Encyclopedia Zeuglica Achievement

  • Encyclopedia Zeuglica



    Encounter 120 types of non-DLC enemies. Careful observation is sure to reveal their weaknesses.

    There are a total of 130 enemies that count toward this achievement, but only 120 are required. Enemies in the "Normal" and "Elite/Gigant" sections all count for this, while the 51 inside the "Unique" section do not. You only have to fight and defeat each enemy type once to get credit toward this achievement, there is no "scan" of any kind required like in Tales of Vesperia. Sadly, this game has very few enemy model types, so you'll be fighting the same handful of enemies in different colors throughout the game. A full list of all the enemies and their locations can be found HERE. If for some reason after completing the story and all of the subquests you have not unlocked this and need to find an enemy, use the guide HERE for their locations.

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