where the bear was standing. (missable)
      • There is another one in the Youkol Village if you miss this one.
    • Rope with Plate

    Snow Area (where the train is stopped before discovering the Youkol Village):

    • Plan of the Train - Train quarters on the floor (missable)
    • Oil dispenser - Train quarters on the floor
    • Gauze Blanket - On snowmobile
    • Snow Spikes - No message on screen
    • Ivory Knife - No message on screen

    Youkol Village:

    • Reindeer Antlers - Outside of hut in a box when you first arrive (where you talk to the Great Chief)
    • Leather Strap - South of the drums screen next to a fence on the ground
    • Slingshot - Created automatically from Reindeer Antlers and Leather Strap
    • Fishbone - If you missed the fishbone the bear left outside the lodge, another one can be found right next to the cage where the youki is playing/sleeping. If you picked up the first one, you can’t pick up the second one. (missable)
    • Prayer Wheel - Inside the Spirit Woman's abode
    • Youkol Mask - Inside the Spirit Woman's abode
    • Empty Flask - One screen to the left of where you found the Leather Strap, hanging on a wooden frame
    • Cork Bung - One screen to the left of where you found the Leather Strap, hanging on a wooden frame
    • Flask Full of Water - Hang the Empty Flask on the hook of the wooden frame and lower it with the handle.Use the handle again to raise the flask.
    • Dream Fruit - Solve the critter puzzle in the cave

    Dream Sequence:

    • Mammoth Doll - In the cave where you start, head up and to the left and follow path.
    • Attic Key - Left by Father Voralberg on the table in the living room after you complete the clock puzzle.

    Youkol Village (second visit):

    • Voralberg Key - In the Spirit Woman's abode after completing a puzzle on Oscar ("Heartless" achievement unlocks).

    Ice Shelf:

    • Narwhal Tusk - Leave the ark and walk right then up, on the new screen walk up, on the third screen walk up and the item is on the ground.

    Ark Hold:

    • Ivory Hook - After moving the barrel, go through the door and then up the ladder next to Hans.


    • Youkol Medallion - After exiting the ark, walk to the right and climb the ladder. There is a mummy on guard duty. Interact with it and pick up the medallion. (missable)
    • Stone Plates (three) - From the last item, walk to the left (in the direction that Hans went). When the screen changes, there will be a wooden chest in the foreground; walk towards it. On it are three stone plates to pick up.
    • Syberia Flower - From the last item, walk straight back and to the right. When the screen changes, walk over to the right wall and this item is there.
    • Stone Plate 4 - Same place as the Syberia Flower.
    • Stone Plate 5 - Around the wheel underneath the mechanism
    • Ivory Key - After placing all the stone plates around the wheel and activating the mechanism, this item appears.
  • Finish the game in difficult mode in less than 6 hours



    To unlock this, you must start the game on 'Difficult' mode and complete it in less than 6 hours. The only thing different about 'Difficult' mode from the lower difficulties is that you receive no on-screen hints or help. 

    If you follow either the text walkthrough or video walkthrough, skip all the dialogue and run everywhere, you can complete the game and obtain 100% in 4-5 hours.

    Note: While the game is paused, time does not pass.


Secret achievements

  • Take Hans to the Patriarch

    This is story related and cannot be missed. In the Monastery chapel, speak to the Patriarch Monk about bringing Hans to the Monastery to assist in his healing. As the conversation comes to a close and you show Hans' Shroud to the Patriarch Monk, the achievement will unlock.

  • Get a Youki friend

    This is story related and cannot be missed. After the train leaves you behind and you’ve activated the gangcar, make your way back under the train platform again to Ivan and Igor's junkyard. Where you previously spoke to Ivan through the fence is now a doorway. Walk through the door and walk left until you see the coal stove with a Youki lying in front of it. Give the Youki your 'Fish Candy' and you will unlock the achievement.

    Make sure you pick up the newspaper on the table next to the couch for the "Memory from Aralbad" achievement.

  • Use Boris's plane

    This is story related and cannot be missed. After traveling to the radio tower in the snowy tundra and speaking with Boris over the radio (the frequency is 0328), locate Boris' crashed Flying Wing and examine the control panel of it (make sure you speak to Boris directly to count towards "Gossip," talking to him on the radio doesn’t count). Activate the console (top left switch) and set the coordinates to 8020. Then press the button directly beneath the coordinates to activate the ejector seat. A cutscene will play and the achievement will unlock.

  • Enter the dream

    This is story related and cannot be missed. After you retrieve the 'Dream Fruit' from the cave, return to the Spirit Woman and give her the fruit. A cutscene will play and the achievement will unlock.

  • Witness Oscar's sacrifice

    This is story related and cannot be missed. After you have pulled the train into the Youkol Village, speak to Oscar about 'Heart.' After the conversation, he will leave the train and go to the Spirit Woman's abode. Follow him there and you will find him lying on the bed. After completing a puzzle and retrieving the Voralberg Key from his chest, a cutscene will play and the achievement will unlock.

  • Find Syberia

    This is story related and cannot be missed. When you are back on the ark and have retrieved the 'Ivory Hook,' return to the hold of the ship and climb on the barrel. Use the hook on the post and attach the rope to it. Back out and pull the lever which will raise the sail. A cutscene will play and the achievement will unlock.

  • Read what happened to Helena Romanski


    After the train leaves you behind and you’ve activated the gangcar, make your way under the train platform again to Ivan and Igor’s junkyard. Enter the doorway and walk left until you are in an area with a table and a couch. On the table is a newspaper (the table had nothing on it earlier when Igor was sleeping on the couch). Pick up the newspaper and the achievement will unlock.

    You also unlock "Beastmaster" while at this location.

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