Deepak Chopra's Leela Achievements

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Unlock the second level of Movement 1, Origin.

  • Unlock all Sequences.

  • Origin



    Finished all levels of Origin.

  • Life



    Finished all levels of Life.

  • Power



    Finished all levels of Power.

  • Love



    Finished all levels of Love.

  • Finished all levels of Harmony.

  • Finished all levels of Intuition.

  • Unity



    Finish all levels of Unity.

  • Finish all levels of all Movements.

  • Create a Mandala.

  • Flow



    Finish one Sequence.

  • Finish all Sequences.

  • Leela



    Finish all of Play.

  • Open



    Finished all Guided Meditations.

  • Focus



    Finished all Silent Meditations.

  • Light



    Finished all Breathwork Practices.

  • Bliss



    Finished all of Reflect.

  • Finish all of Play and Reflect.

  • Have 6 fully grown mushrooms at once (level 2 and up).

  • Fill in all bare spots on a level (level 3 and up).

  • Break all rocks in a level (level 4 and up).

  • Fiery



    Make three volcanoes on one level (level 5 and up).

  • Create 3 storm mountains in one level (level 5 and up).

  • Use all checkpoints available in the level (level 3 and up).

  • Consume 100 Plankton.

  • Reach max tail length.

  • Hit 4 floating ore with one fireball.

  • Share



    Share a Mandala on Facebook.

  • Refine 3 gems within 5 seconds (level 4 and up).

  • Complete a level with the rock wall never reaching the lava (level 4 and up).

  • Boon



    Explode 7 energy stones in a single level (level 5 and up).

  • Have 7 lifts in play at once (level 1 and up).

  • Travel the entire length of the stage using only lifts (level 5 and up).

  • Complete a level without creating a single lift (level 4 and up).

  • Complete a level without touching any negative energy (level 5 and up).

  • Complete a screen of M5 by only activating the node once (level 1 and up).

  • Activate 3 powerups in a level (level 1 and up).

  • Have 3 active black holes on a screen (level 3 and up).

  • Have a chain that lasts for over 10 reactions (Level 1 and up).

  • Complete four patterns without receiving a color change penalty (level 2 and up).

  • Avoid all hazards in a level (level 4 and up).

  • Play for 3 minutes without picking up a single icon (level 4 and up).

  • Complete an entire level only collecting one color (level 3 and up).

  • Fly for 2 minutes without passing through a gate.

  • Pass through 10 gates.

  • Return to guided every day for a week.

  • Return to silent every day for a week.

  • Remain in Infinite mode for 1 hour.

  • Return to breathwork every day for a week.


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Deepak Chopra's Leela Achievements FAQ

  • How many Deepak Chopra's Leela achievements are there?
    There are 50 achievements to unlock in Deepak Chopra's Leela worth a total of 1000 gamerscore.

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