They Never Even Stood A Chance Achievement in The Evil Within 2

  • They Never Even Stood A Chance



    Completely upgraded all weapons.


    How to unlock They Never Even Stood A Chance

    To upgrade weapons, you must be at a workbench. Workbenches can be found at various locations throughout the game, but the workbench you’ll be visiting the most is the one that can be accessed at Sebastian’s office by using one of the mirrors.

    You’re going to have to gather up a total of around 25,000 weapon parts. You’ll be needing a few high-grade weapon parts as well. Fortunately, weapon parts are plentiful in new game +, just like green gel. You must completely upgrade the Handgun, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Warden Crossbow, Assault Rifle, and Magnum.

    For a list of the weapons that can be acquired in the game, see the “Powerhouse” achievement below.

    Here is a list of the locations where high-grade weapon parts can be found in the game:

    Chapter 3:

    • The first one can be found at the end of one of the train cars on the west side of the map, hiding inside of some crates.
    • Another is located in the hidden supply cache underneath the Auto Repair Shop on the west side of the map. Go below ground, and when you get to the door that requires a security code, punch in "9676" on the security panel. Enter the door and you’ll find the parts inside a duffel bag to your right.
    • Your search for Lily will lead you to the large warehouse in the scrapyard. In the warehouse, head upstairs, then enter the first door on your left. The parts are sitting on the workbench.

    Chapter 6

    • Continue past Hoffman’s saferoom and leave the Marrow. You’ll have to go to Union: Post Plus. As soon as you arrive at Post Plus, turn around and the parts are in a duffel bag.

    Chapter 7

    • Save Sykes and complete his “Getting Back Online” side mission. Then go to the tool shed in the north east corner of the map where the Full Barreled Shotgun is found. The tool shed is locked, and you’ll need a storage key located on a body in the south west corner of the map. Once you’ve opened the tool shed with the storage key, go inside the tool shed and open the orange box. The parts are inside the orange box.

    Chapter 11

    • At the beginning of the chapter, go through the door by Torres. Then enter the door immediately on your right. A mirror will be here, and the parts are on a shelf to your left.
    • Soon after the previous part, you’ll be chasing after Hoffman. You’ll have to enter an elevator, but before going into the elevator, look to the room on the right. The parts will be in here.
    • After defeating the Harbinger boss, go through the door next to the boss and immediately turn to your right and you’ll see the parts on a table.

    Chapter 13

    • You need to have saved Sykes and completed his “Getting Back Online” side mission for these next two parts. Go inside the same exact tool shed where you found the high grade part in chapter 7 and open the same orange box again. There is another part here in the same exact location as the one in chapter 7.
    • This next part is in the same tool shed as the last part. Go to the back of the tool shed and it’s on the desk.

    Chapter 15

    • After the fog room/cutscene with Myra near the beginning of the chapter, go right and continue down the stairs. Go through the doorway next to the mirror and look to the ground on your right for the parts.

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  • You will get this achievement by following my All Collectibles guide. All Collectibles playlist: One HIgh-Grade Wepon Part is hidden in lockers.
  • you need to beat the game 2 times and on the 3rd playthrough (2nd New Game + you should have enough high grade weapon parts
  • sorry was wrong - got it before end of 2nd playthrough

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