Wall Smasher Achievement

  • Wall Smasher



    Forge strong bonds with all party members as a testament to all the many hours spent together.

    Bonds in this game are increased by speaking to your friends at a campfire. This ability opens up after Rinwell joins your party and you leave Messia 224. You will know that a dialogue option will increase bonds if it has a speech bubble with three dots inside next to the character's name. If you don't see that, speaking to them will not increase your bond, so just head to bed. Always choose this when available, though you can only speak to one character per night, and doing so will lock out all other bond dialogues for about an hour of in-game time. It's important to stop and rest every so often to work on this even though none of these are missable due to this time lag requirement. You won't want to leave them for the end of your completion. I felt like I was fairly diligent in this and still only maxed out two bonds before the end of the story.

    Each character will have six of these bond moments to trigger before maxing out their friendship. When you see a smiley face next to their name at the campsite, you have completed their bond. The achievement will unlock directly after the sixth bond skit, and their associated master arte will be learned as well.

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