Arms Stockpiler Achievement

  • Arms Stockpiler



    Forge 100 types of weapons. Such dedicated forging teaches that every weapon has good points.

    There are a total of 103 weapons in the game that can be crafted, but only 100 are required for this achievement. Purchasing the "Premium Travel Pack" for five bucks from the Xbox Store will lower all crafting material requirements to ONE for each material in a recipe, which can significantly lower the time required to grind out materials for this achievement since some recipes can require up to ten of a single material normally. You will need to complete the story and most of the subquests to earn all the related crafting recipes before you can finish this achievement, but you should begin to work on it as you play through the game since the new weapons will make your party stronger in the process.

    As you look at the crafting list from a blacksmith at an Inn or the traveling merchant near campfires, a green star with the word "created" next to it will be listed in the corner if you have already crafted a weapon. I'd advise keeping all your weapons, as some of them will be used to craft better versions of the same weapon later on, and you'd need to then farm more materials to create a second version of the weaker weapon to complete the new one if you had sold it. A full list of all the weapons and their default item requirements can be found HERE. If you're looking for a specific material, an alphabetical list can be found HERE with a list of which enemies drop the material and their location, or whatever other requirement might be necessary.

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