- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 48 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 35-40 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (You can continue playing after completing the story)
- Number of missable achievements: None (You can continue playing after completing the story)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

  • Corleone DLC
    • Difficulty: 5/10
    • Time to 250: 4-5 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Welcome to The Godfather! The video game depiction of the classic movie of the same name. In The Godfather, you take on the role of a self created character and work your way up the ranks to eventually assume the mantle of 'The Don of NYC'. This is a fairly straight forward, although somewhat time consuming list of achievements, but they aren't too difficult and once you have gotten 100% you can be proud of the effort it took to obtain it.

As stated in the above rundown, cheats do not affect your ability to unlock the achievements, so should you feel the need for a little helping hand, you can enter them without worrying about the achievements.

*Note: These cheats are time-sensitive and you will have to wait 7 - 10 minutes before re-entering them.

To enter the cheat codes, while you are playing, pause the game and enter the codes listed below for the desired effect.

Full Health - , , , , ,
Full Ammo - , , , , ,
Instant $5,000 - , , , , ,

Step 1 - Story
Your first step, naturally, would be to complete the story of the game and along the way obtain as many of the achievements as possible. You can't miss any of the achievements as you can continue playing after you have finished with the story, although you should take caution in which achievements you decide to procrastinate on as although you can't miss any, there are a few that will become a lot more time consuming if you leave them too late. These are primarily, "Public Enemy Number One" (Reach Respect Level 50), and "Executioner" (Complete ALL Execution Styles). These become a lot more time consuming as you need rival family members to kill for xp towards 'Public Enemy Number One' and you can only obtain credit for executions towards 'Executioner' by doing these executions on rival family members and after completing the story, there are very few rival family members left and finding them becomes a challenge in itself.

Step 2 - Clean up
After completing the story, you will have obtained a great many of the achievements from the game, but you will undoubtedly have some of the more time consuming ones left. These will likely be the achievements for taking over all of the fronts and doing all of the various mission types, as well as the collectible achievements. As for the majority of the achievements requiring you to take over all of the fronts and do all of the missions, the locations of where to go to do these will all be on your map, which can be found through the pause menu. For help in finding the collectible, refer to the achievement guide for a link to a map showing you where to find them all.

Corleone DLC

After completing the main game and obtaining the original 1000, you can now start on playing through the Corleone Challenges DLC. To access these challenges, you need to select them from the main menu and from there you can choose which one to play. These are separate from the main game, but you still use your created character as well as your weapons from the main game. Each one of these challenges is timed and you will need to complete the challenge goal within the allotted time to succeed and unlock the corresponding achievement.

*Note the EA servers have been shut down for this game, but this DOES NOT affect your ability to earn the full 1250. The servers where for the leaderboard feature only. If you are having trouble starting the Corleone Challenges DLC, please refer to This thread for a step by step guide on how to access them.

So there you have it! Although, now quite dated, this game is a classic and must be played by casual gamers and hardcore achievement hunters alike. There is not much else to say about the achievements. A solid list and a very good investment of anyone's money, you will be entertained for a good few hours while you hunt for these achievements.

[XBA would like to thank Scotty for this Roadmap]

The Godfather Achievement Guide

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There are 58 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Reach Respect Level 10

    See "Public Enemy Number One".

  • Reach Respect Level 20

    See "Public Enemy Number One".

  • Reach Respect Level 30

    See "Public Enemy Number One".

  • Reach Respect Level 40

    See "Public Enemy Number One".

  • Reach Respect Level 45

    See "Public Enemy Number One".

  • Reach Respect Level 50

    Reach level 50. Once you've done so, you will have gotten all of the above achievements. Take over everything in the game and keep robbing banks and stealing racket trucks until you reach level 50.

  • Earn 5 Execution Styles

    This is easy, simply use different weapons, and when the 'execute' prompt appears hit .

  • Crack 10 Safes

    Go into the map screen and press right trigger, this should open a list of Corleone owned businesses, look through them until you find one with 'safe opened':no' - go to that place, find the safe and blow it up. You only need one stick of dynamite. You get another from the safe you just blew up, repeat ten times. If you don't own any more businesses, take over some - this will help towards 'Earner'.

  • Bribe a Police Chief

    Look on your map for a police badge. Go to that location and then bribe the police chief.

  • Hijack 10 Racket Trucks

    Look around for lorries (trucks) and when you see one, park in front of it. Then fire off your tommy gun at the front of it, until the men jump out the back. Kill them and then the driver will hop out. Persuade him to give you his truck, then drive it too your nearest lorry drop-off point, which will be on your map when you get in the lorry. Watch out though the gang that you stole the racket truck from will chase you down so make sure to do this near a safe house.

    Repeat this 10 times.

  • Purchase a Safehouse

    You get this automatically after you complete one of the first missions in the game.

  • Hire a Crew Member

    Look for one of the 'crew for hire' icons on your map, go there and buy.

  • Earner



    Extort 10 Businesses

    Keep taking over businesses, if your a low level go after Tattaglia's and Stracci's. Cuneo and Barzini can be difficult to handle at a low level. This will help you get 'Petty theft' and 'Enforcer'.

  • Take Over 5 Rackets

    Again, like Earner, keep taking over businesses and you'll come across five rackets sooner or later, except you shouldn't have to do any persuading, you just buy them straight out.

  • Purchase a Firearm Upgrade

    Go to the very bottom of little Italy, at a park type place. There's someone there who will sell you a fairly cheap weapons upgrade.

  • Heist a Bank

    Look on your map for a dollar sign (that's a bank). Make sure you are fully prepared and if you're a low level hire someone, go into the bank walk up to the vault, then all the guards will turn on you. Kill them, blow open the vault with dynamite then steal all the cash and get back to the nearest safe house then the achievement is yours.

  • Bomb a Business

    It's better you do this when you're in a mob war (that way you can end it). Find a business owned by the family that you're in a mob war with and make sure you have a bomb, NOT DYNAMITE OR MOLOTOVS. Run in, plant bomb, run out and drive to safe house because your heat will max out. You'll get this when the bomb explodes.

  • Win a Prize Fight

    See "Heavyweight Champ".

  • Collect 10 Film Reels

    See "Debt Collector".

  • Take Over a Neighborhood

    Keep playing until you see an objective called 'Take over the Verona warehouse to take over Little Italy'. Find the Verona warehouse. It's owned by Tattaglia. Then take it over and the achievement is yours.

  • Complete ALL Missions

    Keep going to the blue circles on your map and complete the missions you gain from them. On the 'Tom's report' screen it'll tell you how much out of 100% you have done. Get a 100% to get the achievement.

  • Complete ALL Hits

    Keep going to the yellow circles on your map and complete the missions you gain from them. On the 'Tom's report' screen it'll tell how much out of 100% you have done. Get a 100% to get the achievement.

  • Complete ALL Favors

    Keep going to the Pink circles on your map and complete the missions you gain from them. On the 'Tom's report' screen it'll tell you how much out of 100% you have done. Get 100% to get the achievement.

  • Help ALL Merchants

    You'll come across this as you work towards 'Total Domination'. Every so often you'll meet a shop owner who needs a favor. Help him or her out and they should automatically pay you. Also note there are ten of these merchants that need help.

  • Extort ALL Businesses

    Go for Tattaglia's and Stracci's first then when you have more weapon upgrades and will be a higher level to go for Cuneo's and Barzini's. You will get this achievement when every single shop is under Corleone control.

  • Take Over ALL Fronts

    You'll get this while working towards 'Total Domination'. Go into basements or upper floors of shops and clubs and you will discover another person to extort, once you have extorted all of these people the achievement is yours.

    Note: if you do not have this achievement when you have "Total Domination" look back at the list of businesses you own in Tom's report and see which ones have a "front" that has not been extorted.

  • Bomb ALL Drug Rackets

    This is a pretty easy achievement as its not much to do. Visit the four drug rackets and take them over - you will need some dynamite.

  • Seize ALL Warehouses

    See "Rival Family Elimination" - use the same advice for taking down warehouses.

  • Seize ALL Transport Hubs

    See "Rival Family Elimination" - use the same advice for taking down transport hubs.

  • Destroy ALL Rival Compounds

    These (including two above) are not easy. There are a lot of rivals at each, especially with Cuneo and Barzini. Here is some advice for getting these achievements.

    * Don't get to close, stay a good distance from your rivals and take them down using the Tommy gun or the Magnum, when in an enclosed area use the Shotgun in case an enemy jumps you from a corner.

    * Take dynamite and Molotovs - enemies tend to group together, a good old Molotov will sort that out.

    * When taking down one of the rival family houses try and get into the basement. Enemies will be swarming the house ready to jump you. Don't deploy your dynamite until you are sure they're all gone. Wait in the basement and they will come to you one by one - easy pickings.

    * Make good use of cover - if at any point you see your health dwindling get behind some cover, the A.I isn't all that smart.

    * Don't act like a hero - like the last one same as any shooter really. Don't run into a crowd of ten enemies, use cover and pick them off one by one or if they are close together use a Molotov

  • Purchase/Own ALL Safehouses

    In hotel type places you can enter and buy a room to use as a safe house, you will get one automatically, then buy the rest. Family buildings you take over also count as safe houses so you can only get this achievement once you have 'Total Family Elimination'.

  • Heist ALL Banks Once

    There are six banks in the city. Plant dynamite on the safe, take the money and go. Make sure you have a get away vehicle and get to a nearby safe house. Once you have taken the money from the sixth bank and get to a safe house this achievement is yours.

    Note: You do not have to heist all the banks at once, do them one by one.

  • Win ALL Prize Fights

    1. Little Italy - 2nd floor of Molsenni's - Prince Street and Bowery

    2. Brooklyn - 1st floor of Pitkin Garments - Washington Street and Front Street

    3. Midtown - Basement of Corcoran's Perch - 23rd Street and 4th Avenue

    4. Hell's Kitchen - Roof of Stromboli Supplies - Galvin Street and 11th Avenue

    5. New Jersey - Basement of Highway Hotel - Observer Highway and Newark Street.

    Win them all and the achievement is yours

    Note: You cannot use weapons to win fights to get this achievement.

  • Crack ALL Safes

    There is a list here of safe locations, use a stick of dynamite for all 100 and the achievement is yours.

  • Reach Don Rank

    To get this just complete all of the main missions, remember. Blue circles, complete them all and you will be crowned "Don" of the Corleone family.

  • Reach Don of NYC Rank

    You must have completed all of the main missions and taken down all the other family strongholds, businesses, and fronts. It takes a lot of time, but you will get this as you progress through the game.

  • Complete ALL Execution Styles

    Here is an excellent list. Complete one of each on an opposing family member and the achievement is yours.

    Note: I'm pretty sure this only works on other family members, not civilians or police.

  • Collect ALL 100 Film Reels

    You can thank the great people at godfatheruniverse.com for this map.

    Note: It's best you leave all the film reels until you go and collect all 100 that way there will be no fuss over which ones you have/haven't gotten.

DLC: Corleone Challenges

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Corleone Challenges: Kill 25 mobsters using firearms before time runs out

    From the Menu--Professional--Weapons--Marksman (20 minutes) --Easy--

    Go to the Tattaglia 'Chinaware Warehouse' in Little Italy. Only use firearms only, no fists or cars. If you die you will re-spawn at a hospital literally right around the corner.

    **See CC Barzini Hit for method to use, or use the -Chinaware Spawn Trick-

  • Corleone Challenges: Kill 10 mobsters using explosives before time runs out

    From the Menu--Professional--Weapons--Demolition (20 minutes) --Medium--

    Shoot a Tattaglia mobster in the knee to make him drop (can't run away). Target him and toss a stick of dynamite. Make sure you don't stand too close. There is dynamite supplier in back alley of Tattaglias 'DeMantagna's Barbershop' if you need more explosives.

  • Corleone Challenges: Disarm 10 mobsters before time runs out

    From the Menu--Professional--Methods--Disarm (20 minutes) --Medium--

    To disarm a mobster, you must shoot them in the same shoulder that they are holding their gun. To do this, lock onto your target and move the target using the to the knee cap. Shoot (knee capping helps) then move the target to the shoulder and shoot.

  • Corleone Challenges: Kill 20 mobsters with your bare hands before time runs out

    From the Menu--Professional--Methods--Blackhand (20 minutes)--Easy--

    Go to the fronts of businesses and Beat Up (barehanded) the mobsters. Sometimes more will come around from the back. Unlike the prize fights, you Can Not use melee weapons. Do Not shoot them to lower their health because they won't shoot if you don't have a weapon out.

  • Corleone Challenges: Kill 50 Barzinis in less than 20 minutes

    From the Menu--Triggerman--Sanctioned--Barzini Hit (20 minutes)--Easy--

    As soon as it starts, go to the map, hit 3 times, and go down to Barzini's 'Palermo Warehouse'. Mark it with the red flag indicator. Go to it and take out all of the Barzinis on both sides guarding the warehouse. Since the entire place has Barzinis businesses around it, a bunch of Barzinis will come and attack you, which makes this even easier. Once you take out all of them you should have between 10-15 kills. You should then go to the warehouse and kill as many people as you can. Once you die you'll be taken to a hospital about 10 seconds away. Rinse and repeat.

  • Corleone Challenges: Take over a neighborhood in less than 40 minutes

    From the Menu--Takeovers--Businesses--Neighbourhood (40 minutes)--Easy--

    Take down 1 compound. 'Verona Warehouse' in Little Italy will give you this achievement extort warehouse owner 'Squeegie'. For help on takedowns see -this post-

  • Corleone Challenges: Bomb 10 buildings in less than 20 minutes

    From the Menu--Freelance--Bombing--Urban Renewal (20 minutes)--Medium--

    Rx Buildings and Hospitals do count, so when you die remember to bomb. In your campaign save, make sure you have full bombs. For more help see -Helpful tips- The nearest bomb supplier in Little Italy is located in Foley Square. Look for the FBI badge in lower Little Italy if you're having trouble locating the bomb supplier icon. The supplier is on top of the stairs behind the 1st left white column of a massive white 'court house' looking building. Note: 'Harry's Bar' (Police Chief) is unbombable.

  • Corleone Challenges: Rob all six banks in less than 25 minutes

    From the Menu--Freelance--Money and Respect--Heist (25 minutes)--Hard--

    Rob 'Midtown Bank' (north Midtown) and 'Manhattens Trust' (Midtown). From here you can go 1 of 2 ways depending on level:

    1. Level 50's or close to it should drop the money off at 'Chateau Leive'(Midtown);

    • Rob 'New Jersey National' (New Jersey)
    • Rob 'Savings and Loan' (Little Italy)
    • Drop the money off at 'Grand St Apartments' safehouse
    • Rob 'The Bowery Bank' (Little Italy)
    • Drop the money off at 'Grand St' safehouse
    • Rob 'Brooklyn Bank' (Brooklyn)
    • Drop the money off at Clemenza's safehouse.

    2. If you are no where near level 50, it would be wise drop the money off at 'Grand St Apartments' safehouse (Little Italy);

    • Rob 'The Bowery Bank (East Little Italy)
    • Drop the money off at 'Grand St'
    • Rob 'Savings and Loan' (Little Italy)
    • Drop the money off at 'Grand St'
    • Rob 'New Jersey National (New Jersey)
    • Drop the money off at 'Grand St'
    • Rob 'Brooklyn Bank' (Brooklyn)
    • Drop the money off at Clemenza's safehouse.

    For a detailed description please see -this post-

  • Corleone Challenges: Kill 200 mobsters in less than 35 minutes

    From the Menu--Triggerman--Unsanctioned--Carnage (35 minutes)--Easy--

    Go to the 'Milk Co. Warehouse' in Hell's Kitchen.**See CC Marksman for method to use, or use the -Chinaware Spawn Trick-

  • Corleone Challenges: Take over all of one family’s businesses in less than 65 minutes

    From the Menu--Takeovers--Businesses--Monopoly (65 minutes)--Hard--

    Take over either Cuneo or Tattaglia. Find the one that will work for you: VGA o0EVIL0o (Lboard#1) used -this method- & -alternative- to takeover Cuneo businesses. Quick5057 used -this method - to takeover Cuneo businesses. Fonkey Monkey took over Tattaglia businesses. This is much easier than Cuneo takeovers.


    We (Fonkey Monkey and Dead Like Me) would like to thank VGA o0Evil0o, MEE7HOOK, Quick5057, StrongLikePepsi, and Dan 0904 for their help with the DLC guide.

DLC: Game Title Update

There are 10 achievements with a total of 165 points

  • Corleone Challenges: Hijack 5 racket trucks before time runs out

    From the Menu--Takeovers--Warehouses--Hijack (20 minutes) --Easy--

    If you are a level 50 or near, you are no doubt an expert at this by now. If you've never hijacked a truck before press , shoot the back of the truck a few times and 2 gangsters will pop out and shoot at you. Kill them and talk to the driver. It helps to kill the driver after you get the keys, so another truck can re-spawn shortly in that same location. Drop the truck off at the nearest drop off point identified as a 'blinking brown truck' on the map. Continue to drive around, park in front of a truck once you've found one, and hijack until you've hijacked 5.

    An easier/lazy method is to bribe cops to the east of your spawn point down Grand St. in front of the 'The Bowery Bank'. A truck usually arrives at this intersection and the cops will help you kill the mobsters. One you've hijacked it, drive it back to your spawn points' garage, or any of the truck drop offs on your map. Note: Driving into a truck will make it speed off, thus making it harder to get.

  • Corleone Challenges: Kill 25 mobsters using your car before time runs out

    From the Menu--Professional--Weapons--Road Rage (20 minutes) --Easy--

    Method to use: -Chinaware Spawn Trick- Do this trick using a car.

  • Corleone Challenges: Perform 10 unique executions before time runs out

    From the Menu--Professional--Methods--Execution Styles (10 minutes)--Easy--

    You have to be close to and hurt the mobster enough for the Execute (press ) option to appear. These cannot be done on civilians. You get a 'shotgun execution' just by shooting a mobster with a shotgun. Repeat this for all your weapons for a bunch of easy execution kills. For a list of executions and how to perform them please see -this thread-

  • Corleone Challenges: Extort 20 merchants and/or racket bosses before time runs out

    From the Menu--Takeovers--Businesses--Collecting Dues (20 minutes) --Medium--

    The easiest and fastest way to complete this one is to be a level 50, or close to it, and to not have your weapon drawn unless necessary. Bribing cops help. Run into 20 shops and extort (press ) the shop keepers and they will gladly do business with you. Also, any time it says 'BACK DOOR UNLOCKED' after you've bought out the business, there's a Racket in the back available for takeover. Extort the Racketeer aswell because it counts towards your total.

  • Corleone Challenges: Crack 10 safes before time runs out

    From the Menu--Freelance--Bombing--Safe Cracker (20 minutes) --Medium--

    Flag these locations. Note: If you die you'll start at #6 in an Rx Clinic. Crack the safe there.

    1. Tattaglia Global Trading Co -Easy-
    2. Strattchi Timpani's Bakery -Easy- (When she asks for a favour Decline)
    3. Tattaglia Emilios Butcher Shop -Easy-
    4. Cueno Boolies Bakery -Fairly Easy- (below Rx, Cop station near for Bribes)
    5. Tattaglia DeMantagnas Barbershop -Easy- (near RX)(Dynamite Supplier in alley)
    6. Rx Clinic -Easy-
    7. Rx Clinic -Easy-
    8. Tattaglia Harrys Bar -Easy- (Bribeable Police Chief)(Safe is in Right door)
    9. Cueno Primola -Medium-
    10. Tattaglia Arezzo Seafood -Easy-

    For other safe locations please see -this thread-


  • Corleone Challenges: Earn $75,000 before time runs out

    From the Menu--Freelance--Money and Respect--Earn Money (20 minutes) --Medium--

    Little Italy

    1. Rob 'The Bowery Bank' for $4,000
    2. Drop off at spawn point.


    1. Rob 'Manhattans Trust' for $50,000
    2. 'Midtown Bank' for $20,000
    3. Drop these off at 'Chateau Leive'
    4. You only need $1,000 more.

    Note: Sometimes you can unlock this achievement just by having more than $100,000 already in your game save that you loaded before playing this challenge.

  • Corleone Challenges: Kill 100 mobsters before time runs out

    From the Menu--Triggerman--Unsanctioned--No Innocents (20 minutes) --Medium--

    As soon as you start go to your map and press 5 times to get to the Strattchis information. Look up 'Italian Hauling Co.' in Little Italy (first warehouse listed). Mark it with the red flag indicator. Go there and kill all the gangsters, giving you between 15-20 kills. Then kill yourself with a molotov cocktail. You'll re-spawn at a nearby hospital, Rinse and Repeat. Do NOT kill cops or run over civilians. Alternatively you can use the -Chinaware Spawn Trick-

  • Corleone Challenges: Takedown a warehouse in less than 5 minutes

    From the Menu--Takeovers--Warehouses--Warehouse Takedown (5 minutes) --Easy--

    Steal a car and go to the nearest Strattchi (blue S) warehouse. It should take you about 30 seconds to get there. Run up the right set of stairs, go through the door and run across the walkway. Two guys will come out the door in front of you, kill them. Once outside there will be 2-3 more guys, kill them, then go through the red building on the right, kill the 3-5 guys inside and take a right once upstairs. Talk to the warehouse owner, you will buy him out and the achievement will be yours. Pretty simple and easy, only took me a minute and 51 seconds, but you'll have 5 minutes so you should get it no problem.

  • Corleone Challenges: Kill 50 Tattaglias in less than 20 minutes

    From the Menu--Triggerman--Sanctioned--Tattaglia Hit (20 minutes) --Easy--

    If you are having trouble head to Tattaglias 'Chinaware Warehouse' (Little Italy) and use -Chinaware Spawn Trick- to kill a re-spawning Tattaglia over & over for an easy 50 kills.

  • Corleone Challenges: Kill 30 mobsters in less than 15 minutes using only melee weapons

    From the Menu--Professional--Weapons--Batter Up (15 minutes) --Medium--

    Grab the bat upstairs in the safehouse in front of you. Melee weapons break so use the execution (press ) option when it pops up (usually after two swings) to save its 'ammo'. Head north to Tattaglias 'Global Trading Co' and kill the 3 Tattaglias outside, ignore the 2 Tattaglias in the back alley because your bat will break before you are able to get a new melee weapon. Extort the owner to unlock the back door and kill the 1 Tattaglia. The next room holds 3 Tattaglias and there is a civilian holding a lead pipe that you can kill (without penalty). Use a gun because he'll fight back and you'll need this when your bat breaks. Upstairs there are 3 Tattaglias and a tire iron that you can pick up (press ). Do Not extort the Racketeer. There is 1 Tattaglia on the roof, use the elevator lift to reach him. Face a wall and throw a moltov to kill yourself. Repeat 2 more times, and you should get 11 kills each time.

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