- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [skill and luck depedent, like all roguelites] [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 17 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 4-6+ hours [skill and luck dependent] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 technically, but plan on 15-20+ depending on skill and luck
- Missable achievements: None [rogue-ish gameplay]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None

Welcome to Tesla Force, a top-down shmup with a heavy dose of roguelite. You can play as the titular Tesla, Mary Shelley, and a couple other famous names. The story here is pretty thin, but if you're playing a shmup and roguelite, you're here for the gameplay. Compared to other roguelite games, you actually don't really need to do much, if any, real grinding in this game to build up your stats to have a chance of completing the game. That will, of course, also depend on your skill with shump gameplay and your luck with the RNG nature of rogue-ish games, in terms of what perks you get and how levels play out. The achievements are pretty simple and straightforward to do for the most part: beat all three chapters of the game, and then take care of miscellaneous achievements that you'll want to focus on during specific runs to make them easier. Let's get started.

Gameplay Mechanics Review:
The game gives you a very brief tutorial, and there are some things it doesn't really do a good job of explaining, so here's a quick review of various mechanics in the game:
  • You start each level inside your mech. While inside the mech, you are effectively invincible. The mech has its own health, but that drains over time anyway. Obviously taking damage makes it drain faster, but your character can't lose any health while you're in the mech. For this reason, using the mech is extremely powerful
  • After the mech timer runs out, you can collect four mech pieces around the level to make it available for use again. These will be marked, one at a time, on your HUD with a yellow circle showing where to find them. Once you collect all four, you'll be able to press button-b.png to get back in your mech again. If you're having a hard time with enemies, or you're fighting a strong Elite or boss, prioritize the mech pieces so you can fire away without worrying about dying.
  • The little batteries you can pick up are called Energy Cells, and they are one form of currency in the game. Take note that they reset to zero after each run. You cannot save them up from one run to the next. You start each run at zero and have to collect them.
  • Crystals, on the other hand, are your most valuable currency. These drop only from enemies, at random, but can also be dropped in much higher quantities from Elite Monsters and from bosses. You will also get guaranteed crystals from destroying statues in the 'Destroy the Statues' levels.
  • Within levels, you can pick up skills which are temporary boosts, such as Fire Rate, Fire Bullets, Multi Barrel, etc. These are all extremely powerful, and so should always be grabbed when you see them.
  • Perks, on the other hand, are 'permanent' boosts that last across an entire run. These are extremely beneficial as well, since you can improve damage by 20%, slow enemies by 15%, etc., and they all stack, meaning you can get the same perk multiple times for stacked increases. There are four ways to get perks:
    • In the hub, you can use the machine on the right side, and on the bottom you can buy perk slots with crystals. Each perk slot you buy can be filled in with a perk that you've unlocked, and once equipped, you will start each run with that perk already active. This can give you a huge leg up on runs
    • During runs, look for levels with a star symbol on them, as they reward you with a new perk.
    • During runs, look for levels with the hammer and anvil symbol, as this is a shop. At these shops, you can spend your Energy Cells to buy up to three more perks. This is the only place I'm aware of to spend Energy Cells, but buying up to three perks can be huge.
    • Within a level, you will sometimes find interactible objects, such as wells, chests, etc., that require either crystals or health or something else to open, and they'll reward you with a random perk. It can be tough to have time to read what you need to spend and what the reward is while you're fighting off enemies, but it can be a nice way to grab an extra perk in the middle of the level if you can spare whatever is required
  • Abilities can also be picked up, and used with lt.png until you run out of charges. These are like secondary attacks that can vary depending on what you pick up
  • You can hold two weapons at a time, and swap between them with button-x.png. Picking up a new weapon will replace whatever weapon is currently equipped.
  • Teleporting with lb.png makes you invincible, but it has a cooldown, so use it wisely. Note that you can also use lb.png in the mech to dash, and this also damages enemies that you dash over.
General Gameplay Tips:
  • Spend your crystals on Research (permanent stat increases) wisely. Crystals will be your rate limiting currency for most of the completion, so don't spend them on useless things. Save them up, if need be, for something worth it. I recommend getting the map-related ones right away (the first two options, which show level rewards and show all available levels). They're all really cheap, relatively, and it's very handy to be able to see the entire level map, and plan out your route for the best rewards you want and for the level types you prefer to play. After that, I spent my crystals only on weapon damage and mech health. I also got a single upgrade to teleporting. Those are the only upgrades I ever invested in, but do whatever suits your playstyle, and try to focus on a few rather than spending your crystals out across all things
  • Like all similar shmups, you'll want to kite enemies around in circles/loops around the map. This is relatively easy to do on the first two chapters, but the third chapter makes this almost impossible, unfortunately. Still, kite enemies behind you, firing backwards at them, and if enemies approach from the front, either gun them down or veer to one side so they end up behind you
  • Constantly be on the lookout for better guns. Whether that be different gun types, or guns of a higher level, always check what dropped so that you stay updated on your weapons and therefore most effective against enemies. Guns all start by default at level one, but I've seen up to level VIII in the third chapter, so keep an eye out for stuff that's a higher level than yours.
  • Also on guns, be aware of the benefits and disadvantages of standard weapons versus energy weapons. Some Tesla weapons that shoot energy are good for mobs, especially the Jacobs Stick, which is amazing for groups of enemies, but they're absolutely terrible for Elites, bosses, and especially for destroying statues in the 'Destroy the Statues' levels. If you're using one, you'll definitely want to keep a second weapon that's regular ammo type, such as a Tommy Gun or Shotgun.
  • Be aware of the set in-level rewards of completing each level type. I'm not referring to the perks or upgrades you get from finishing a level, but the reward you get within the level as soon as you complete the objective. These are set, and you can choose which level type to place next based on which reward you're after. Here is what they give:
    • In the 'Fix the Inhibitor' levels, when you complete the objective and press button-a.png on the Inhibitor to fix it, it also spits out 5+ Energy Cells that you can pick up right around it.
    • In the 'Survey the Hive' levels, when time runs out and you press button-a.png on the hive to extract the data, it always drops three health packs right around it.
    • Whenever you destroy a statue in the 'Destroy the Statues' levels, they also drop a few crystals, meaning these levels are great to boost crystal count
    • Elites are tough, but they drop a ton of crystals when you kill them as well.
    • Unfortunately, Aether Rifts don't give you any in-level reward for closing them all
  • Use the above to plan out what you want/need during a run. For example, if you finish a level and you're pretty low on health, choose a 'Survey the Hive' level next, if you can, since you're guaranteed health packs when you finish.
Achievement Progression and Completion:
After starting the game up, run through the tutorial to unlock the related achievement. You'll likely also get a multikill and unlock Chain Reaction (20G) since there is a large set of enemies to gun down, but no worries if you don't yet.

Unlock other similar games, you actually don't play through all three chapters sequentially. You have to tackle them one at a time, and you need to complete the current one to unlock the ability to play the next one. So, all you can do to start is do runs of the first chapter, completing as many levels as you can and trying to beat the whole chapter. Rely heavily on your mech, if need be. You can simply ignore the objective and instead focus on the mech parts, and then once you have the mech again, work on the objective. If you do this in each level, you'll unlock Mechanical (40G) very early on. Prioritize crystal drops that you see, since they'll be a hot commodity in the early game. After each run, spend your crystals wisely on Research to make each subsequenct run easier. The first time you get an upgrade in the Reearch machine, you'll unlock Eureka! (20G). I recommend the two map-related ones (first two), gun damage, and mech health. Those are the only ones I really invested into, and I finished the game quite quickly, but do whatever suits your playstyle. After a few runs and a couple upgrades, you should finally be able to make it through the first chapter and beat the boss. You should ignore the boss unless you're in the mech, which is the strategy for every boss fight (unload on the boss while in the mech, then retreat and collect mech parts, then repeat). Once you manage to beat the first boss, you'll unlock Monster Hunter (20G) and access to the second chapter.

The second chapter, as noted before, is started independently from the first chapter, but the same level types and rewards are there. It's only the enemies and level layouts that change. You'll notice a marked increase to the amount of crystal drops you get in chapter two levels versus the first chapter. As a result, even if you're struggling in the second chapter, I recommend sticking with it to get more crystals. I also recommend using 40 crystals to buy the first perk slot in the hub, if you haven't already, and equip the perk for +20% gun damage. This starts every run with that perk, and gives you a huge leg up for the second chapter's levels. You should also have the map-related Research done by now so you can see the full chapter layout and plan your route accordingly. Now is a good time to start saving up crystals for investing in the gun damage Research, which is the most expensive of the bunch but will help take down mobs easier. Progression through the second chapter works the same as the first. When you get to the boss though, there are two miscellaneous achievements you can pick up here quite easily:
  • The first is for beating the boss without taking damage. This is much easier than it sounds, because you can't take damage in the mech. Helping matters is that the boss's only attack is to drop purple stuff in easily telegraphed locations, making them very easy to avoid. It also helps that the only regular enemies are small and not in large numbers, making it easy to move around them without taking damage. Untouchable (100G) has more information, but it is completely realistic to do this on your first time fighting this boss, as I did, so make it a point to go for it, because if you do it, you don't have to play the second chapter ever again (assuming you get the below achievement as well).
  • The second is for after you beat the boss, but before pressing button-y.png to complete the mission. Lucky Number (100G) requires you to complete a chapter (not a level) with the Doom Clock on the right at level 13. This can be idled after beating the second boss only, so refer to that achievemt for more information on very easily getting that achievement.
You'll also, of course, unlock What is that thing? (40G) for beating the second boss, and you'll unlock the third chapter.

The final chapter is quite a bit more difficult than the first two, because the levels in the second half of the chapter are not open levels that you can circle around. Instead, most are "linear" meaning that, if you get to one end, you will need to go back through all the enemies that were following you to get to the next objective. There are also many dead ends. This all combines to make for many situations where you can very easily get cornered by a huge mob of enemies, and have virtually no chance of escaping. Unfortuantely, there's not a whole lot you can do about it aside from investing in the Research to give you more teleport charges. You're going to need a bit of luck to not get screwed in the second half of the third chapter's levels, but with some practice and more Research, you should be able to make it to the boss. This boss is much more involved than the previous two. Refer to You Yellow! (100G) for tips on what to do to make it through this fight. Beating him beats the game, and now all that's left is mop up.

You will likely still need to do runs for three Elite Monsters, 12 statues, and 15 perks. Those are all readily done in the third chapter with proper planning. Refer to the relevant achievement solutions for tips on how to get them. Likewise for any other miscellaneous achievements you're still missing - refer to the guide for how to get them, which will wrap up this completion.

I found this game to be quite fun and addicting, despite its relatively repetitive nature. However, that's pretty much what you'd expect from a roguelite, and this game delivers. It's also short enough to not wear out its welcome with repetitive levels and gameplay, making it a fun little romp and a shmup/roguelite that is much more accessible to the general public than others. Hopefully you didn't need to do much grinding, but even if you did, you should make it through this completion without much hassle. Congrats!
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Tesla Force Achievement Guide

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There are 17 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the Tutorial

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    The tutorial is mandatory right from the start and only takes a couple minutes to complete. Run through it to unlock this achievement.
  • Get 30 kill combo

    You will likely unlock this in the tutorial or naturally in one of the early levels, but refer to I am the Danger! (40G) for more information.
  • Hunt down and kill the Gug

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Gug is the boss of the first chapter. He's a bit of a pain to hit. He leaps across the area and sends out a shockwave when he lands. Teleporting, at least for me, didn't seem to avoid the damage from this shockwave, so I just dashed away from it until it dissipated. Basically, like all boss fights, ignore the boss when you're not in your mech, and instead run around and get the mech pieces while you kill regular enemies and avoid the boss's shockwaves Once you have all mech pieces, wait for the boss to jump toward you, activate the mech, and tank the shockwaves while you unload on him. It'll probably take a solid four mech uses to whittle down the boss's health, but it's a surefire way to beat it without worry much about dying.
  • Kill the abomination

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    The abomination is the boss of the second chapter. He's actually the easiest boss of the three, in my opinion, and is prime for getting Untouchable (100G) for beating a boss without taking damage. The only adds are the little spider enemies, which go down instantly from any weapon. Like with the previous boss, focus on the mech parts and only go for the boss when you're in the mech. The only attack the boss seems to have is shooting purple things into the air that fall to the ground in spots that are very obviously telegraphed with a purple spot. Once you're in the mech, note that the boss is always vulnerable. You'll need to kill one of its tentacle things to make it vulnerable. At the start of the fight, there's one of either side of him, but after destroying those, they tend to spawn very close to its body, not visible until you get quite close to the boss. So, if you can't find one to shoot, go up close to the boss and check on its left and right sides. I would put the tentacle between myself and the boss so that I was shooting the tentacle to destroy it and him to damage him. As soon as a tentacle is destroyed, maintain fire on the boss while you strafe to the next tentacle, and repeat until you lose the mech. Then, retreat and collect the pieces while killing the spiders. With this method, as long as you dash out of harm's way from the spiders, you should have minimal problems beating this boss without getting hit.

    Note: After you beat this boss, BEFORE you press button-y.png to complete the mission, refer to Lucky Number (100G) to get that achievement very easily here too.
  • Defeat the King in Yellow

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    The King in Yellow is the boss of the third chapter, and he is significantly more involved then the previous bosses (he also is wearing entirely red, not yellow, for whatever reason). The fight is three phases, and each one involves draining his health bar entirely. 

    To start the fight, you need to get close to the pillar in the center and press button-a.png when prompted to initiate the fight. The pillar turns into the boss, and since you should still be in your mech for some time, you'll want to immediately focus fire on the pillar. It'll be shooting projectiles out all over the place, but tank it in your mech and you can realistically take off half its health before your mech runs out. Once it does, keep your distance to avoid projectiles, killing regular enemies, while you gather the mech pieces, then activate the mech and move back to the center to finish it off.

    For the second phase, he is not only mobile, but he goes around the screen pretty quickly. However, it's not random movements at all, so it's easy to pick up on where he's going to go/be. While moving, he continually shoots green projectiles around the screen. There will also be a ton of regular enemies in this phase. It's extremely risky to try to shoot the boss while not in the mech, so just move from mech piece to mech piece while focusing on the enemies and projectiles to avoid taking (too much) damage. Once you have the mech ready, don't activate it until you catch up to him/cut him off, so you don't waste time chasing him while in the mech. You're looking at a solid three mech activations, maybe more, to finish off this phase, because he's a smaller target and takes a lot more damage. Stay patient and focus on avoiding projectiles and enemies while you're not in the mech, and you'll survive this phase.

    For the third phase, he gets markedly bigger, and tends to hover back and forth in an area rather than moving all over the screen. He also shoots moving tripwire-like projectiles across the screen, but these are pretty easy to avoid. Once again, focus on mech parts while avoiding projectiles and enemies, of which there are a ton. Once you have the mech ready, making sure you actually find the boss before activating it. Sometimes he can be a pain to locate, as he'll sometimes hover just off the map right at the edge. Once you locate him, activate the mech, tank damage, and unload on him. With focused mech fire, you should be able to finish him off in two mech activations. That finally defeats him, gives you lots of crystals, and unlocks this achievement, as well as beating the game.
  • Purchase an upgrade

    This achievement unlocks upon spending crystals for the first time in the Research machine in the hub area. You'll likely unlock this achievement after your first run of the game.
  • Get 120 kill combo

    Combos in this game have incredibly short windows between the kills to keep them going. There's pretty much no way you're going to get this outside of the mech, since it fires nonstop without reloading.

    The other thing you need, then, is enough enemies flooding toward you nonstop to kill 120 without any real downtime between the kills. I personnally unlocked this naturally during a 'Survey the Hive' level in the third chapter, since I was running from enemies collecting mech parts, and enough had amassed that when I activated the mech, I easily mowed down enough for this achievement. Another good spot to try for this achievement is during the boss fight of the third chapter, since there are constant huge mobs of enemies throughout the fight. Get the mech, get to one corner of the arena, activate it, and fire back and forth to cover all enemies swaming you. You should easily get 120 that way.
  • Complete a chapter with 13 on the clock

    After your first run (win or lose), you'll be introduced to the Doom Clock that will now exist on the right side of the screen in all subsequent runs. It gradually progresses, and each time it crosses a new hour, enemies get buffed in some way, and you'll see the level on the clock increase by one. What this achievement requires is for you to beat a chapter (i.e. a boss fight at the end of a run) with the Doom Clock at level 13.

    Obviously doing this "legit" would be quite challenging, as enemies get progressively stronger every level on the clock, and so you would need to survive quite a while with very strong enemies. Thankfully, there is actually a very simple workaround for this achievement.

    After beating the boss of the second chapter, and the second chapter only, enemies stop spawning but the clock keeps on ticking until you press button-y.png to end your run. You can therefore play through the second chapter, beat the boss at the end, and then just sit there idle while the clock ticks up. Once it reaches level 13, as indicated on the clock itself, press button-y.png to end the run and this achievement will unlock.
  • Destroy 12 Cthulhu statues in a single run

    This achievement is referring to the statues that you destroy in the 'Destroy the Statues' level type. From what I can tell, this is only possible in the third chapter, as there aren't enough of these level types in the other two chapters.

    Either way, before even attempting this, you'll need to have the first Research option (to show all stages in a chapter) fully upgraded. This allows you to see and fully plan out your route through a chapter, ensuring you go through enough 'Destroy the Statues' stages, which are always a red circle. Then, you'll want to start up a run on the third chapter and immediately use the right thumbstick to scroll around the map and review the layout. You'll need at least four of these stages to reach a total of 12 statues in a run, since the first two stages will always have three statues each, the third will either have three or four, and the fourth will always have four. Note that, in my experience, it wasn't always possible to have four of these stages in a run. If you don't see a route, abandon the run and start a new one. You should be able to find a sufficient route within a couple restarts.

    From there it's just a matter of making sure you don't die as you progress through that route. Remember, destroying the statues is far easier with normal guns (Tommy Gun, Shotgun, etc.) than with Tesla energy guns. As soon as you destroy the twelfth statue, this achievement will unlock immediately, right in the middle of the stage. 
  • Kill 10000 monsters

    This achievement is cumulative over all runs of the game. As a result, you'll likely unlock this achievement quite early in your time with this game. I unlocked it before I even beat the second chapter. 
  • Defeat 3 Elite monsters in a single run

    This achievement is referring to the Elite enemies that you kill in the 'Elite Monster' level type. From what I can tell, this is only possible in the third chapter, as there aren't enough of these level types in the other two chapters.

    Either way, before even attempting this, you'll need to have the first Research option (to show all stages in a chapter) fully upgraded. This allows you to see and fully plan out your route through a chapter, ensuring you go through enough 'Elite Monster' stages, which are always a purple circle. Then, you'll want to start up a run on the third chapter and immediately use the right thumbstick to scroll around the map and review the layout. There will always be three Elite Monster stages, but make sure a route exists that lets you play them all. If you don't see a route, abandon the game and restart until it's possible. 

    From there, it's just a matter of actually making it through all the appropriate stages and beating three Elite Monster ones, all without dying. For the Elite Monster stages, treat them like boss fights: don't engage them unless you're in the Mech. When not in it, ignore the Elite and hunt down the Mech pieces. Once it's ready, wait for the Elite to catch up to you, activate your mech, then tank all damage while you focus fire on it. I never had an Elite survive a single mech use, so it should go down with ease. Do this for each Elite fight and you'll immediately unlock this achievement after beating the third one. 
  • Kill 200 monsters with Mech Dash

    This achievement is cumulative over all runs of the game. 

    While in the Mech, you can press lb.png to dash, rather than teleport when you're on foot. The mech's dash, unlike your teleport, can kill enemies. You need to kill a cumulative total of 200 for this achievement. 

    Note that, in my experience, not only did this achievement come naturally, but I think the requirements aren't quite as strict as the description implies. By that, I mean that I think any kills you get in the Mech by just crushing enemies seem to count toward this achievement. This achievement unlocked for me as I started a stage, and when I loaded in as the Mech to start the stage, I landed/spawned on top of a couple small enemies, killing them. This was what unlocked the achievement for me, and I barely used dash at all by that point, so it seem that perhaps just walking over enemies also adds to the total. 
  • Complete a boss fight without taking any damage

    This achievement description is not entirely accurate. What you actually need to do is complete a boss fight without losing any health while on foot. The reason this clarification is necessary is because it's important to realize that, while in the mech, you can "take damage" without voiding this achievement.

    With that in mind, in my opinion, the abomination boss at the end of the second chapter is ideal for this achievement: the regular enemies are not overwhelming and they're very weak and easy to kill, the boss is stationary making it easy to shoot and destroy, and its attacks are extremely simple and easy to avoid. On top of that, the arena for this fight is simple and small, making it very easy to collect all the mech parts.

    And that's basically the only strategy you need for the second boss, to beat it without taking damage. What is that thing? (40G) has more information on how the boss fight progresses, but basically start by unloading on it in your mech, tanking whatever damage comes your way. Once the mech explodes, use your dashes and weapon to take care of regular enemies while you collect the mech parts. I never even had close calls with the boss's purple attacks, but keep an eye on them just in case. Once you're back in the mech, head up to the boss and unload again. In two or three mech activations, you should be able to finish the boss off. As long as you're good with moving around to collect the parts quickly without taking damage, you should have no problems with this fight.

    NOTE 1: If you do take damage during the fight, you actually can attempt it again without having to do a new run. You can pause and choose to 'Save and Quit.' When you go back into your game, you'll be at the start of the boss fight, allowing you to attempt it again without getting hit. Make a mental note of your health when you start the fight, and then, worst case, if you finish the fight but see your health is lower than where you started, Save and Quit instead of pressing button-y.png to complete the mission, and you can try again.

    NOTE 2: There are reports that, if you play as Mary Shelley, her shield she gets doesn't void this achievement if it gets hit. All that matters is that your health on the left doesn't go down. However, she is only unlocked by collecting 125 Energy Cells in a single run. I never unlocked her in my time with this game, and she certainly isn't required for this achievement to be possible. It's just an extra layer of protection in case you do have her unlocked.
  • Perky



    Collect 15 perks in a single run

    In my opinion, this is one of the tougher (i.e. more luck-based) achievements in the game. You need to have 15 perks active during a single run. This would be really tight to do on the first two chapters, since there are less levels, and therefore you need more luck. If you've completed everything else and need to try for this specifically, do it on the third chapter.

    Before attempting this, again assuming you didn't get it naturally while completing everything else, I recommend doing four things:
    • Invest in Perk Slots at the Research machine in the hub. Any perks you equip here do count toward the 15 needed for this achievement. You can equip up to five perks in the hub if you have enough crystals, and that gives you a big leg up. I personally only had two unlocked and was able to get this achievement
    • Even with at least one perk slot (but ideally more), equip the perk that gives you +3 Energy Cells per level you complete. Energy Cells will be key to this achievement, as you'll see below
    • Invest in at least one upgrade for the Research that lets you start each run with +5 Energy Cells. I just invested one point into this, and it was enough
    • Save up some crystals. Ten or fifteen, at a minimum, is what you'll need, but I would recommend having a solid 30-40 on you, just to be safe. More on that below
    With that set up, the important thing to realize for this achievement is that the key to getting 15 perks isn't to focus on the missions with perk rewards (a star on them). While you obviously do want to take routes that have perk rewards, the most important thing to gear your route around are the levels with the shops (anvil icon) on them. It is these shops where you can make the most progress towards this achievement. Every shop has three perks for sale: two for 10 Energy Cells, and one for 20 Energy Cells. Also be aware that every shop lets you buy 15 Energy Cells for 5 crystals. This is why it's important to keep some crystals on hand while trying for this achievement. Because of this setup, you want to gear your route around every shop on the map, so you go to as many as possible. It's practically guaranteed you'll be able to do two shops, which may be enough, but on my successful run I got three.

    So, your goal is going to be to get to every shop you can, and to have at least 25 Energy Cells on hand when you get there (because you can buy another 15 Energy Cells with 5 crystals, and that'll give you the 40 Energy Cells you need to buy all three perks for sale). This is why the above bullet points mention starting with Energy Cells and gaining more after each level, to be sure you always have enough to buy all available perks. The other thing you can do to increase Energy Cell count is to try to do 'Fix the Inhibitor' missions. Every time you actually repair the inhibitor at the end of these stages, a bunch of Energy Cells drop for you to pick up, usually at least five. Everything helps, so keep an eye out for those levels.

    To summarize:
    • Load out with as many Energy Cells and pre-equipped perks as you can, and bring crystals with you
    • Map out your route to go through as many shops as you can
    • Prioritize levels that give perks as rewards
    • Of those levels, prioritize 'Fix the Inhibitor' levels, since they give guaranteed Energy Cells
  • Build Mech 5 times in a single run

    This achievement will likely come naturally and be one of your first achievements. During a run, you need to collect all mech parts five separate times to rebuild it. This will be your go-to strategy for many levels, such as Elite levels, boss fights, and 'Survey the Hive' levels, so expect this before even finishing the first chapter.
  • Collect 100 crystals in a single run

    Refer to Power Play (40G) for more information.
  • Collect 75 energy cells in a single run

    As the descriptions for these two achievements say, you need to collect a certain amount of these items in a single run. Both crystals and energy cells are random drops from enemies, in general. It is pretty likely that both achievements will happen naturally during your successful run (i.e. when you make it to and defeat the boss) of either the second or third chapter. In particular, the 100 crystals will likely happen in your run to get Crimson King (100G), especially if you also progress to the boss and beat it. There are, however, a couple things you can do to improve your odds of getting each achievement:
    • For energy cells, prioritize 'Fix the Inhibitor' levels. Repairing the Inhibitor at the end always drops 5+ energy cells, and so doing a handful of those levels in a run can really boost your total
    • Also for energy cells, equip the perk from the Research machine in the hub to get +3 energy cells for every level you complete
    • For crystals, prioritize 'Destroy the Statues' and 'Elite Monster' levels. All statues you destroy give guaranteed crystal drops, and killing an Elite Monster gives a bunch of guaranteed crystal drops. Map out your route to go to each Elite Monster level through as many 'Destroy the Statues' levels as possible.
    The only other bit of advice is to obviously attempt these on the third chapter, since it's the longest/has the most levels, increasing your chances of getting enough of each.

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