Extreme Overcharge Achievement

  • Extreme Overcharge



    Deliver 4000 amount of stasis damage on one target

    For this achievement, you will first need a way to put an enemy in stasis. The best way I believe is the Joyrun Dragon augmentation. You could also use the Stasis Drone tactical tool, Stasis Stomp aug, or anything else - but I think Joyrun lasts the longest and is the easiest to control. Once you have that, you need two more things: a large enemy with a lot of health, and a strong weapon you can dish damage out with quickly.
    Your best bet for this would be against a boss that can be affected by stasis, a large mech, Heavy Monobot, etc. Clear out every other enemy and avoid damaging the one you want to try this on, then use your stasis ability to freeze the large enemy, and unload on them quickly. If you can dish out 4k damage before the stasis expires, the achievement will unlock.

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