You have passed third level Achievement

  • You have passed third level



    Complete the third level

    As the description says, this achievement unlocks upon completing the third level in the game. All other achievements in the game are story related, as are all title update achievements (some of which will unlock before this achievement and some of which will require proceeding past the third level. The following video, courtesy of Sangriaz at The Hidden Levels, shows a full playthough of the game from start to finish, and was made for the Xbox One version of the game. That version requires you to play through the entire game, hence the video's length. For the purposes of the Windows version, the levels are the same, so the video can still be used for the first few levels as needed. Feel free to refer to it as needed throughout your playthrough. I don't recommend watching/following the entire video, as most levels you will be able to complete yourself, and watching the video will just artificially lengthen your time with this game. Instead, just refer to it as needed.

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