- Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10
- Offline: 41 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 40-45 Hours [or more depending on failed attempts at 5 hour playthrough or difficulties with Akuma]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 - Survival, Akuma, 5 Hour playthrough
- Number of missable achievements: Chapter Select available in New Game+ mode. But can miss 5 hour achievement if taking too long, and if you do any upgrades you will void the achievement for not upgrading.
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats.
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes. Must beat game to unlock more. New Game+ is available. Certain achievements much easier on casual setting.
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: A few can be buggy, such as Agony Bolt Kills, or for killing 5 in a row without being detected.
- Extra equipment needed: Collectible guide.
- Online Pass Required: No
- Smartglass/Kinect: No support. Can check kills with smart glass, that's about it.

This game is considered a survival horror similar to Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark, etc. They have added a mix of stealth and upgrades to the game. It's designed to be morbid, explicit with blood and death, and meant to stress you out. The game's camera angles, wide screen display, and closeness to your character are meant to make things difficult on you. It's much scarier when something is after you and you have a hard time seeing it. Below is a rundown of what to expect.

-Collectibles- You will need to collect 106 total. They do nothing but give you more storyline. There are keys to find too for lockers which unlock actual supplies. Follow a guide.

-Difficulties- There are various difficulties, other unlocking when you beat the game. You will be playing this game several times. If you want the Akuma difficulty unlocked, you must play it on Survivalist (at least).

-New Game+- A nice thing you can count on is the ability to start a new game with your upgrades and items. This is only good for chapter select. You can mop up misc achievements, grab collectibles, and upgrade your character to the max.

-Multiplayer- There is none.

-How saves work- You get an auto save while you play the chapters and hit checkpoints. You have a "save area" that you go into sometimes to make a manual save. If you reload a chapter your auto save will get deleted. Be careful when doing this.

-Achievement Tracking- The tracking does not show up in achievement tiles. They do accumulate even after death or reloads. This means if you like to knock achievements out of the way early, you can keep reloading your checkpoints for certain ones.

Step 1: Survival - No Upgrading
Before we can unlock any other difficulty, we must complete the game on one of the first two. Do not upgrade anything. Do not spend any gel. This will still be fairly difficult for most people. Once done, you unlock Nightmare and Akuma mode.

Warning: If you start on casual, you are wasting a playthrough. Your New Game+ can only be played on same difficulties or lower.

Step 2: Akuma Mode
The hardest achievement in the game is to beat this mode. You start from scratch, no new game+. You will die in one hit. You must make sure to take things very slow and get as much supplies/ammo as you can. Finding the keys will probably be a good idea too. Take your time and get the keys again to always have max ammo/equipment.

Step 3: 5 Hours Playthrough
You will have to now finish the game in under 5 hours. You can either do this on your new game+ casual with a fully upgraded character, or attempt it after beating Akuma and earning the Brass Knuckles which kill things, including some bosses, extremely quick. Most people use the upgraded character and skip the knuckles.

The game can be extremely difficult for people, though some can manage. If you want to give yourself the ultimate challenge, do Akuma mode without upgrading anything (it has been done before, considered as hard as Dark Souls). Completing the game will give you the feeling of accomplishment. Again, being a survival horror, you will die many times and the game can give you a feeling of stress or panic. Though there are good auto saves, sometimes there are sections you have to do over again that were a pain. Dying on the last enemy before a checkpoint can be frustrating.

[XBA would like to thank Tyger7 for this Roadmap]

The Evil Within Achievement Guide

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There are 71 achievements with a total of 1710 points

  • Completed the game on Casual difficulty.


    Do not be ashamed if you choose this as your first playthrough. You are an achievement hungry fiend who desires the quickest route to gain the most out of the points available. There is a new game+ which unlocks after you beat the game. Also, there are more difficulties. The casual start is best for avoiding upgrading. You will later come back to this setting to beat the game in less than 5 hours. Casual difficulty is your achievement playground. You may end up here a minimum of 2 playthroughs.

  • Completed the game on Survival difficulty.


    If you want to simply enjoy the game the first time through, not worrying about any other achievements, this would be a good option. There are new game+ and more difficulties to follow. And you can always play on casual mode as a new game (no +) to avoid spending upgrade points. Either way it is up to you.

  • Completed the game on Nightmare difficulty.


    This mode is unlocked when you beat the game once on Survival. However, it stacks with Akuma mode, therefore you might not ever play this.

  • Collected every collectable in the game.

    If you look in your archive in the pause menu, you will see there are a bunch of collectibles. There are 106 various collectibles in the game. To get them all you can either look around the environment yourself or follow the guide below. They stack through your playthroughs.


  • Opened up all the lockers in the save room.

    You need to find the various keys in order to gain access to the lockers. It's sort of like a collectible. Inside the lockers you will find useful things, but it is all randomized. If you don't like what you got, you can always reload your save since you're next to the save point anyways.

    There are a total of 45. Follow the collectible guide below to find key locations.


  • Fully upgraded all of Sebastian's attributes.

    You must collect a bunch of jel and upgrade each of the 5 levels per attribute. This will come over time and carries over into new game+.

  • Completely upgraded one weapon.

    See "Unstoppable Arsenal" achievement description.

  • Completely upgraded three weapons.

    See "Unstoppable Arsenal" achievement description.

  • Completely upgraded all weapons.

    You must collect a bunch of jel and upgrade each of the weapons. This will come over time and carries over into new game+.

  • Upgraded all options in the Stock menu.

    You must collect a bunch of jel and upgrade each of the various inventory stocks to max.

  • Killed 10 enemies using the Rocket Launcher.

    The secret weapon is the rocket launcher. You will unlock this when you beat the game and start a new game+. Get 10 kills with it. Reloading checkpoints is okay. The agony effect part means don't shoot with stun, poison, etc before using the rocket launcher. That should be no big deal at all.

  • Killed 5 enemies with each type of Agony Bolt.

    During the game you will get a weapon called Agony Crossbow in Chapter 3. There are various types of bolts you can get that do different things. You can even craft the bolts yourself using parts you find from disarming traps, or locating them in the environment. You can only craft bolts you have "discovered". Finding bolt ammo of a new type you haven't had before gives you the ability to craft them.

    Explosive Bolt: These shoot a bomb onto an enemy and explodes.

    Shock Bolt: This damages enemies with shock damage.

    Freeze Bolt: Freeze the enemy and then break/destroy them.

    Flash Bolt: While this stuns an enemy, kill them by any other means.

    Harpoon Bolt: Fire this into an enemy to pin them to a wall or to damage/kill them.

    Other bolts not associated with achievement (obtained through pre order or possible future purchase DLC)

    Incendiary Bolt: Burns enemies.

    Poison Bolt: Damage over time.

  • Killed 5 enemies in a row with a sneak kill without being discovered.

    A really good place for this is in Chapter 2. You will come to a section where you start next to a haystack after watching a cut scene. There are 7 enemies from here you will be able to kill in a row. Achievement is somewhat buggy. Doing it a few times, it unlocked when I reloaded and only killed 2 enemies with stealth. The time before that I was detected and shot an enemy to death, so not sure what happened. You just have to do the attack, do not have to burn them afterwards.

    Caution: This will nullify the specific achievement "A la Corvo" if you do it in said area (if you are wanting to gain that one, you must not kill anyone in these areas).

  • Killed 5 enemies with a torch.

    The first time you will see the torch is in Chapter 2. You will find an enemy carrying it. Kill the enemy and you can take the torch. Melee another enemy with while holding the torch to burn and kill them. You can reload checkpoint (load game option) to get the achievement in an easy place, or get them naturally.

  • Killed 30 enemies.

    See "One Man Army" achievement description.

  • Killed 200 enemies.

    See "One Man Army" achievement description.

  • Killed 400 enemies.

    You must kill 400 enemies between all of your combined playthroughs. You can check how many you have through SmartGlass or by looking at the leader boards within the game's details. You might even get 200 kills by chapter 7 or 8. Failing/dying still tallies up any kills you had gotten. You do not have to burn every body for it to count as a kill.

  • Killed 25 enemies with melee attacks.

    Melee attacks count when you are killing enemies with the . This means sneak attacks do not count toward this statistic. A good tactic is to hit weaker enemies twice and then run back from them so they swing and miss you. Sometimes they take a lot of hits, so weakening them first with a few shots does help.

  • Sneak Killed an enemy after hitting them with a bottle.

    Bottles can be found around the environment, and are usually placed where you may encounter enemies. To throw one, hold to take aim, then press . The achievement is very picky about how it is obtained. You cannot throw a bottle to hit an enemy, then later sneak kill them. Detection does not matter at all here. You need to throw the bottle specifically in the enemy's face, which sort of stuns it. Now duck behind it and do a sneak attack quickly.

  • Killed 3 living enemies with one drop of a match.

    The game explains that enemies are not really "dead" until they have their brains destroyed or are burnt. A great place to get this easily is in Chapter 2. As you make your way up a trail, you will encounter a handful of enemies on route. There will be a spot with a cabin and to the right are bear traps. Sneak through the cabin and get the remaining enemy's attention. Have him follow you up the hill to where their are already 2 bodies lying on the ground. Shoot the one attacking you and make sure it dies very close to the two bodies. Light a match and throw it down.

  • Finished the game with a clear time of under 5:00:00.

    After a few playthroughs of the game fully upgraded on new game+, you should attempt this on casual. Every time you save it shows how much time you have played. Your goal is to get from checkpoint to checkpoint as quickly as possible. If you get lost or are being slow, just reload your save. More running, less sneaking will need to be done. Dying/reloading check point does not effect time nor does pausing the game.

  • Finished the game without upgrading any skills with green gel.

    Green gel is picked up in the game in order to gain upgrade points. When you go into the mirror that puts you in black and white, there is a chair you can sit in to do upgrades. Best done on easy, do not upgrade anything. This is best done on your first playthrough of the game, as your new game+ will have all of your items, equipment, etc.

    Note: There is a time early in the game where you are forced to initiate an upgrade. This does not count against you as it is story related and has no impact on your actual upgrades.

  • Finished the game on 悪夢(AKUMU) mode.


    This mode is unlocked through beating Survival or Nightmare mode. This is the hardest difficulty in the game. You cannot do a New Game+ with this mode, it must all be done from scratch. You die in one hit. This will be a frustrating mode, as even the weakest enemies can kill you in a grab or a struggle while on the ground. Traps also kill you in one hit. Med packs and shots are useless in this mode! Attempt this last so that you know what to expect. For an easier time, you will likely need to play this after completing the game in a recent time frame. Putting the game on the back burner for a few months will only make things much tougher. Try to play this mode while the game is fresh in your mind.

  • Opened the gate to the village without killing a single enemy in Chapter 2.

    Once you see a cutscene where the man turns into something evil, the achievement starts. You must not kill any of the enemies (sneak past them) to gain the achievement. There are a decent amount of them to get by.

  • Took out the Sadist with a sneak kill in Chapter 3.

    In Chapter 3, you will meet a doctor and have a task to get through a wooden gate. You must get a chainsaw for this task. Kill enemies around and gather weapons and ammo. You should be able to find the Agony Crossbow as well. Once you're ready, go into the barn and let loose the chainsaw enemy. Shooting 3 explosive shots into him works well, you will need to make a bolt on the fly most likely. Shooting a little bit with the shotgun can help weaken him even more. Change the bolt to flash bolt and fire at him. Duck behind him and knife him in the back. Try again if it doesn't kill him. The gave auto saves after you kill him so be careful on not giving him too much damage beyond what has been described.

  • Experienced the vision in the Hospice in Chapter 4.

    This is very simple. Once you start the chapter, look to your left to see a big house with a staircase leading to a balcony. Go to the door on ground level and watch a cut scene. Kill the enemy to unlock the achievement.

  • Rescued Kidman without Joseph taking any damage in Chapter 5.

    You will have a partner that helps. You will have to free another female partner from a water trap. You will need to fight off many enemies at once yet not get hurt injured (nor your partner). You will likely have to play this several times, so best done on a New Game+ with all your upgrades and increased capacity.

  • Saved Joseph from falling off a ledge in Chapter 6.

    During Chapter 6 you will be in a very open area where eventually, you will be attacked by enemies shooting bolts at you (tons of them). There is a high point you must cross to get to this, a bridge made of wood. It is up here your partner must be attacked by an enemy and fall, clinging for his life. The easy part is rescuing him. It's more difficult to get him in this state of panic. You will need to keep crossing the bridge back and forth, bringing enemies to him. Shooting the enemies in the outside elevators (they shoot the bolts) will make more enemies attack. You have a checkpoint right by this area, so stock up on things before crossing the bridge.

  • Escaped from the Catacombs killing only 2 Keepers in Chapter 7.

    You can only kill the first and third instance of the safe head enemy.

  • Finished Chapter 8 without firing a single weapon.

    This requires you to beat the level without using any weapons. It's a short chapter. You should be able to manage it on casual, or a new game+ when you have upgraded stamina and health. Grenades have been confirmed as "okay" to use.

  • Defeated Laura before riding the elevator in Chapter 10.

    You cannot beat the long haired enemy until you play a New Game+ with rockets. Some claim to have done it without, but it's extremely tedious and not worth attempting until you have the launcher.

  • Drove down the highway without hitting a single enemy in Chapter 12.

    In the bus sequence, you will be in control of driving. There are enemies in the road which you cannot hit. Anything else is fine, just don't run into the enemies.

  • Powered up all electrical equipment simultaneously in the subway in Chapter 14.

    This one is extremely easy. Once you get to the generator and the elevator, go to the right and collect the last fuse. Now go to the middle panel and put in all the fuses. Left is 3 point, middle is the straight up/down, and right is the right angle.


Secret achievements

  • Defeated the Sadist within the village.

    Story related achievement, can't be missed.

    Chapter 3 - The sadist refers to the chainsaw enemy in the barn. You must first try to pull the chain at the big wooden gate. There are plenty of ammo and supplies to grab to stock up with before the fight. You will even find the agony crossbow. Refer to the video in "Knife Beats Chainsaw" to pair the two.

  • Finished off a shrieking beast.

    Story related achievement, can't be missed.

  • Took out both guardians before the church.

    Story related achievement, can't be missed.

    There will be two giant enemies that you fight n a cemetery. You only fight one at a time. For the first one you can just stay back and shoot it behind the gate in front of you. It should get stuck there. The second one is not as easy, but you can run to the back of the area to hide in a space that you duck under. Just hide, shot, and repeat.

  • Escaped the Keeper beneath the catacombs.

    Story related achievement, can't be missed.

  • Ended a monstrosity in the underground garage.

    Story related achievement, can't be missed.

    This boss seemed very difficult at first. Trying to hide in the rooms or under cars was not working very well. Waiting for the eye to show up to shoot and stun the beast also got annoying. I found the easiest way was to just face it and run around shooting. Creating freeze bolts helps a lot. Just keep shooting it with all you have and eventually the eye will stay out and there is kind of a purple glow. This means it's almost dead. Some more good shots into it will end it.

  • Outran a gigantic threat in the city.

    Story related achievement, can't be missed.

    You will face this enemy twice while on the bus. Just keep shooting it, no real tactics needed.

  • Removed an invisible enemy from the equation.

    Story related achievement, can't be missed.

    This enemy will spit poison, go invisible, jump to a hole in the ceiling, and spawn little enemies. You should always stick around the pillars and shoot. Boss doesn't take too long if you're using the right weapons.

  • Defeated the ultimate evil within.

    This is the last boss of the game, and actually very easy. There are several checkpoints. You'll run a couple of times, then shoot a couple of times (where you cannot move). Very easy end game section, compared to the rest of the game.

DLC: The Assignment (Store Link)

There are 10 achievements with a total of 225 points


Secret achievements

DLC: The Consequence (Store Link)

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points


Secret achievements

DLC: The Executioner

There are 10 achievements with a total of 235 points


Secret achievements

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