- Estimated difficulty: 1/10
- Offline: 13 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 10004-5 hours with a walkthrough, 5-10 without.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 4 [Refer to the guide for more details].
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes [for "Old School" you have to play on 'Difficult' mode].
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No
- Glitchy / unobtainable achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No
- Avatar Awards / Gamerpics: No
- Is there DLC available: No
- Stackable achievements: No

Thanks to EXM9000 for the 100% text walkthrough, Averse for the 100% video walkthrough and Aliosghof for the list of people to talk to.

Syberia for the Xbox Live Arcade was released in December 2014. It was originally released on the PC in 2002. It is a point-and-click adventure and plays similar to the old 1990’s Lucasarts games. Solving puzzles, gathering information and finding items to progress the story are key factors in this game. You cannot die and make any mistakes, so you are free to explore each location in full. However, once you move onto the next location, the previous area becomes inaccessible, so be sure you’ve found everything and talked to everyone before moving on.

In this game you take on the role of Kate Walker, a young lawyer from New York who has been assigned to travel to Europe to mediate the purchase of Voralberg Manufacturing, a mechanical toy and automaton factory in the small village of Valadilene in the French Alps. You learn early on that the owner of the factory, Anna Voralberg, has passed away and her younger brother and heir, Hans, has been missing for many years. You will embark on a journey that will take you to remote locations and associate with unique characters in your quest to find the obscure inventor in hopes of completing your assignment. 

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
To ensure all achievements are unlocked in one playthrough, it is recommended that you follow EXM9000’s text walkthrough or Averse’s video walkthrough playlist so you don’t miss a thing. The game can be completed in about 4-5 hours regardless of which walkthrough you choose, so start the game on the 'Difficult' mode, skip all the dialogue and always run instead of walk (hold down ).

Note: If you wish to take your time, read all the dialogue, explore the environment and enjoy all the game has to offer, this will likely take you more than 6 hours and you will miss unlocking the "Old School" achievement. If this happens, a second playthrough will be required.

Mop Up & 100%:
If you followed one or both of the walkthroughs, this step is unnecessary, but if you missed any achievement, unfortunately you will have the play the entire game again up until the achievement(s) unlock. Please refer to the text walkthrough or video walkthrough for more information.

Whether you used a walkthrough or not, I hope you enjoyed this game. Although it isn’t a remaster, this is still a very entertaining and enjoyable game with a wonderful story and interesting characters. Congratulations on another 1000!

[XBA would like to thank bLaKgRaVy for this Roadmap]

Syberia Achievement Guide

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There are 13 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Find an Amerzone speaking book

    This is story related and cannot be missed. When you are in the library in the University in Barrockstadt, at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen on a table is the 'Amerzone Book.' Pick it up to unlock the achievement.

    Note: Flipping through the book is required to open a certain topic in your notepad ('Sauvignon'). This topic is needed to progress the story and won’t be available until you pick up and flip through the book, which is why this achievement is story related.

  • Listen to all the cylinders in the train



    There are four music cylinders to find in the game. This is considered missable since finding and listening to all four isn’t required to complete the game.

    There are four areas in the train; the vestibule, hallway, luggage compartment and quarters. As you collect the cylinders, make your way to the luggage compartment. There is a short pedestal in the middle of the room. After placing the 'Hans-Anna Mechanical Toy' on it (you picked this up in the Factory office in Valadilene at the same time as the first two cylinders), simply select each of the four cylinders (press  for inventory, navigate to each cylinder and press ) and use them on the pedestal. Three of the cylinders will prompt cutscenes and the fourth ('Music Cylinder') will just play a melody. Once you have used all four, the achievement will unlock.

    1. Music Cylinder - located in the upstairs office of the Factory in Valadilene.
    2. Valadilene Voice Cylinder - located in the upstairs office of the Factory in Valadilene.
    3. Barrockstadt Voice Cylinder - located in the cabinet to the left of the Laboratory door in the University of Barrockstadt.
    4. Komkolzgrad Voice Cylinder - located on the shelf inside the giant metal automaton on the train tracks in Komkolzgrad.
  • Finish the game


    This is story related and cannot be missed. Once you have completed the final conversation and the last cutscene has played, you will return to the menu screen, unlocking this achievement.

  • Gossip



    Talk with every character



    There are 21 characters in the game you can speak to. Of those 21, six are missable. If you've spoken with everyone, the achievement will unlock when you speak with Hans Voralberg. 

    This thread has a list of every character you talk to in the game (thanks to Aliosghof):


    1. Inn keeper (part of the game, you don’t miss it).
    2. Notary (part of the game, you don’t miss it).
    3. Old man on a bench (missable - next to bridge heading to the church).
    4. Gardener (missable - next to the garden maze).
    5. Momo (part of the game, you don’t miss it).
    6. Automaton Oscar (part of the game, you don’t miss it).


    1. Station Master (part of the game, you don’t miss it).
    2. Student standing outside the University entrance (missable).
    3. Rectors (part of the game, you don’t miss it).
    4. Professor Cornelius Pons (part of the game, you don’t miss it).
    5. Old couple on the barge (part of the game, you don’t miss it).
    6. Man sitting in the library (missable - close to the desk where you take the 'Amerzone Book', sitting at a desk in the upper middle of the room reading a book) (this is missed in the video walkthrough).
    7. Man on the ladder in the library (missable - after you take the 'Mushroom Guide,' go out and come back in; he will be on the ladder) (this is missed in the video walkthrough).
    8. Captain Malatesta (Border/Visa officer) (part of the game, you don’t miss it).


    1. Serguei Borodine (Hand Thief) (part of the game, you don’t miss it).
    2. Boris (The former cosmonaut) (part of the game, you don’t miss it).


    1. Felix Smetana (Hotel manager) (part of the game, you don’t miss it).
    2. Automaton James (part of the game, you don’t miss it).
    3. Two men playing chess in the pool (missable - spa area , where you convert crystallized honey to liquid honey).
    4. Helena (part of the game, you don’t miss it).
    5. Hans Voralberg (part of the game, you don’t miss it).
  • Snoop



    Find all the game items


    If you follow either walkthrough, you will get this achievement. I have provided a list of all the items in each area:


    • Inn Lobby: Advertising Brochure, Reception Bell Key
    • Hotel Room: Fax 1
    • Inn Lobby (second time): Fax 2
    • Inn Lounge Area: Large Cog Wheel (on the floor), Medium Cog Wheel (on the floor), Tiny Cog Wheel (on the table), Tiny Cog Wheel (on the table)
    • Outside of Notary (on the bench): The Valadilene Gazette
    • Notary’s Office: Letter from Anna to the Notary
    • Notary’s Vestibule: Telescopic Key (on coat rack)
    • Church Room (back of Church): Key (inspect the cross), Red Punch Card (drawer 1), Purple Punch Card (drawer 2), Voralberg Key (drawer 3), Priest’s Confession (drawer 3), Blue Punch Card (drawer 5)
    • Voralberg's Tomb: Valadilene Voice Cylinder, Press Cuts
    • Factory (when you first discover Oscar): Oscar’s Card
    • Factory (upstairs office): Music Cylinder, Hans-Anna Mechanical Toy, Valadilene Voice Cylinder, Wooden Legs
    • Factory Floor: Wooden Legs
    • Outside of House (on the fountain after speaking with the Gardener): Voralberg Key
    • Attic (before turning on light): Ink Bottle, Anna's Diary
    • Attic (after turning on light): Pencil and Paper (given to you by Momo after inspecting the Mammoth drawings)
    • Attic Corner: Pencil Tracing of Mammoth (give it to Momo)
    • Stream with Row Boat and Dam (after asking Momo for help): Broken Lever
    • Cave: Mammoth Toy Doll
    • Train Station: Train Ticket, Train Release Permit
    • Notary (second time): Train Release Permit OK


    • Train (on a shelf in room with pedestal): Mammoth Toy Doll
    • River's Edge (after speaking with the Station Master the first time): Hook
    • University Library (lower level): Amerzone Book
    • University Library (upper level): Mushroom Guide
    • University Laboratory (cabinet near the door): Barrockstadt Voice Cylinder
    • University Laboratory (at end of counter next to sink): Yangala-Cola Powder, Test Tube Holder
    • Garden: Sauvignon Grapes
    • Platform above Train: Cuckoo's Egg
    • Inside Train Station (the Station Master stops you): Wine Bottle
    • University Rectors: Money
    • Barge Man and Woman (after giving them the ‘Money’): Lock Key
    • University Laboratory (second time, after lecture): Paleontology Notes, Mammoth Toy Doll
    • Border Tower (from Captain Malatesta): Exit Visa
    • Ticket Office: Train Ticket


    • Train Platform - Giant Automaton on Train Tracks (on shelf above the bed): Komkolzgrad Voice Cylinder, Hans' Design, Handle
    • Train Platform - Train Quarters (after speaking with Oscar): Metal Shears
    • Train Platform - Room Accessible after moving Giant Automaton (on shelf): Spark Plug
    • Industrial Complex - Organ (where automaton is sitting in front of organ pipes): Screwdriver
    • Industrial Complex - Helena's Museum: Press Cuts, Letters to Helena
    • Cosmodrome - Capsule (before Boris leaves): Vodka
    • Cosmodrome - Capsule (after Boris leaves and before you revive him): Space Project Cancellation Letter, Key
    • Cosmodrome - Platform Outside Capsule (speak to Boris again after learning the Airship is locked): Airship Key
    • Cosmodrome - Control Room Panel: Voralberg Key, Blood Testing Apparatus
    • Cosmodrome - Launch Pad: Crank Handle (Boris drops before lifting off)


    • Hotel Lobby Closet: Detergent
    • Hotel Front Desk (after manager leaves): Hotel Brochure
    • Spa Area (end of hallway on a cart): Crystal Dish
    • Spa Locker Room (on the floor): Temporary Code
    • Railing around Gazebo (after speaking with Helena): James’ Bell
    • Cabinet under Bar: Crystallized Honey, Lemon
    • Spa Area (where two men are playing chess): Liquid Honey (use 'Crystallized Honey' in the hot water)

    Komkolzgrad (second time):

    • Inside the Red Circular Cage (use 'Screwdriver' on the automaton): Oscar's Hands
    • Train Platform (at the back of the train outside the elevator shaft in a crate): Dynamite

    Aralbad (second time):

    • Hotel Front Desk (end of counter in a box): Mammoth Automaton
  • Finish the game in difficult mode in less than 6 hours


    To unlock this, you must start the game on 'Difficult' mode and complete it in less than 6 hours. The only thing different about 'Difficult' mode from the lower difficulties is that you receive no on-screen hints or help.

    If you follow either the text walkthrough or video walkthrough, skip all the dialogue and run everywhere, you can complete the game and obtain 100% in 4-5 hours.

    Note: While the game is paused, time does not pass.


Secret achievements

  • Finish preparing for your arrival in Valadilene

    This is story related and cannot be missed. This unlocks as right after you leave the inn at the start of the game.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Voralberg will

    This is story related and cannot be missed. After you leave the inn, walk left down the street and you will see the Notary’s office (park benches flank either side of the entry stairs). To enter the office, you need the 'Fax 2' document from the innkeeper to place in the automaton’s hand. Once you gain entrance, speak with the Notary and eventually select the 'Mission' topic from your notepad. Let the conversation play out and once it ends, you will stand up and receive the 'Letter from Anna to the Notary,' unlocking this achievement.

  • Solve all the Barrockstadt University's problems

    This is story related and cannot be missed. When you leave the University in Barrockstadt on the train, you will stop at a gate. Oscar will tell you that you require an 'Exit Visa' to get a ticket to Komkolzgrad. This is obtained from Captain Malatesta in the border tower. Once you have it, go back to the ticket office and hand it to Oscar. He will give you a train ticket. Climb back into the train, give the ticket to Oscar and the achievement will unlock.

  • Arrive at the space station

    This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock once you arrive at the Cosmodrome space station in Komkolzgrad

  • Get the zeppelin off the ground with Boris' help

    This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock once leave Komkolzgrad and take the airship to Aralbad.

  • Talk to Helena

    This is story related and cannot be missed. In Aralbad, once you find the correct code to open the door to the outside, walk along the pier to a gazebo where Helena is sitting. As soon as you speak with her, the achievement will unlock.

  • Return to Aralbald and escape from the thief

    This is story related and cannot be missed. At the end of your second visit to Komkolzfrad, after helping Helena escape, you need to find your way out of the tunnels. Once you do, return and enter the train. A cutscene will play and the achievement will unlock.

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