Paparazzi Achievement

  • Paparazzi



    Posted an image to your Facebook page


    See "Pepperoni Masterazzi."

  • This has to be the epitomy of shitty achievements (and the others in the list that require even more uploads).
  • Am I the only one who laughed really hard when I saw this? Lol.
  • Just make a second Facebook profile and use that.
  • Wow guess I won't get 100% in this game, don't have Facebook. Hate so called "social" media.
  • ^ Then make an account only for achievements like this.
  • Any achievement that forces the user to sign up to external 3rd party crap really sucks. The developers should be ashamed of themselves.
  • I will be getting this achievement, and then deleting the photo immediately.
  • @7 exactly my thoughts :P dont get why people whine about this... done it with the kinect funlabs things and kinect party, i just set the privacy setting for the 'xbl app' to just me instead for everyone to see XD
  • What I always do with Social Media Achievements is when you post it you can edit who can see it, so make sure it is set so only you can see it. Hopes this helps :)
  • @8 and 9 that's what I'll be doing. I don't want my friends seeing tmnt picture on my Facebook. that's one sure way to cut my friends list in half.

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