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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points


Secret achievements

  • You used Synthesis to create new equipment and items. Keep it up!

  • Took out your enemy in a single shot! Master this technique to gain advantage in battles.

  • Giganto Monsters are...special. Big. Strong. Nasty. Have fun!

  • You slew all Giganto Monsters! Nothing can stand before you! Careful, though. It's a big world...

  • Hey! You answered every quiz question right! You are a true Tales fan. Thank you.

  • Whoa! Easy! Could you be any faster?! Relax. Take your time. There's much more to discover...

  • You have cleared the Labyrinth of Memories. Did you enjoy the surprise?

  • You took back the aque blastia core from Barbos. This should fix the lower quarter's fountain.

  • You put an end to Alexei's ambitions. However, the Adephagos remains. The battle continues...

  • You defeated the Adephagos with Duke! A new world begins. A world without blastia.

  • Somehow, somewhere, you became an official member of the Bunny Guild. Who needs Brave Vesperia?

  • You defeated Barbos at Lv. 15 or under! Amazing! You sure know how to take this guy down.

  • Defeated Zagi while protecting Estellise from Zagi's attacks.

  • Downed Goliath by attacking its Achilles' heel while it charged X Buster.

  • Learning from Karol's experience, you used the billybally plants to stun Gattuso.

  • Lured Zagi to the side of the ship and knocked him overboard to cool him off!

  • Downed the Dreaded Giant when it reared back and left itself wide open.

  • Raven used Serpent to set a trap for the Gigalarva and prevented it from healing itself.

  • VS Barbos. You took out the bridge supports, keeping him from calling out more of his thugs.

  • Third battle VS. Zagi. Let him absorb too much magic, destroying his bohdi blastia.

  • You defeated the Leader Bat and prevented Pteropus from recombining.

  • VS. Outbreaker. You destroyed the core and prevented magic from inverting day and night.

  • VS. Belius. You lit up all candlesticks and eliminated the illusions.

  • VS. Nan and Tison. Timed your strikes between their attacks and knocked them down.

  • VS. Schwann. Downed him by attacking when he was clutching his heart after his mystic arte.

  • Fourth battle VS. Zagi. Used Karol's Nice Recovery Smash arte to force him to recover from poison.

  • VS. Baitojoh. Hit it 3 times during it's Ice Edge attack and fished it out of the water.

  • VS. Estellise. Used the item, Mother's Memento.

  • VS. Yeager. Made his heart explode using Raven's Rain arte.

  • VS. Alexei. Downed him by attacking when he was tired after his mystic arte.

  • VS. Gusios. Attacked his tail, then downed him with a close attack while his feet were raised.

  • VS. Khroma. Downed her by timing your strikes between certain of her attacks.

  • VS. Flynn. He used every arte he could, including a mystic arte.

  • Fifth battle VS. Zagi. Downed him by attacking after he becomes exhausted from Blastia Bane.

  • Defeated Duke using a mystic arte.

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Tales of Vesperia Achievements FAQ

  • How many Tales of Vesperia achievements are there?
    There are 50 achievements to unlock in Tales of Vesperia worth a total of 1000 gamerscore.
  • Are there any secret achievements in Tales of Vesperia?
    There are 35 secret achievements in Tales of Vesperia. Our achievement list contains a full list of all secret achievements in Tales of Vesperia.

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