Myriad Monikers Achievement

  • Myriad Monikers



    Learn 400 non-DLC title skills. Fame and renown bring a slew of aliases from friend and foe alike.

    There are a total of 450 skills in the game that can be unlocked, but only 400 are required for this achievement. The game does not count skills that are already unlocked for you when a character joins your party or the free skill on each new section in the skill tree that is unlocked, only ones you purchase with your SP (skill points). SP is earned at the end of every battle and from subquest rewards.

    The various skill panels in the game will not be available to actually unlock for use until you complete some underlying requirement, which also unlocks a new title for your character. A large majority of these will be story-related and unlock on their own, many will be related to some specific action in battle, and the rest are spread around other activities such as cooking, crafting, fishing, doing the training grounds, etc. I'd suggest working on every other achievement before worrying any about this one, as you should hit 400+ available to purchase just from completing other achievements, and not need to worry about anything else. You can see the full list of skills and their unlock requirements HERE if you do still need some extra sections unlocked.

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