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    Watched 500 hours of talks

    So this is the big achievement from the TED app. Although hundreds of hours through the other achievements is rough, 500 total is a monument to grinding ability, or not? If you utilize the to fast-forward through videos, playing the end of the talk, letting it end, and then repeating. There is a video called "Frank Gehry: My days as a young rebel" that is close to 45 minutes long, but many people tend to have it pop an error at the end of the video not granting credit for watching. Instead you may have to take a significant decrease in time with "Edward Snowden: Here's how we take back the Internet" that comes in around 35 minutes. You will need fast-forward through this talk close to 700 times, so as you can see there is a lot of grind here, even with fast-forwarding.

    Good luck, and within a handful of hours dedicated to fast-forwarding, you should be at 500 hours of talks and finished with the app.


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