Lightning Bolt Achievement

  • Lightning Bolt



    Complete a Lightning round with no hints given.

    Once started make a quick mental note of the letters you have and then pause the game by pushing the back button or the Menu button. Now use the word unscrambler to solve the anagram and continue to the next word repeating the process until the round is complete. You will also unlock 'Brainstorm' by doing this.

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  • I think this achievement might be glitched. I was putting up one letter until I figured out the word so it wouldn't give me a hint. I didn't twist the letters or anything. I've completed several rounds this way and still haven't gotten it...
  • Same here not sure why this is happening but worth trying things to see if you can fix this e.g. uninstall and reinstall, restart phone etc.
  • Download the update for the game. The glitch is fixed, and you can now earn this achievement.

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