Godly Angler Achievement

  • Godly Angler



    Catch every type of fish and show the Fishing Notes to the Fishing Expert.

    There are a total of 44 fish to catch for this achievement. The ability to fish will unlock about halfway through the main story, and you will need to visit a total of 12 locations to find all the different fish. The guide HERE has a list of every fishing spot and which fish can be caught in each location.

    The trick to this is getting the right fish to spawn. When you cast, you can press a specific button combination which will entice some fish more than others. Press the correct combo in time with the green circle on the left and you'll notice some fish jump closer than others, where simply mashing any button will have them all move slowly at about the same speed. Use the correct combo to try and get the fish you want. Some fishing spots have overlapping combos, and having the right lure equipped can alter this to make a specific fish more attracted than the others. The guide HERE has a list of all rods and lures in the game. If a fish is listed as an "easy catch" in that guide, you should equip that lure to entice it more than the other fish that can spawn.

    To actually catch a fish, you'll need to move your thumbstick in the same direction the fish is swimming. As the fish loses stamina, it'll jump out of the water and you'll then be prompted to press the proper button to reduce its stamina further. Continue this process to eventually land the fish. Larger fish can have an extra stamina bar to deplete, but the process remains the same. The video below shows all the fishing spots and what can be caught there, but doesn't go into detail on which lures to use for each unfortunately. Remember to reference the guide I linked above for that.


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