- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 47 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 50-65 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

For 300 years, Rena has ruled over Dahna, pillaging the planet of its resources and stripping people of their dignity and freedom. Our tale begins with two people, born on different worlds, each looking to change their fate and create a new future. Featuring a diverse cast of characters, intuitive and rewarding combat system, and a captivating story set in a lush world worth fighting for, Tales of Arise delivers a first-class JRPG experience.

Marketplace DLC:
There are a number of premium DLCs you can purchase to speed up the completion for this game. You can purchase a total of 40 character levels, 400k gald (money), and packs that contain artifacts that will cut down prices in shops, the materials required to craft weapons, etc. None of it is required by any means, but we're also talking somewhere in the range of 5-10 hours less grinding depending on how much you spend. Time is money, as they say. Oh, and nicely the DLC packs work for both the Xbox One and Xbox Series versions of the games independently, so you only need to purchase them once to get the benefit in both achievement lists.

I personally only bought the "Premium Traveler Pack" to get the artifact that lowers all crafting requirements. The others are nice, but in-game artifacts are available to boost SP and XP gains, and you won't be buying much from the general store, so the others are far from necessary. The "Growth Boost Pack" could be helpful in the early game as it doubles CP/XP/SP gains to make the first half of the game easier before you get the in-game artifcats later on.

Step 1: Complete the Game
Your first focus should be to complete the story, which you can do on any difficulty you'd like. There is no long term negative effects from playing on easy, though you will earn more XP/SP on higher difficulties. You will want to collect owls, artifacts, and recipes as you go, and be sure to hit the prompts to initiate skits to get them out of the way during the story, though you can knock them all out at a campfire later if you wish. Complete any subquests you can, as the extra money and SP will help for crafting weapons and leveling your characters. Also keep the requirements for unlocking the skill panels/titles in the back of your mind as well, as completing each panels give a permanent stat boost.

The game gives you a bit of leeway to miss some things for the final completion, but not a lot. You don't need 100% on the skits, recipes, skills, enemies, or crafting for instance - but still nearly 90% or more for each, so be thorough. You can mop up the remainder of anything missed in the next step. Thankfully nothing in the game is permanently missable!

Step 2: Post-Game Grind
Once you have completed the main story, more subquests will unlock to complete. You can now finish getting to Level 100, completing all side content, finding the rest of the collectibles, and crafting any remaining weapons. The rest of the skits will unlock doing these tasks, and you should get to 300 just by finishing the rest of the achievement list. Some of the skits are unrelated to achievements, so you can see the solution below for some more tips on ways to unlock them if it doesn't come naturally.

It feels good to play a Tales game again! This franchise has been dormant on Xbox since Tales of Vesperia in 2008, though we got to enjoy that a second time when it was remastered. This is just as good if not better, combining the incredible story-telling, fantastic characters, and tight combat. What is definitely does better is the achievement list. While it has most of the same requirements, they are much more lenient and much less is missable. The time investment will still be there for the most part, though instead of requiring 100+ hours easily, this one can clock in a bit lower. There is a stackable version on Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, so if you enjoy it you'll be able to knock a second completion out even more quickly if you skip the story on the second go around.
[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Tales of Arise Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Clear your first sub-quest. Even the lowliest spark can grow into a raging, all-consuming flame.

    See Problem Solver (35G) for more info.
  • Clear 70 sub-quests. No request from the people is too hard for this party to solve.

    This achievement is for completing all 70 subquests in the game. None of them are missable and can be completed at any time, including after completing the story (some aren't even available until after the story is complete). See the guide HERE for a complete list of all the subquests and how to complete them. Bear in mind, you need to collect all the owls for one subquest, and all the artifacts for another to even spawn. See those related achievements for more help.
  • Catch your first fish. More than just a fun pastime for lazy days, it's a way to find food, too.

    See Godly Angler (35G) for more info.
  • Catch every type of fish and show the Fishing Notes to the Fishing Expert.

    There are a total of 44 fish to catch for this achievement. The ability to fish will unlock about halfway through the main story, and you will need to visit a total of 12 locations to find all the different fish. The guide HERE has a list of every fishing spot and which fish can be caught in each location.

    The trick to this is getting the right fish to spawn. When you cast, you can press a specific button combination which will entice some fish more than others. Press the correct combo in time with the green circle on the left and you'll notice some fish jump closer than others, where simply mashing any button will have them all move slowly at about the same speed. Use the correct combo to try and get the fish you want. Some fishing spots have overlapping combos, and having the right lure equipped can alter this to make a specific fish more attracted than the others. The guide HERE has a list of all rods and lures in the game. If a fish is listed as an "easy catch" in that guide, you should equip that lure to entice it more than the other fish that can spawn.

    To actually catch a fish, you'll need to move your thumbstick in the same direction the fish is swimming. As the fish loses stamina, it'll jump out of the water and you'll then be prompted to press the proper button to reduce its stamina further. Continue this process to eventually land the fish. Larger fish can have an extra stamina bar to deplete, but the process remains the same. The video below shows all the fishing spots and what can be caught there, but doesn't go into detail on which lures to use for each unfortunately. Remember to reference the guide I linked above for that.

  • Cook your first meal. In such harsh conditions, simply staying fed is what matters most.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Acquire 30 kinds of non-DLC recipes. The quest for tasty meals spans every corner of Dahna.

    There are 38 total recipes in the game, but only 30 are required for this achievement. There is one missable recipe (#21 - Sandwich) but since missing it won't affect this achievement or any others, don't worry too much about it. You can follow the guide HERE for a list of all the recipes and their locations.
  • Forge 100 types of weapons. Such dedicated forging teaches that every weapon has good points.

    There are a total of 103 weapons in the game that can be crafted, but only 100 are required for this achievement. Purchasing the "Premium Travel Pack" for five bucks from the Xbox Store will lower all crafting material requirements to ONE for each material in a recipe, which can significantly lower the time required to grind out materials for this achievement since some recipes can require up to ten of a single material normally. You will need to complete the story and most of the subquests to earn all the related crafting recipes before you can finish this achievement, but you should begin to work on it as you play through the game since the new weapons will make your party stronger in the process.

    As you look at the crafting list from a blacksmith at an Inn or the traveling merchant near campfires, a green star with the word "created" next to it will be listed in the corner if you have already crafted a weapon. I'd advise keeping all your weapons, as some of them will be used to craft better versions of the same weapon later on, and you'd need to then farm more materials to create a second version of the weaker weapon to complete the new one if you had sold it. A full list of all the weapons and their default item requirements can be found HERE. If you're looking for a specific material, an alphabetical list can be found HERE with a list of which enemies drop the material and their location, or whatever other requirement might be necessary.
  • Craft 30 accessories. The search for the perfect balance between form and function never ends.

    This achievement simply requires that you create any accessory a total of 30 times. You can do any combination of 30 different ones, or the same basic one 30 times in a row. Accessories are crafted using the rocks you can collect in the open world rather than drops from defeated enemies like the weapons.
  • Learn your first non-DLC title skill. Whatever you go by, that name shall become a source of power.

    See Myriad Monikers (35G) for more info.
  • Learn 400 non-DLC title skills. Fame and renown bring a slew of aliases from friend and foe alike.

    There are a total of 450 skills in the game that can be unlocked, but only 400 are required for this achievement. The game does not count skills that are already unlocked for you when a character joins your party or the free skill on each new section in the skill tree that is unlocked, only ones you purchase with your SP (skill points). SP is earned at the end of every battle and from subquest rewards.

    The various skill panels in the game will not be available to actually unlock for use until you complete some underlying requirement, which also unlocks a new title for your character. A large majority of these will be story-related and unlock on their own, many will be related to some specific action in battle, and the rest are spread around other activities such as cooking, crafting, fishing, doing the training grounds, etc. I'd suggest working on every other achievement before worrying any about this one, as you should hit 400+ available to purchase just from completing other achievements, and not need to worry about anything else. You can see the full list of skills and their unlock requirements HERE if you do still need some extra sections unlocked.
  • Get over 100 hits in a combo. Band together and don't let your enemies strike back.

    This achievement should come naturally against a boss. Set your characters to be aggressive and to liberally use their artes, and they'll generally combo with you to deal out huge numbers of hits once you have a full party of four members. Try to time your attacks at the end of their combos so you can get all your hits in while their AG recovers, then they'll continue the hit parade just as you run out of AG yourself. I personally got this for the first time against one of the red spearman in the Prison, just before the second main boss. It happened many times naturally later on as well.
  • Deal 10000 or more damage in one hit. It takes a warrior's all to deliver such a fantastic blow.

    This achievement is extremely easy, especially with the requirement to get to Level 100 for another achievement. Once you have done that, using a strong arte against an enemy in one of the starting areas will easily unlock it, if it doesn't happen naturally before then. The artifact called "Hellmask Fiend Skull" will double all damage dealt (while also doubling all damage received) and can make this even more simple when active.
  • Perform 100 Counter Edges. Make your enemies fear every missed blow with these retaliations.

    This achievement is for successfully counter-attacking, which usually happens after a perfectly timed dodge. As an enemy attacks you, you'll want to dodge out of the way (rt.png) and if you see a blue flash around your character and the battle speed slows down, you know you dodged properly. You will want to attack the enemy with your basic attack (rb.png) while the speed is still in slo-mo to get credit toward this achievement. One of the enemies in the training ground is ideal for this. See the video below for an example.

    Alphen has a skill he can unlock to make the timing window on the dodge easier, as well as another skill that can create counter edge opportunities after defeating an enemy, chaining the attack to a new enemy. Most of mine came from the second method.

  • Spend 400000 gald. In this party, if something's for sale, it doesn't stay that way for long.

    This achievement will come naturally as you play through the game and craft the 100 weapons needed for another achievement. If you'd like, you can purchase four separate DLC bonus packs to be given 100k gald each, which will give you the 400k needed for this achievement right away - but I wouldn't waste your money, you will earn and find tons of money in chests, and you can sell all your old armor for a good profit since it won't be used for anything else.
  • Reach level 100. Dahna's liberators now stand tall and mighty having come from rock bottom.

    You will probably only get to Level 45-60 from completing the story depending on what difficulty you played on and how much side content you did. For the remainder of the levels, work on doing all the subquests and finding collectibles, then you can repeat the boss in Subquest #44 as many times as you'd like in a row simply by talking to him, and will gain at least 1-3 levels each time. Be sure to enable the artifact from Subquest #43 which gives an 80% boost to XP gains. Alternatively, you can purchase up to 40 Levels from the Xbox Store (two +10 packs and four separate +5 packs), but again I'd advise against wasting your money on that since you can max out your level in just an hour or two with the Chronos method.

  • Encounter 120 types of non-DLC enemies. Careful observation is sure to reveal their weaknesses.

    There are a total of 130 enemies that count toward this achievement, but only 120 are required. Enemies in the "Normal" and "Elite/Gigant" sections all count for this, while the 51 inside the "Unique" section do not. You only have to fight and defeat each enemy type once to get credit toward this achievement, there is no "scan" of any kind required like in Tales of Vesperia. Sadly, this game has very few enemy model types, so you'll be fighting the same handful of enemies in different colors throughout the game. A full list of all the enemies and their locations can be found HERE. If for some reason after completing the story and all of the subquests you have not unlocked this and need to find an enemy, use the guide HERE for their locations.
  • Slay 20 gigants. No good adventurer can resist the temptation of fighting a great beast.

    For this achievement you must defeat all 20 gigant, or "Elite" monsters in the game. None of them are missable, and all can be done after the story is complete if you'd like. Some of these are available on the world map to kill at your leisure, while the rest will be the end boss of a subquest. You can find all of their locations and requirements in the video below, or the guide HERE.

  • Clear Ultimate level of group training ground fights. With a party like that, who needs training?

    The training grounds are found in Viscint, and more challenges inside will unlock as you progress the story. For this challenge, you should wait until finishing the entire story, getting to Level 100, and defeating all gigant enemies so you have the extra CP for healing. You can turn the game's difficulty down to make this even easier. Your best bet to complete this will be a party of Shionne, Dohalim, Rinwell, Alphen. Set Shionne and Dohalim to focus on healing and reviving party members. The other two can focus on damage. See the video below for an example of this fight.

  • Obtain your first non-DLC artifact. Its strange, beguiling form never fails to shock and intrigue.

    See Curious Hobbyist (35G) for more info.
  • Obtain 20 types of non-DLC artifacts. Amassing such a big collection is nothing short of a calling.

    There are a total of 23 artifacts in the game, and only 20 are required for this achievement. However, all 23 are required to spawn one of the game's subquests, so be sure to collect all of them. See HERE for a complete list of all 23 artifacts. Artifacts will give permanant bonuses to gameplay and can really make things easier for you (or harder, in some instances). You can turn these off and on at any time inside the Field Guide option in the menu.

  • Collect your first harvest on the ranch. Each life taken is raised well with love and respect.

    See Veteran Rancher (35G) for more info.
  • Collect 50 harvests on the ranch. The meat produced sustains the party and its cause.

    The ranch is unlocked after completing subquest #31 (see the video below for its location). From there, you will be able to raise animals for the slaughter! How quaint. There is a time investment required for the animal to reach maturity, but you can feed them certain items to make this go faster. You will get a notification on screen when enough time has passed no matter what you're doing, so speak to the farmer or the traveling merchant next to any campfire to harvest the meat. Any animals that reached maturity will count as one tick toward this achievement, regardless of how many items you receive from the animal. Repeat this process until 50 different animals have reached maturity.

  • Find and report 13 owls. The lonely forest is beginning to show signs of feathered life.

    See Owl Homecoming (15G) for more info.
  • Find and report 32 owls. The forest is now starting to teem with hordes of hooting owls galore.

    See Owl Homecoming (15G) for more info.
  • View 300 skits. Despite all their time together, the party never runs out of things to discuss.

    There are a total of 320 total skits in the game, but only 300 are required to be unlock and watched for this achievement. You can trigger these as you play through the story by hitting rb.png when the icon shows on the bottom right corner of the screen. A faint chime noise will play when one is available to trigger as well. Whenever you see some text down there and the rb.png icon, be sure to hit it to begin the skit. You can choose to play it out naturally, speed through it hitting button-a.png, or skip it entirely by holding rb.png. If you choose not to initiate the skit at that time, you can always play it later from the "Reminisce" option at any campfire.
    Most of these will pop up naturally as you progress through the story and subquests (some even play automatically), though some will happen when you return to previous areas (usually for subquests, so that'll kill two birds with one stone), and some happen when you complete the training grounds, cook certain meals, find artifacts, fish, etc. Basically anything related to the other achievements in the game tends to have a few skits attached to it.

    If you have completed all other achievements and still do not have this, ensure you have completed all trials in the training grounds, cooked each meal in the game with each possible character, and returned to every location in the game after completing the main story at least once. This should round out nearly all of the rest to get you across 300.

    Note: Skits that you do not initiate will still get added to the number under Field Guide>Play Record>Skits Triggered in the menu, but do not count toward the achievement until you actually view them. If you have 300+ listed in the record, go through the Reminisce option at a campfire and play anything with a green exclamation point (!) next to it. Once you view all of those, the achievement should unlock.

Secret achievements

  • Defeat Lord Balseph. Keep the flag of liberation raised high. The fight has only just begun.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat Lord Ganabelt, bringing light to Cyslodia and its people for the first time in centuries.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Recruit Lord Dohalim to your ranks. With friends like him, the Crown Contest's days are numbered.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat Lord Almeidrea. A lone boy is all that stood between her and death by one of her victims.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat Lord Vholran. With all the Renan lords deposed, Dahna is now free at last.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Stop the lights from the wedge. The Rena have stolen more than enough from Dahna as it is.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Learn the truth about Dahna and Rena on Daeq Faezol. Now to take the fight to the Great Spirit.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Save both worlds from impending destruction. A bright future awaits the people of the new world.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Forge strong bonds with all party members as a testament to all the many hours spent together.

    Bonds in this game are increased by speaking to your friends at a campfire. This ability opens up after Rinwell joins your party and you leave Messia 224. You will know that a dialogue option will increase bonds if it has a speech bubble with three dots inside next to the character's name. If you don't see that, speaking to them will not increase your bond, so just head to bed. Always choose this when available, though you can only speak to one character per night, and doing so will lock out all other bond dialogues for about an hour of in-game time. It's important to stop and rest every so often to work on this even though none of these are missable due to this time lag requirement. You won't want to leave them for the end of your completion. I felt like I was fairly diligent in this and still only maxed out two bonds before the end of the story.

    Each character will have six of these bond moments to trigger before maxing out their friendship. When you see a smiley face next to their name at the campsite, you have completed their bond. The achievement will unlock directly after the sixth bond skit, and their associated master arte will be learned as well.
  • Forge a strong bond with Shionne, sharing your first meal together again, and plenty more...

    See Wall Smasher (35G) for more info.
  • Forge a strong bond with Rinwell, helping her come to terms with her lineage and feelings.

    See Wall Smasher (35G) for more info.
  • Forge a strong bond with Law, giving him something to aspire to on and off the battlefield.

    See Wall Smasher (35G) for more info.
  • Forge a strong bond with Kisara, reminding her it's good to dream a little.

    See Wall Smasher (35G) for more info.
  • Forge a strong bond with Dohalim, becoming drinking buddies with a one-time lord.

    See Wall Smasher (35G) for more info.
  • Find and report all of the owls. Even with his cohorts back, Hootle's place remains with Rinwell.

    There are a total of 38 hidden owls to find for this achievement, with the final six only spawning once you have found the first 32, set foot on Rena in the main story, and spoken to the Owl King. Owl #26 in the collectible guide HERE has two possible locations, depending on if you miss grabbing it on the ship where it first spawns. That location becomes unavailable later on, and the owl moves to a different location. All other owls have a single fixed location. After you have collected all 38 owls, report back to the Owl King to unlock the achievement.

  • Defeat Efreet Malum. What was once a small spark grew to consume even the flaming giant.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat Meneiys. If only there had been time to admire the Phantom Flower just a little longer...

    This boss will be encountered during subquest #40. See the list HERE for how to obtain and complete this quest.

  • Defeat Grand Gnome. So enormous was its body that it dwarfed even the ruins surrounding it.

    This boss will be encountered during subquest #42. See the list HERE for how to obtain and complete this quest.

  • Defeat Procella Sylph. Soaring the skies on its back will forever remain a cherished memory.

    This boss will be encountered during subquest #49. See the list HERE for how to obtain and complete this quest.

  • Defeat Luo Undine. Even its heft couldn't stop it from being washed away by the party's might.

    This boss will be encountered during subquest #54. See the list HERE for how to obtain and complete this quest.

  • Clear the "Otherworldly Visitors" sub-quest and bring about a reunion between a certain pair.

    This is for the completion of subquest #44. See the list HERE for how to obtain and complete this quest.
  • Clear the "Reminiscence Device" sub-quest. No past foe is any trouble for today's party!

    This is for the completion of subquest #69. See the list HERE for how to obtain and complete this quest.

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