• Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
  • Offline: 35 (690)
  • Online: 15 (310)
  • Approximate amount of time to 1000: 65-75 hours.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 8 (9 reccomended)
  • Number of missable achievements: None!
  • Glitched achievements: None!
  • Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats.


The Club is a relatively short 3rd-person shooter. It is built on a "tournament/arcade style" gameplay where you rack up points for killing enemies/shooting certain things. Most people tend to end their play for this at 960, not going for the infamous "No, Seriously" achievement, adding to Gears of War's 10,000 kills by one for a total of 10,001. The rest of the online achievements can be done by two people in 2-3 hours, while that achievement alone takes 45-55 hours, depending on if you boost with 2 or 4 people.

Step 1: Insane Playthrough

Play each of the tournaments on Insane, switching characters for each new one. You will only start with six available, but after doing the first four you will get one more. You will not get the 8th until you beat all the tournaments, so once you beat all of them and unlock the final character, run through any tournament on Casual to finish that achievement. You can attempt to grab all the skullshots while doing these, but it will be much harder and I do not reccomend it.

Step 2: Skullshots

Using the skullshot guide provided below, go through and do each event one-by-one on Casual. Make sure you get all the secrets and normals during the same play of the level. You can't get half and then get the other half later, this will not count. You must get everything shot in one go.

Step 3: Miscellaneous Achievements

There are quite a few random achievements for doing things like getting every award, killing enemies with melee, etc. Use the guide provided below to knock all these out on Casual.

Step 4: Online

You can do online with as little as two people. Start a Team Skullshot match on a small map like Warehouse. You can set the gun type to whatever you need for the achievement. Just trade 100 kills of each weapon type, then shoot the skullshots to go toward that achievement. You can boost the 10,001 kills in this same manner, as there is only one spawn for each team and this gametype has no time limit. Camp the other person's spawn (they can go to the zoo or something) and kill until you're bored, then shoot the skullshots to finish the match. Or you can do the 4-player method using Heavy Weapons, Killzone on Mansion. The person getting kills with grab the chain-gun and stand on one of the ammo boxes to either side of it (they will respawn under you, refilling your ammo) and the other three people will need to keep running in front of him to die. You can average 300 kills/hour with this method and it is a bit faster than the two-player method.

[x360a would like to thank The Pants Party for this Road Map]

The Club Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the Steel Mill on any difficulty level in Tournament.


    See "Hard Steel".

  • Complete Steel Mill on Insane level.

    The Steel Mill is the first level and is made up of 6 events:

    1. "Pressed into action" - Sprint
    2. "A View To A Mill" - Sprint
    3. "Wheels Of Steel" - Siege
    4. "Diagnosis Girder" - Survivor
    5. "Time To Mill" - Time Attack
    6. "Run Of The Mill" - Run The Gauntlet

  • Complete Ocean Liner on any difficulty level in Tournament.


    See "Watery Grave".

  • Complete Ocean Liner on Insane level.

    'Ocean Liner' is the fourth level and is made up of 6 events:

    1. "Man Overboard" - Sprint
    2. "Blood Vessel" - Survivor
    3. "That Sinking Feeling" - Sprint
    4. "Watery Grave" - Siege
    5. "A Titanic Struggle" - Time Attack
    6. "Hell And High Water" - Run The Gauntlet

  • Complete Prison on any difficulty level in Tournament.


    See "Hard Time".

  • Complete Prison on Insane level.

    'Prison' is the third level and is made up of 6 events:

    1. "Jailbait" - Sprint
    2. "Doin Time" - Time Attack
    3. "Sprinter Cell" - Run the Gauntlet
    4. "Jailhouse Rock" - Siege
    5. "Hard Cell" - Survivor
    6. "Escape From Newhaven" - Sprint

  • Complete Venice on any difficulty level in Tournament.


    See "Wet and Wild".

  • Complete Venice on Insane level.

    Venice is the 2nd level and is made up of 7 events

    1. "Gondola In 60 Seconds" - Sprint
    2. "Italian Stallions" - Siege
    3. "A Bridge Too Far" - Sprint
    4. "A Route Canal" - Run the gauntlet
    5. "Pasta La Vista" - Survivor
    6. "Pizza The Action" - Time Attack
    7. "Veni, Vidi, Vici" - Sprint

  • Complete Warehouse on any difficulty level in Tournament.


    See "A Crate Effort"

  • Complete Warehouse on Insane level.

    'Warehouse' is the fifth level and is made up 6 events

    1. "Ghetto Blaster" - Sprint
    2. "Siege in the slums" - Siege
    3. "Downtown Dash" - Sprint
    4. "Clocking In" - Time Attack
    5. "Skyline Survival" - Survivor
    6. "The Crate Escape" - Run The Gauntlet

  • Complete Manor House on any difficulty level in Tournament.


    See "Full House"

  • Complete Manor House on Insane level.

    'Manor House' is the sixth level and is made up of 6 events

    1. "Chaos In The Country" - Sprint
    2. "Estate Of Emergency" - Sprint
    3. "Lord Of War" - Siege
    4. "Manor Hunt" - Survivor
    5. "Manor On Fire" - Time Attack
    6. "Bad Manners" - Run The Gauntlet

  • Complete Bunker on any difficulty level in Tournament.


    See "Bunker Buster"

  • Complete Bunker on Insane level.

    'Bunker' is the seventh level and is made up of 6 events:

    1. "Sixty Feet Under" - Sprint
    2. "Go Nuclear" - Survivor
    3. "From Russia With Love" - Sprint
    4. "Countdown To Meltdown" - Time Attack
    5. "Defcon 5" - Siege
    6. "Back In The Ussr" - Survivor

  • Complete the game on any difficulty level in Tournament.


    See "Skillzone"

  • Complete Warzone on Insane difficulty

    'Warzone' is the eighth and final level and is made up of 6 events:

    1. "Time Bomb" - Time Attack
    2. "Tanks For The memories"
    3. "Minded Games" - Survivor
    4. "Bombed Out" - Run the gauntlet
    5. "Warlord" - Siege
    6. "Wargames" - Sprint

    GENERAL TIPS: Considering you don't have to get a certain score or even win the tournaments, if the levels are not timed, take it slow and take enemies out from a distance if possible. If they are timed, shoot while running and if you miss killing someone, just keep going. Make good use of your "snap" move by pressing  to do a quick 180 turn. It takes a while to turn around simply using the thumbstick and you'll most likely get yourself killed that way.

    Also, don't bother trying to get skullshots when playing through on Insane. Do all the tournaments on Insane and enjoy the game, then go back in Single Event mode on Casual to find the skullshots and do all the miscelanous achievements.

  • Play an event with every one of the 6 unlocked characters in either Tournament or Single Event.

    You have to complete the same event with all 6 characters. Just go into 'Single Event' and pick a quick level such as 'Veni, Vidi, Vici' (venice level 7) and play it with the 6 starting characters.

  • Achieve one of every ‘in game award’ either in Tournament or Single Event.

    See "Show Off".

  • Achieve every ‘in game award’ in one level in either Tournament or Single Event.

    The Awards are:
    Head Shot - Shoot someone in the head.
    Head Shot Heaven - 5 head shots in a row. (thanks to Borandi)
    Great Shot - Kill someone from a distance.
    Crack Shot - Same as 'Great Shot' but further away.
    Snap Shot - Press to do a 180 degree turn and kill someone.
    Gatecrasher - Break through a doorway that is boarded up, then kill someone.
    Death Roll - Press to perform a roll, then kill someone when you come out of it.
    Ric-O-Slay - Kill someone by bouncing a bullet off of a surface.
    Penetrator - Kill someone by shooting through an object.
    Multi-Kill - Kill 2 or more people with an explosion.
    Last Bullet - Kill someone with last bullet in your magazine.

    Select the very first level of Steel Mill. ('Pressed Into Action')

    When you start, select your pistol and shoot at the wall/ground/air until you only have one bullet left. Peek around the corner and shoot the guy on the right in the head, giving you 'Last Bullet' and 'Head Shot'. Continue through the level as normal, shooting every enemy in the head till you have 'Head Shot Heaven'. Continue onto the metal walkways, if you go down the walkway on the far side, a guy at the end near the stairs will hide behind the metal bar. Shoot through that to get 'Penetrator'. When you come down the stairs, an enemy will come busting out of the door on the right. Shoot at the metal plate hanging opposite to the door. You may have to try a few different angles, but eventually, you'll get 'Rico-slay'. Perform a roll and kill the other guy to get 'Death Roll'.

    Next, make your way into the area with the train and do 'Snap Shot'. On the walkway there will be two guys, taking one out will give you the 'Great Shot' award. The train has one wagon with two gates, smash through these and kill the guy at the other side, giving you 'Gate Crasher'. (If you don't get this, you'll have to restart.) Continue through to an open area which has two explosive gas tanks. There will be one guy running down the stairs they are positioned at and another guy that is jumping over the railing of the stairs. Kill these guys and the one sitting to the left. Do not move into the area until you've done this. After the area is clear, walk in and you will have two guys coming in from the left, throw a grenade and get them both in the blast radius, giving you the 'Multi-Kill Explosion' award.

    Going through the gate, you will get into the final area of the level. Stay at the point of the gate and wait for the smoke of the explosions to clear. In the back of the space on the walkway there will be two enemies. Shoot the one on the right giving you 'Crack Shot'.
  • Spell the word SOS in the Warehouse in either Tournament or Single Event.

    At the end of 'Ghetto Blaster' (first level of 'Warehouse') is a sign that's back to front on the roof near the exit. It says "Clarke & SOnS. Ltd". Shoot all the letters so only SOS are left.

    - Thanks to Matty Husted Uk.

  • Save 5 Playlists in GunPlay.

    From the main menu, go to 'Gun Play', and then 'Build Level', and choose whatever settings you want. Press when you're ready. Press to save. Repeat 4 more time and Achievement Unlocked.

  • Finish a Tournament on any difficulty with all 8 characters.

    You have to beat a full tournament with all 8 characters. Killen is unlocked after you beat the first 4 tournaments and Nemo is unlocked when you complete the game.

    To save yourself time, change your character after you complete every tournament. When you have completed the game, go back and complete 'Steel Mill' with Nemo on Casual and the achievement will unlock upon completion.

  • Achieve your first x10 combo in either Tournament or Single Event.


    This is the first achievement I unlocked and it will probably be yours too. Every time you kill someone or shoot a Skull Shot you get +1 to your multiplier. Get it to 10 and it will unlock.

  • Shoot All Secret Skullshots in every level in either Tournament or Single Event.


    See "Bag Them Bones".

  • Shoot All Skullshots on one level in either Tournament or Single Event.


    See "Bag Them Bones".

  • Shoot All Skullshots on every level in either Tournament or Single Event.


    For all Skull shot Locations, check out our guide here.

    Note: To get the "Hidden Treasures" and "Bag Them Bones" achievements, each level has to be done in full for either the secret or normal skulls in one try. Meaning you can do the level once and get all normal skulls, then do it again to get all secret skulls - but each type must be done in one attempt. You can't get skulls 1-5 in one run, then 6-10 in another. All 10 must be shot in one go.

  • Kill 30 enemies in a level with a melee attack in either Tournament or Single Event.

    Kill 30 people with a melee attack () in 1 event

    On the Steel Mill level "Time To Mill" You will have over 50 enemies, even on casual, you don't have to worry about your health and there are so many time pick-ups, you will never have any problem with running out of time and blowing up.

  • Reach the level objective with a maximum combo in either Tournament or Single Event.

    See "Efficiency"

  • Kill every enemy on a level using less than 50 bullets in either Tournament or Single Event.

    Pick the last level of Venice "Veni, Vidi, Vici" now the idea is to crash through the exit barrier with a combo of x15 (maximum possible for this level) and kill all 10 enemies with less than 50 bullets (use the pistol) and you will get both achievements.

    1. Walk around the corner and shoot the guy next to the flaming barrel
    2. Turn left and shoot the skullshot
    3. turn around and shoot 1 of the guys behind the sandbag
    4. Shoot the guy next to the 1 you just shot
    5. Shoot Skull shot above arrow pointing right
    6. At the end of this corridor is an enemy who appears from the right
    7. Just past the last enemy run down the 1st set of steps and turn left and shoot skull
    8. Turn around and shoot enemy
    9. Shoot skull shot above doorway heading down
    10.Shoot enemy that appears around the corner
    11.Shoot shield guy
    12.Shoot Skull at the top of the stairs
    13.At top of the stairs turn right and shoot guy behind sandbags
    14.When you enter this area and turn left shoot the bonus enemy who runs behind the turret gun on the upper level
    15.Shoot the last enemy and run for the exit

    Here is a video of this method:


  • Smash 50 Doors in either Tournament or Single Event.

    Just smash through every board you see. The exit boards count towards this as I unlocked mine crashing though an exit. If by the time you finish all 8 tournaments you have not unlocked it go into single event and work on finding the Skullshots, you'll get more during this time. If you still don't have it after that, choose "Wheels Of Steel" (Warehouse level 3) and when you start there will be a board to your left and right break them both finish level and repeat until it unlocks.
  • Get in the top 100,000 on any leaderboard.

    See "Table Topper"

  • Get in the top 5,000 on any leaderboard in Tournament.

    Even though the description says "in Tournament", it can also be achieved in Single Event.

    If you go down the Tournament route you will need to actually look at yourself on the leaderboard for them to unlock. If you go down the Single Event route there are 49 events and 4 different difficulties, so in total 196 leaderboards, and you only need to get on 1. The advantage of doing it in Single Event is that when you have completed the event, the leaderboard will automatically come up.

    This is much easier than it sounds. Play on Insane and try to keep your combo up and you shouldn't have much trouble. Most people tend to get it in their second or third event without even trying for it.

  • Get more than 10,000 points for a single kill in either Tournament or Single Event.

    I got this without even realizing it on the 1st level. Just build up your combo (see "Rack 'Em Up" for tips) and hit one of the bonus enemies or harder enemies.

  • Complete a Run the Gauntlet with 20 seconds left.

    You have to finish one of the "Run the Gauntlet" levels with at least 20 seconds left on the clock. This is easiest done on "Run Of The Mill" (Warehouse level 6) on Casual. Just sprint through the level and you will have well over a minute left on the clock.
  • Hit 5 Skullshots in a row (without killing a bad guy in between).

    Go on the "Diagnosis Girder" (Steel Mill level 4) and shoot the Skull shot in front of you at start (1). Turn left, go through the doorway and downstairs. Above the doorway at the bottom of the stairs is (2). Further along the corridor on the right, low down is (3). Opposite last one (4). Right at the end of the corridor (5).
    Be sure to ignore any enemies. Do it on Casual so you don't take much damage while doing this.
  • Win your first ranked match.

    Win any ranked match.

  • Be on the winning team in a ranked team game.

    Same as "Welcome To The Club," but play a team match.

  • Capture the base 25 times in Ranked matches.

    In this mode there are 2 bases red/blue you must stand in the circle next to the other teams flag and the squares at the bottom of the screen disappear slowly. Once they are all gone you will have 1 capture so repeat 24 more times.

    This is possible to do in a 20 min match 1 on 1.
  • Win a ranked match in every location.

    There are 8 levels you need to win on, though actually 9 levels as there is a Venice A and Venice B. You do not have to win on both A and B though, just one of them.

    Note: You have to be the host for each map. Me and a friend were taking turns throughout the levels and I got the achievement when I was host and he did not when he joined my matches.

  • 25 'First Kills' in any Ranked Multiplayer game mode.

    Play a Team skullshot match and set it to max 2 players, 1 round to win and map Warehouse because it's really small. When the game starts just kill your friend and shoot all 5 skulls after that. Repeat that 24x times and achievement unlocked.

  • Survive for 120 seconds as the hunted in Hunter Hunted.

    In this mode you all start as hunters and the 1st person to get a kill becomes the hunted, once you are the hunted your score will go up. If you play the 1st to 15,000 points the achievement will unlock when you get just over 11,000.
  • Shoot 100 Skull shot targets in Team Skullshot.

    In team skull shot each team has 5 skull plates and it is the 1st team to shoot and destroy all 5 of the other teams skull plates wins the round.

    I did this in 1 on 1. Choose the level you want and set it to 5 rounds, now the plates do not move and stay in the same place every time you play it so find all the plates for the level you have chosen. Both teams shoot 4 and then if red team shoots the 5th it will be the end of the 1st round. Then you will start the 2nd round, both shoot 4 again but this time the blue team gets the 5th one.

    At the end of the game red will have 41 skull shots and blue will have 40. Repeat this another one and half times and the achievement will unlock as soon as you shoot your 100th plate.

  • Kill the Enemy Fox 25 times in Ranked Matches.

    Although it would make sense to do this on team fox hunt DON'T as it will take a lot of matches to do so.

    Instead play Team Capture (1 on 1) as both of you will start as the fox. Get 25 kills and the achievement will unlock when you get to the 25th kill.
  • Score 10,000 points in a Score Match.

    This mode is very similar to the single player mode, you get points for kills and get a multiplier when you chain your kills together.

    I got this in a 1 on 1 match in 5 minutes without my multiplier ever going over 1. Just keep killing your opponent till you have the score and it will unlock.
  • Win any free-for-all game without dying.

    Very easy to get, kill match 1 on 1 and don't die. You still have to win so set the target score to the minimum amount.
    Note: This is the only MP achievement that can be done in Player matches.
  • Your team survives for more than 2 Minutes in Team Siege.

    In siege mode one team attacks (infinite respawn) and one team defends (no respawns) a base, once all defending members are dead the teams switch over.

    So when you're defending just survive until the clock reads 2 minutes and the achievement will unlock.
  • Get 100 Explosive Kills in Ranked Matches.

    You can get explosive kills from either hand grenades, rocket launcher or shooting the blue barrels when someone is standing next to them. Make sure you set the weapon group to explosives when available.

  • Get 100 Sniper Kills in Ranked Matches.

    Get 100 kills with a sniper rifle, make sure you set the weapon group to scoped when available.

  • Get 100 Melee Kills in Ranked Matches.

    Get 100 melee kills () it will unlock when you get the 100th kill. I'd recommend using a character with a high strength rating and putting a few shots into your enemy before trying to hit them.

  • Kill 10,001 people in multiplayer Ranked Matches.

    This is 10,001 kills across every ranked game you have played. This will take a VERY long time to get even with boosting so just play lots of multi-player and enjoy it as this is a pretty fun game online.

    The quickest way to boost kills seems to be normal Free-for-all Killmatch games. The respawns are only 4 seconds. Put it on Heavy Weapons and a small map like Warehouse or Mansion.

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