- Estimated achievement difficulty: 9.5/10
- Offline: 2 [30] [the rest can be earned online]
- Online: 10 [170]
- Approximate amount of time for 200 : 72 and up (depends on luck)
- Minimum number of playthroughs: 7 scenarios and 4 tournaments
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: None!

In order to achieve all 200 in this arcade game, you will need at least 11 playthroughs through tournaments and scenarios. It would be helpful to also have an online boosting partner as you can unlock every achievement except for two while online. To find a boosting partner visit the boosting thread.

Step #1: Single player
I would start off by beating the scenarios and tournaments. Some of these are very hard and require a lot of skill. Just keep practicing and don’t go too crazy with the betting and you should eventually get these. By doing these you will also get the achievement Poker Initiation.

Step #2: Online achievements
Find yourself some boosting buddies to get the following achievements: "Tournament Pro", "Chunk of Change" and "Millionaire Club", and any other possible achievements you may have missed.

Step #3: Cleaning Up
If you have done the following steps there may be two possible achievements you need: "Card Shark" and "Luck of the Draw". An easier way to do this without actually have to play every hand and making two thousand of them is to take a rubber band and wrap it around the button to keep it down. With some time and luck you will get "Luck of the Draw". I suggest using a wired controller for this so it doesn’t shut off. You can do this while sleeping, at work, school, etc.

Ending things I say that if you get 200 in this game you are very lucky. If you have trouble with the tournaments and scenarios take your time and practice, it is all in the cards.

[XBA would like to thank Evil Demon55 and Lost In Shower for this Roadmap]

Texas Hold'em Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Win 10 hands.

    This achievement can be earned in any game type.

    As the achievement says, win ten hands. Even if you are a beginner poker player this achievement will be a quick and easy one. A winning hand is either making every opponent fold or having the best poker hand. For a list of poker hands and their ranking see "Luck of the Draw".
  • Win an 'All In' bet.

    This achievement can be earned in any game type.

    Going 'all in' meaning putting all of your money on the line. To do this press twice. Do this on a hand that you feel confident you will win. If your hand is better than the opposer, you will have twice the money and an achievement.
  • Win with a High Card hand of 9 or less.

    This achievement can be earned in any game type.

    The easiest way to do this is in a standard game. Wait until you have a hand with 9 as the highest card. Once this happens go all in and hope all of the AI fold. If they all do you will win the hand and get an achievement. If they call you and you lose just re-buy in and try again until you get them all to fold.

    Also, if you are really having trouble with this one you can boost it online. Invite a friend to your game and tell them to fold when you bet with your crappy hand.
  • Successfully complete all of the scenarios in Single Player Scenario mode.

    This achievement can be earned in Scenario mode only. There is a total of seven scenarios you must complete. Here are the seven and tips on how to win them all:

    1. Final Table Chip Leader
    This one is very easy to win. You start with $2,365,000 and nobody else has anything close to that. Just using common sense will earn you a victory, bet on good hands, fold on bad hands. This is a good scenario to try out first, just to get the feel for it.

    2. Final Table Short-Stacked
    This is a challenging one. You will start with only $415,000 while a few of the AI start with over one million. My advice here would be to go all-in on the first hand. If you lose start the scenario up again. If you win then you have already doubled up and will have a better chance of winning. If you feel this is really hard go all-in the first two or three hands to try and get an even bigger lead.

    3. Final Table Random
    In this scenario you will start out with a random amount of chips. My suggestion would be to quit out and restart it until you are the leading chip count. This way you will have very little difficulty wining due to the lead.

    4. Heads-Up Even
    This scenario is a one on one, also know as 'Heads-up'. You and your opponent will both start with $4,000,000. I suggest going all in until your opponent calls. If you lose start it back up and try again. If you win then the scenario took you all of 2 minutes to beat.

    5. Heads-Up Random
    This scenario will have you in a one on one match with random starting amounts. I suggest restarting the game until you are the chip leader. Then go all-in until your opponent calls. If you lose start it back up and try again. If you win then the scenario took you all of 2 minutes to beat.

    6. Conservative Sit & Go
    This scenario is more boring than difficult. You will be at a table of 8 players all starting with $1,500 in chips. The people you play against are all super conservative, which means they will not bet high and won't take risks often. As you can guess this leads to very long games. If you want to speed it up go all-in until you are called. Hopefully you win, if not restart the scenario. If you win then you will have a large chip lead and room for error. Be patient and play smart, this game will take you a very long time. I suggest taking a break mid game just so you don't make a stupid move out of boredom. It took me about two hours to finish this scenario, it may not be the hardest, but will definitely take you a bit of time.

    7. Loose Sit & Go
    In this scenario you and eight other players will all start with $1,500. Your opponents will be very unconcerned with their money. They will make large bets and call often. A good strategy for winning this one is to wait for a good hand and go all-in. Most likely you will be called by at least one of the AI. Don't bet on anything except really good hands and you should win soon enough.
  • Finish in 1st Place in all Single Player Tournaments.

    This achievement can be earned in Tournament mode only. There are a total of four single player tournaments you must compete in and win to earn this achievement. There is not much to say about the tournaments except for the obvious; win them! I'll give a little bit of information on the four so you know what you are getting into though.

    1. Invitation
    Buy-in: Free
    First prize: $1,000

    2. Regional
    Buy-in: $4,000
    First prize: $16,000

    3. National
    Buy-in: $16,000
    First prize: $64,000

    4. All World
    Buy-in: $125,000
    First prize: $500,000

    As you can see you will need to build up some money in your single player bankroll to even be able to enter some of the tournaments. These will take you a while due to how expensive it is to enter some. I wish you the best of luck, you will only get better as time goes on and you learn to read the AI better.

  • Build one of your bankrolls up to $100,000.

    This achievement can be earned in any game type.

    See "Millionaire Club".
  • Build one of your bankrolls up to $1,000,000.

    This achievement can be earned in any game type.

    By far the easiest way to earn this and "Chunk of Change" is to boost your Player Match bankroll with a friend. To boost this start up a player match with these settings:
    • Limit Type: No-Limit
    • Blinds: $100/$200
    • Buy - In: $50,000
    • Camera Mode: Whatever you want it to be
    • Players: 2

    Now, have player one bet $49,999. Have player two raise to $50,000. Player one will now fold. Player one should have $1 and player two should have $99,999. Due to blinds player one will automatically go all-in. Hopefully they will lose the hand. If not, they will keep going all in until they lose. Player one will now have $0 and player two will have $100,000. Player one will buy back in with $50,000. Rinse and repeat until player two has $1,000,000.

    In order to earn these achievements you will need to leave the table and cash out.


  • Win 10 hands in a row.

    This achievement can be earned in any game type.

    With a bit of practice and luck you should get this pretty quickly. One easy way to get this is to load up the scenario "Heads-Up Random". Only play if you are the high stack. Now keep going all-in. The AI will not call you often because of your lead. Hopefully you can get your opponent to fold ten times in a row. If not, restart the scenario and try again. You may get this in the natural progression of attempting other achievements.
  • Enter and win a Competitive Tournament comprised of 8 players.

    This achievement can be earned in Online Competitive Tournament mode with all human players only.

    This achievement is very hard to boost and is best done legitimately. Since the game puts you in a random match it is next to impossible to get all eight boosting partners in the game. The easiest way to do this is to join a random game and go all-in. Just keep doing so until you win. This will take a few attempts but it is free to enter a tournament.
  • Get one of every type of hand from High Card to Royal Flush.


    To get this achievement you must get every type of hand in the game. Poker hands are (in order from best to worst):

    • Royal Flush
    • Straight Flush
    • Four of a Kind
    • Full House
    • Flush
    • Straight
    • Three of a Kind
    • Two Pair
    • Pair
    • High Card

    Your odds of receiving a royal flush are very poor and it takes thousands of hands to get. The best way to earn this is to 'rubber band'. To do this start up a Single Player Standard Game.

    • Limit Type: No-Limit
    • Blinds: $2/$4.

    It will be free for you to start. After the dealer is chosen and you start the first hand find a means of holding down the button for an extended period of time. A common method of doing this is by using a rubber band. If you use a wireless controller the batteries may die and you won't get as much boosting time, so I suggest one of the following:

    • A standard xbox 360 wired controller
    • A standard xbox 360 wireless controller with a play and charge kit.
    • A wired Guitar Hero guitar controller.

    I find the the Guitar Hero controller to work best due to its large (the green fret) button. Once you have done this just turn off your TV and walk away. If you are worried about your xbox overheating I suggest propping up a small fan near it to keep the area cool. A good time to do this is while you are sleeping, at school, at work, or any other time you can't play your xbox. Using this method you will play, on average, 65-70 hands an hour.

  • Place a bet of $50,000 or more.

    This achievement can be earned in any game type except for Scenario mode. This achievement looks hard to do but is extremely easy. Go to "Multiplayer" and then "Standard Game". Create a match with these settings:
    • Limit Type: No-Limit
    • Blinds: $100/$200
    • Buy - In: $50,000
    • Camera Mode: Whatever you want it to be
    • Players: Doesn't matter

    Now, either invite a friend or have someone random join. Once the game starts go all in ($50,000) and the achievement will pop up.


  • Play 1,000 hands.

    This achievement can be earned in any game type.

    1,000 hands is a lot. To speed up the process of earning this refer to "Luck of the Draw" for simple boosting tips. If you use this method it will take you about 14-16 hours of 'rubber banding'.

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