Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 6/10 [920], 8/10 [1000]
Offline: 50 [1000]
Online: 0 [0]
Approximate Amount of Time to 1000/1000: 12-15+ hours
Minimum Number of Playthroughs needed: 2
Number of Missable Achievements: None [chapter select]
Do Cheat Codes Disable Achievements: No cheat codes
Does Difficulty Affect Achievements: Yes
Glitchy Achievements: 1 [Fistful of Burrito]
Unobtainable Achievements: None
Extra Equipment Needed: Kinect Sensor Introduction.

  • Real Big Shootin' DLC
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Time to 250: 2-3 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • El Diablo's Merican Adventure DLC
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Time to 250: 3-5 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

The Gunstringer is set as a play which takes place in the Old West. The game is played as though it were acted out on a theater stage. It begins with live action footage in a theater where people have attended to see the show. The setting of the play revolves around a character known simply as The Gunstringer, an undead marionette sheriff betrayed by his posse. The game begins as he rises from his grave, bent on revenge.

Step 1.
Campaign. In this play through you will simply be completing and enjoying the game. You will unlock all progression achievements during this play through along with as many other achievements you can get.

Step 2. Hardcore In this play through you will be going through on hardcore. The differences between normal and hardcore are they shoot and reload 3 times the normal rate and their are traps spread across that map. Damage is twice that of standard mode. And the final change: If you die you get kicked straight to the dashboard.

Step 3. Gold Medals On this step you will need to go back and collect gold medals on the levels you did not get gold on while going through the game on normal and hardcore. View "Perfectionists" for details on gold medals.

Real Big Shootin'

First Playthrough - Two Player Mode
You'll have to do several playthoughs to get all the achievements so I'd suggest going ahead and getting the only multiplayer achievement out of the way. The other achievements will unlock during this mode also so it's a win-win. You can start trying for the 10 kills with one shot achievements.

Second Playthrough and Mop Up
You'll have to play through the DLC several times to get all the achievements, mainly for "Real Big Completin'" and "Real Big Specialin'". Playing through several times will get you those achievements. During these playthroughs is when you should try for "Real Big Scoring".

El Diablo's Merican Adventure

First Playthrough
Take your time with the levels. There are 3 levels. Two of those are quite long shooting levels, while one is a rather senseless but funny "juggle the cow" level.
The shooting levels may seem hard at first, but the key is memorizing. You'll need to learn when your enemies and when civilians are popping up. Often the civilians and enemies are popping up at the same time, but the civilians will go back earlier so you can freely go for the enemies.
Always keep in mind that you're using a shotgun, so your shoot is spraying widely. You can use this to get 2 or 3 enemies at once, but also be sure not shoot civilians because of this.

You will most likely get 8 of 10 achievements on your first playthrough through the 3 levels if you were already going for the cow juggling achievements.

You can select every level at will after you completed them in a row once. Look at the description for the specific achievements you're missing to net them.

Step 4. Mop Up On this step you will need to "mop up" or finish the remaining achievements you may or may not have completed during the previous steps.

Conclusion The Gunstringer is not a easy game achievement wise. The first 700 or so gamerscore is relatively easy and gained by simple completion of the game, where as the rest requires you to complete the four plays on hardcore and reach gold in all levels. However, this game is very enjoyable and one of the best Kinect titles to date. You will have lots of fun shooting baddies along the journey of your additional 1500 gamerscore. If you have stuck through with the Road Map and Guide, CONGRATULATIONS on your well earned completion.

[x360a would like to thank Blarghinator for this Roadmap]

[x360a would like to thank Skorpion x360a for the Real Big Shootin' DLC Roadmap]

[x360a would like to thank ShadowStefan for the El Diablo's Merican Adventure DLC Roadmap]

The Gunstringer Achievement Guide

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There are 70 achievements with a total of 1500 points

  • Remember the time you scorned a woman.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Kill 18,675,309,000 Skeletons.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Find a way to kill an undead puppet.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Survive an epic battle against a kite.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Crash into someone's house uninvited.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Possess a lush, full beard.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Defy laws of physics by shooting more than six enemies without reloading.


    The earliest and easiest place to do this is in the prologue. While running you will encounter a stationary train to your left. There will be 7 or 8 birds. Quickly target them all and pull your arm back. You will more than likely get 7 of them.

  • Earn cash, not health, for every heart in an act.


    The hearts are the black cirlces with a red heart in the center. You have to shoot them to collect them. In order to get cash instead of health, you must have full health when you shoot them. It is suggested that you try to complete this achievement in one of the earlier acts as they are the easiest. There are normally only 3 hearts in a single act. Just keep practicing until you get the level perfect. If you practice the method for boosting money you may be able to unlock it on that level. However, if you wish to hit two birds with one stone, this achievement can easily be obtained while going for the "Undead and Untouchable" because you can not be damaged once and there are four hearts on the level that are easy to see. The first one at the first purple fire. The second one on the long bridge on the right and the third one is right after the second except one the long bridge on the right of the second set of bridges. Finally the fourth one can be found midway through the second purple fire.

  • In a shootout, play chicken with a bullet before shooting it.


    This one is a little tricky. You must let the bullet get right in front of you then quickly shoot it. You will most likely get this during natural progression.

  • Walk amongst the dead.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Face Death and live to tell the tale.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Ride "Burrito" the Dog into the sunset.


    Story Related. You unlock this achievement once the game ending scene is complete. However, there is a glitch that seems to happen for some people. After the cut scene is over the achievement may not unlock, if so simply restart your XBox 360 and it should unlock on launch.

  • Ride a rocket over a battlefield.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Fall thousands of feet without dying.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Carjack a stagecoach.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Take down Big Oil.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Destroy the advertising plan of a small business.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • End an artist's career.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Close your bank account.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Take Andrew Jackson to the Madam's district.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Get close and personal with the Madam.



    These are all story related achievements. There are 4 plays in the game. Each play has 5 acts. You unlock an achievement per act. You should have all 20 act achievements upon completion of the game. You should have somewhere around 500.

    Attached Images  gunstringer.jpg (54.9 KB, 1906 views)

  • Find the Great Wall of China in an unexpected place.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Find a place to saw some logs.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • See things that you will never be able to unsee.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Commit mass destruction with a paddleboat.


    Story Progression. Refer to "The Big Easy Reckoning."

  • Collect a gold medal, hardcore award, and 2P award in a single act.


    For this achievement you must complete an act of a play collecting a gold medal, hardcore award, and a 2P award. The gold medal is obtained by acquiring a high score by completing the level fast and accurately. It will also increase your chances by enabling modifiers. A hardcore award is obtained by completing the act on hardcore. Finally a 2P award is obtained by completing an act with two players.

  • Win gold medals in all acts of a single play.


    Refer to "Perfectionist."

  • Buy an achievement from the bonus store.


    Under exclusives in the bonus store, one of the items to buy is called sell out. It is $66,666. Simply save up and buy this when you can.

  • Finish an act while playing on Hardcore Mode.


    Complete any act while playing on Hardcore Mode. You unlock hard core mode by buying it from the Bonus store. Obviously the easiest and quickest act to do this on is the very first act.

  • Reach a Gold Medal score on a single act.


    Refer to "Perfectionist."

  • Complete an act with every single modifier enabled.


    For this achievement you must complete an act of a play with every modifier enabled. There are four modifiers. Ghoststringer mode, Meatstringer mode, No-Fail Mode, and Sepia Mode. You must first buy these modes before you can use them. To enable modifiers, select the play you want to do, select the act, and finally select modifiers. You can choose which ones you want to enable. Just enable all of them for this achievement. This can be done as early on as you want as long as you have bought those four modes from the bonus store.

  • Purchase everything in the bonus store.

    Go to the Bonus store and buy everything possible. This includes: Exclusives, photos, etc. It will cost approximately $850,000. You earn money by completing levels and killing enemies. The best way to boost money is to repeat play 4 act 2 over and over again. It will net you around $50,000+ every time. It is a long but, entertaining level.

  • Beat every play in one session. On Hardcore Mode. Also, never die.



    This is by far the hardest achievement in the game. You will need to beat all four plays, which have 5 acts each, in one session, in other words without exiting the game to the main menu. You must also be on hardcore mode. Oh, one last thing: you can't die. You have hearts on your screen to show your current health so keep an eye on that. I think it is best told how you will be affected by this:


    "The developers say the mode is anything but “fair,” and here’s why: Enemies will load, reload and shoot at thrice the speed of what they normally would, traps will appear in the most unwanted and deadliest of places and should you find yourself in the situation of having been shot, you lose double the health without it regenerating. But here’s the real kick in nuts: You die, you get booted back to the Xbox dashboard without the possibility of continuing your game where you left off, meaning you will have no option but to play it through in one sitting, which happens to be the way to go if you’d like that prestigious “Strings of Steel” achievement."

    Here is a video of a playthrough of the game on hardcore HERE! (THANKS TO HOSEO22)
  • Do something really awesome.


    For this achievement you must obtain a 45+ kill streak. There is only one location in the game that can even pass 28 and that is in play 3 act 4. During this act towards the end of the level you must slide down a rope while killing enemies flying on rockets. Once you grab the first taco you can not let any enemy damage you otherwise you will forfeit the achievement. The second taco will give you more time and you have a total of 54 kills if you kill everyone. This achievement is not as hard as it sounds. The enemies spawn in waves. Each group follows in a line so hold your reticule still at the front of the line and they all will run into your bullets.

  • Find an achievement hidden in a piece of concept art.

    You simply just need to buy the concept art that contains this achievement, nothing else. The concept art is a few pages down and on the bottom row. It is titled "Dis Best Rock." Simply back out of the store and the achievement will unlock.

  • Spend a whole chunk of money in the bonus store.


    For this achievement you must spend over $100,000 dollars which is roughly a 1/8 of the total money you will need to purchase everything in the game.

  • Win a gold medal in every act of every play.


    You are rated on how well you do in an act. To obtain a gold medal you must kill the majority of, if not all, the enemies, and rarely be damaged. Try gaining a hardcore or 2P award(s) to add bonus points. A guide for every level in the game can be found HERE! Thanks to Hoseo22.

  • Complete a level with "Lefty Mode" enabled.


    You must complete a level with "lefty mode" enable. To enable lefty mode you must select settings in the main menu then turn on left mode by choosing the option that say "I suffer from left handedness." This will make you control your puppet with your right hand and shoot with your left. Easiestly done in the prologue.

  • Get a crazy high kill streak.


    You can start a kill streak by collecting a taco during an act. The tacos are always resting in the hands of the skeleton hand coming out of the ground. You will need to get 25 kills and the best place to do it is on play 3 where you ride the rocket.

  • Deflate the first boss in under 30 seconds.


    The first boss appears at the end of the prologue. The best way to kill him in thirty seconds is by staying out of cover and quickly targetting as many body parts as possible and firing. Do this rapidly and you should be able to get it in the first few tries. If you do not do it in thirty seconds the prologue is very short so you can just restart the level.

  • Don't scratch the paint while piloting a paddleboat.


    The paddleboat is found on play 2 act 3. By "don't scratch the paint" it means you can not take any damage. You will have to jump over some mines and other small boats. You will also have to navigate between some mines along a narrow path. Navigating through the mines are not to difficult but be careful when jumping over the other set of mines. Make sure not to jump until your boat's front is very close to the mine in front of you. Other wise you may not reach the required length to jump the mine and land the back of your ship on the tip of the mine.

  • Take down the developers.


    At the end of the game you will have a chance to shoot the audience of developers. Simply shoot a few and when the sequence is over then the achievement will unlock.

  • Complete all acts in a play without ever dropping to one heart.


    In a play you have hearts that represent health. A play consists of 5 acts. You must complete the play without dropping to only one heart. You can add health by shooting hearts that appear along the level. The best play to do this on is the first play.

  • Hoard all the tacos and hearts in an act.


    For this achievement you must collect all of the tacos and hearts in a single act. The hearts are black circles with red hearts in the center and the tacos are, well, tacos, on top of a skeleton hand that comes out of the ground. I suggest act 2 of play 1 as all tacos and hearts are very straight forward and hard to miss. (This can not be done in the Prologue).

  • Complete an act with a friend.


    Grab a friend and start up a play with them in cooperative. You only have to complete one act of the play in order to unlock this achievement. (This does not include the prologue).

  • Visit the Download Content screen to see what new content is available.

    In the main menu select the Download Content screen. It will show you what is now available for download for The Gunstringer. When you visit the screen the achievement will unlock. This is one of those freebie achievements.

  • Shoot all the cans in the Prologue.



    In the prologue there are tin cans that resemble a beer can. It is white with yello stripes and you have to shoot the first 5 in the introduction to shooting section of the prologue. Here is a list of there locations: 
    5 in the intro
    2 along the left side of the path after you encounter a few goats
    1 on a box before the train carts
    2 in between the train carts
    1 after picking up the taco, on top of a box next to a house

    Here is a video guide too:

    (CREDIT DUE: Video Uploader).

  • Kill 100 enemies while strapped to a rocket in "The Great Wall of Vengeance".

    On the act: "the Great Wall of Vengeance," you will be strapped to a rocket. While on this rocket you will have to kill 100 enemies. This achievement is incredibly easy. It is about a 5 minute ride and there will be tons of indians on the ground and swarms of samurais riding rockets in the air. The samurais are easy to kill if you just find a place the first one of the group is heading as all of the ones behind him go to the exact location. If you do decent you will probably unlock the achievement well before you complete the rocket ride.

  • Reach the end of "Requiem for a Gunstringer" without losing a single heart.


    On the act: "Requiem for a Gunstringer" you must complete it without losing a heart. Your health is measured by multiple hearts. However, every time you are damage it only does half a heart. However, even if your heart becomes broken in half it still counts as losing it so you can not be damaged at all. First clear out the three skull walls and progress to the bridge area, as you make your way across the bridges hold right, left, right, and finally hold left one more time to make it pass the bridges, don't forget to jump at the tip of the bridges. If you are having trouble with these just remember to move your hand slowly and smoothly, same goes for the rolling heads and flying coffins. Now for the two purple fire trails simply stay in the center and zig zag between them. You shouldn't have any trouble with the puppet skeletons that fly at you but, if you do simply be aiming at the coffins before they come out. This achievement is difficult and will mostly likely take a few tries.

  • Listen to a different kind of narrator while you play.


    In order to change your narrator, go to play/act select and select the level you want to play. One of the options will be to turn on the commentary. Do this and at the end of the act the achievement will unlock.

DLC: Real Big Shootin'

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Beat a friend in 2 Player mode.


    This is pretty self explanatory. Just play 2 player and score more than your opponent. You can also trick to Kinect into thinking there is a 2nd player there for this to work.

  • Did some Real Big Shootin' and got a Real Big Multiplier.


    You'll need to get a multiplier of X25. You can easily get this when shooting ducks as there are tons of them. You can use the 6+ shot trick to achieve these. To do this you aim your reticle at your six targets and fire. Before your gun is finished firing those six shots, target more enemies and fire. As long as you continue to target and fire before your gun is finished shooting, your multiplier will continue to increase.

  • Did some Real Big Shootin' without getting hit.


    This is actually pretty easy. Just shoot everything on a level (which signifies that you didn't get hit). The Shotgun and Flamethrower work really well with wide range.

  • Completed every unique round in Real Big Shootin'.


    There are 11 types of special conditions and 12 different levels (not including the boss level). Each level has 2-3 different variants. You will have to go through several playthroughs to get all of these as these are chosen randomly. You will get "Real Big Specialin'" while going for this. The different special conditions are:

    Nothing - Nothing is changed.
    Shotgun Showdown - Your weapon is a shotgun
    Flamethrower Frenzy - Your weapon is a flamethrower
    Turbo - Enemies move faster
    Metal Dudes - Enemies require two shots to kill
    Single Shots - You only get to target one enemy at a time
    Tiny Gun - Smaller reticle
    Lefty Flip - You have to shoot with your left hand
    Backwards Flip - Aiming right and left are reversed
    Dual Pistols - You get two guns, one per hand
    Auto Guns - Guns fire automatically

  • Beat every type of special condition.


    See "Real Big Completin'"

  • Earned a Real Big Score.


    For this you need to get 130,000 points. It's almost luck-based. If you get single-shot rounds then that will hurt your score. You want to get as many multipliers as you can and as high as you can. The Shotgun Showdown will definitely work in your favor. See "Real Big Multiplicatin'" for more on multipliers.

  • Sliced 10 ducks with one shot.


    See "Real Wild Westin'"

  • Killed 10 Jetpack Outlaws in one shot.


    The achievement description is a bit misleading. Although it says to do it in one shot, you can use the 6+ shot trick to achieve these. See "Real Big Multiplicatin'" on more details on the 6+ trick shot.

  • FINALLY shot a dog after a long series of shootouts.


    Story-related. Cannot be missed.

    Play until the final round and shoot the dog to get this.

  • Made a real good purchase.


    This is a free achievement for purchasing the Real Big Shootin' DLC. As soon as you load it up the achievement will pop.

DLC: El Diablo's Merican Adventure

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Purchase "El Diablo's Merican Adventure" for a free achievement!

    Discription says everything. You'll get this as you start the DLC.

  • Find the location of El Diablo's future bride.

    Story related. You'll get this at the end of Level 1.

  • Get El Diablo hitched.


    Story related. You'll get this at the end of Level 3.

  • Don't harm any innocents while on your adventure.


    After you've completed your adventure once, you can select level 1 and 3 at will.
    Go into one level and play it as many times as you need. You'll have to memorize the level. Always keep in mind that you want to harm no innocents, so better let an enemy go and loose one life point than screwing up the whole level.
    At the end of the level you'll see in the statistic that you shoot zero innocents.
    If you got that, repeat the same procedure with the other level until you have shot zero innocents.
    Be especially sure to shoot no innocents at the last part of level 3, as the "good" and "bad" Madame in red are looking really similar.

    It's NOT NEEDED to complete a whole playtrough without shooting any innocents. You just have to achieve this goal in a level once. You can screw up as many times as you want.

    Note that you'll hear a buzzer when you've shot an innocent. You can turn off music in the options to hear this more clearly.

  • Don't let a single enemy escape your wrath!


    See "Ain't No Fun," but this time you want to get every enemy. So don't hesitate and just shoot some innocents if needed to get all enemies.

    Note that you'll hear a "boo" when you've missed an enemy. You can turn off music in the options to hear this more clearly.

  • Shoot every type of innocent at least once.


    There are 6 types of innocents.

    On Level 1: Lady in green dress, baby and a nun
    On Level 3: Waiter and loose woman and at the end of level 3 also the Madame in Red

    You'll most likely get this achievement on your first playthrough, as it is hard not too shoot innocents.

  • Destroy 100 pieces of furniture.


    There a really many white screens in level 3. You can't oversee them. And you're automatically destroying them as you're shooting your enemies.
    Getting 100 of them will most likely happen on your first play through the level.

  • Juggle a cow a dozen times.


    See "Thunderstruck."

  • Juggle a cow 30 times.


    Level 2 is a "Juggle the cow" level. There are 3 cows. Concentrate on one cow and shoot it to keep it in the air. You'll get the 3 achievements "Kicked in the Teeth," "Nick of Time," and "Thunderstruck" as you're going for 30 hits.
    It's quite easy.

  • Don't let a juggled cow hit the ground for 30 seconds.


    See "Thunderstruck."

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