Terrapin Elite Achievement

  • Terrapin Elite



    Destroyed every object, hit no bombs, untouched by shuriken


    Individually each of these tasks aren't too difficult, but when you have to do all three within one game is does pose as a challenge. There are five lairs (including the training lair) in which you cannot be hit by shuriken, can't hit any bombs and must break every object that pops up. Here are a few tips:

    • Michaelangelo's nunchucks will keep moving a bit even when you're standing still. Ducking down with your hands past the bottom of the screen will remove them. The only time you have to worry about them is when a bomb spawns. If a bomb is about to spawn from the right, move over to the right with at least your hands further than the spawn point.
    • For Raphael's lair I just kept shooting sais to make sure I hit the objects that were on the edges of the screen.
    • When you see a flashing green light, that means a bomb is about to appear and will pop out where the light is flashing. You can move around just make sure your weapons don't hit them.
    • A flashing red light signifies a shuriken is about to appear. It doesn't matter where it appears from, you can duck and avoid a shuriken from any direction. By ducking down, I mean you pretty much are kneeled down. You can't stay ducked down because the Kinect sensor will pick up on this and the next shuriken will still try to shoot towards your head.
    • While ducking to avoid a shuriken, swing your arms across the bottom of the screen to hit the objects that will pop up. (Unless there is a bomb about to pop up, obviously).
    • Hitting a shuriken with your weapon does absolutely nothing and will not prevent you from getting the achievement. As long as it doesn't hit your body you're fine.
    • Keep moving. As long as there are no shurikens or bombs then just keep swinging your arms. Don't wait for objects to appear because you can have several pop up at a time.
    • The pizza bonuses at the end of each lair do NOT count towards this achievement. However, beginning in Michaelangelo's lair, the pizza bonus will have a shuriken you must watch out for and so forth after that.
    • From what I can tell, the bombs and shurikens spawn in the same places each time.
    • I found it better to lean towards where the bombs will spawn. If a bomb is coming from the right, then I would step to the right. It will usually shoot up and to the left out of your way.
    • If you get hit by a shuriken, hit a bomb, or miss a target you'll have to restart from the beginning. Luckily the game is really short so you won't have too much to replay. If you hit every object and avoid the shurikens and bombs, you'll know by the Flawless bonus you get at the end of each lair. So if you don't get the Flawless bonus, just start over again.
  • Basically if you unlocked this achievement you will unlock all the others except the ones for sharing in facebook. I was number 38 then 36 in the world leaderboard but without the achievement but when I did I reached number 4. You have to keep your body away from shurikens , and keep you weapons away from bombs (the green thing). You'll need a few tries to get used to avoiding them and luckily I see this game as fun to replay. Overall this game is easy to finish and soo similar to fruit ninja. Enjoy

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