- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 
- Offline: 18/18 (200/200)
- Online: 0/18 (0/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 20012-16 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 5 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: "Juggernaut" and "War Journal." (See associated glitch notes).
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None (Do note that controllers don't work natively).

In The Harvest, you play as one of 5 exo-suit wearing soldiers tasked with eliminating and alien threat at a strange city in the desert. Your entire unit is scattered as you enter the area around the city, and it is up to you to disable enemy artillery, radar and devices of attrition that are planted throughout the city, as well as the tunnels beneath. Each character has their own special abilities, with one achievement for each of them requiring you to get 3 kills with a particular ability. You will also need to complete the game in under 4 hrs (easily doable), and without dying (not so much) at least once during the 5 playthroughs. There are also a couple of trivial tasks, such as reaching 50 in a statistic as you level up, which will come naturally, as well as gaining a certain amount of loot (such as 10,000P in your inventory at once). There are also achievements for beating each boss, so in general most of the achievements are quite straightforward, with one of them being rather frustrating (Juggernaut). 

You will need to one playthrough with each character, as well as a playthrough without dying for "Juggernaut" and a playthrough in under 4hrs for "Speed Run" (very easy). During this time you will also need to find some collectible items for "War Journal," which you can complete over the course of your five playthroughs, and you will also need to kill a particular number of enemies with one of each character's abilities. Other than that, every achievement will come naturally, though you may need to go a bit out of your way to do "Plasma Battery," as you will need to have 10,000 plasma (the currency) on you at one time, not total. This will simply require you to not buy any keys or medkits, or pay for revives for a small portion of the game.

Tap - Plasma Gun
Double Tap (15 energy) - A forward sprint that damages all enemies in its path. 
Double Tap Scarab (25 energy) - A ground pound AoE
Shift Tap Scarab (5 energy) - Creates a shield that absorbs damage at the cost of energy and stops energy production for the duration

Tap - Attack with both pistols
Double Tap (40 energy) - Temporarily turns the target into an ally 
Double Tap Raven (30 energy) - AoE EMP techno-explosion that stuns all surrounding enemies
Shift Tap Raven (30 energy) - Slows all attacking enemies

Tap - Melee attack
Double Tap (25 energy) - Asp pulls the target closer and hits them hard 
Double Tap Asp (35 energy) - Aerial stomp AoE
Shift Tap Asp (40 energy) - Makes Asp invisible for a few seconds. Attacking an enemy during this time will cause an explosion and deal massive damage to all enemies nearby

Tap - Flamethrower
Double Tap (25 Energy)- Rocket Barrage on location
Double Tap Condor (20 energy) - Plants a land mine that detonates after a few seconds
Shift Tap Condor(10 energy and cost to use) - Turns into a flaming bowling ball

Tap - Drone shot
Double Tap (25 energy) - Create a laser beam in front of you that cuts enemies down in medium range. Does NOT hit enemies directly in front of Raptor
Double Tap Raptor (35 energy) - An energy whirlwind that damages all enemies around Raptor
Shift Tap Raptor (55 energy) - Set your drones loose to attack targets on their own, leaving you defenseless but increasing their damage and attack speed.

**Alternative touch screen controls replace Shift + Double tap with "Pinch on your character"

Green means the ability is needed for an achievement.

[x360a would like to thank Shiftie for this Roadmap]

The Harvest Achievement Guide

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There are 18 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Destroy the first Boss - Amelatu

    You'll come across this big guy as you leave the desert area that has all the crash sites and digging machines, and you reach the city gates. He is a guy riding in a large Scorpion-type mech that is guarded by a shield identical to the last boss you fought, which must be destroyed prior to attacking him. If you are able to both destroy the shield and damage him enough at once, you can knock him over allowing you to do a lot of damage to him. He is not overly difficult, even with the little scorpions he spawns to help.

  • Collect 1000 energy points from your fallen foes.


    Energy points are the blue cylinders that enemies occasional drop, and are used to replenish your energy a little bit. They are relatively common, and if you kill every enemy you come across, this should pop early into the second area of the game.

  • Collect all 10 BB-7 Recorders


    These are listed under "Notes" in the pause menu when you pick them up

    GLITCH NOTE: This achievement is glitched, and you only need to get 10 journals total over all of your characters, meaning you can get 2 journals per character (even the same 2) and the achievement will pop, 9 on 1 character and 1 on another, the achievement will pop, etc. So you only really need to know where 2 of them are.

    Act 1 (Desert)

    BB-7 Recorder 1 (Surrounded) - During the first mission you'll be destroying digging machines as you exit the area. Right when you get a message saying the second digging machine is nearby, head to the NE part of the map to an area with a gap in the map (it's a crashed ship), where you'll find a dead body. Next to the body you'll find the recorder. 

    Recorder 2 (Within Reach)- After rescuing the downed pilot, proceed toward the next checkpoint and you'll see a body with another recorder near the checkpoint.

    Act 2 (City)

    Recorder 3 (Entanglement) - While running around the city, you'll be tasked with destroying a warphole generator that will summon a huge Harvester army if you don't hurry up (though you're not timed). Shortly entering the area called Blairgowrie (where the generator is) you'll see a small path branch off that is almost blocked by rubble. Walk around the rubble to find the corpse and his note.

    Recorder 4 (Heavy Resistance)- After destroying the warphole device, you'll continue along a narrow path, bypassing a locked door with a busted keypad. As the path continues South-ish, a small dead end will appear on the North side of the path, across from where you need to go. You can see the corpse and recorder in plain view from the main path.

    Act 3 (Catacombs)

    Recorder 5 (Seek and Destroy)- A little ways after the first mini-boss the path will split and the one leading away from the next objective ends at a bridge with a bridge lowering mechanism nearby. Hold down the left mouse button on the mechanism to lower the bridge, then continue across to the dead end to find the recorder.

    Recorder 6 (Changing Strategy) - After the SOS beacon ambush you'll cross a bridge that you must first lower using the nearby mechanism. Continue along the path to the objective until a path branches off to the North. Follow it to a group of three turrets (and a lot of other guys in the area) and you'll find this in the Northern alcove at the end of this path. Note: This area glitched out for me and crashed my game whenever I tried to go there my first time around.

    Recorder 7 (Pushing On)- After using the main computer terminal to open a gate to the Royal Crypts, you'll proceed through an area with rafters as floors, with a wide stone path branching off of it as you progress toward the next objective. Follow this stone path to find the dead soldier and recorder at the end.

    Act 4 (AIM Facility)
    Recorder 8 (Tip of the Iceberg ) - As you run through the soldier and spider filled halls after the minefield at the beginning of the area, you'll pass a few side tunnels. The recorder is at the end of the second tunnel you pass, behind some turrets.

    Recorder 9 (Check Your Corners) - After opening the door that requires three terminals to activate, you'll quickly come to another side path with the recorder at the end of it.

    Recorder 10 (Emergence) - After hearing that there is a weapons cache ahead (next objective) continue toward the objective and you'll be back in a rock tunnel. You'll pass the soldier and his recorder along this path, as they're about 5 feet from it.

  • Complete the game without dying

    The Juggernaut achievement should come most easily to someone using Condor with a focus on leveling his Endurance, and mixing points in the other two stats. His massive HP pool and HP regen should allow you to recover faster, while losing less HP% per attack. You will also want to use armor that boosts his survivability as well (+HP/HP regen, High Armor, +Endurance). This setup may seem somewhat trivial until you get to the AIM facility which is pretty much a gauntlet. I also recommend doing this on a run separate from the speed run, although it shouldn't matter all that much, but you will want to take some time aside to allow yourself to regen your HP back between some fights. Of course playing on the lowest difficulty is also recommended.

    Enemies to watch out for:
    Desert - The foot soldier type enemies can be dangerous early on, so watch out for them
    City -The frequency of foot soldiers goes up considerably in here, with the rocket launcher guys being the most lethal
    --Nagiru, the boss midway through the city, sucks as well. Although he doesn't have a shield like the other mini-bosses so far, he hits like a truck and has a considerable amount of health. Luckily it's a 1v1 fight and you have a large area to run around in.
    Catacombs - This introduces a new enemy that looks like a really tall 4-legged spider. When they die, these guys will often spawn 3 super drone-type enemies that deal considerable damage if you don't kill them immediately. Oh and they also blow up when they get close to you.
    AIM Facility - A new spider, with a gun strapped to it, that spawns scorpions OR drones. This whole place kind of sucks to not die in because of the sheer volume of high damage turrets and spiders.
    --The last wave of the final boss can be difficult if you don't quickly take out the enemies that spawn as they all deal considerable damage

    *Turrets are always dangerous and only become more so as the levels progress.

    TIP: For the last boss, take each tier of his pillar one at a time. Once you're ready to destroy the computer and lower the boss by one tier, do so, but otherwise take out the enemies and then heal up to make your life easier. Once you know down the final tier you'll get attacked by a group of humanoid enemies, generally with a group of rocket launcher/shotgun guys so make sure you're ready to use a medkit (especially if you get hit by the boss' heat seeking white orb).

  • Reach XP level 10

    Leveling up in this game is pretty fast, and you should get this within an hour if you're killing everything and doing as many side missions (blue marker on the screen) as you can.

  • Complete the game in 4 hours or less

    This is actually far easier than it seems, as going through the game my first time, while pausing to do this guide and searching 98% of the game I still managed to complete it in about 3 hours. One thing to note, especially for the AIM Facility, is to keep some plasma handy to revive yourself and save you the trouble of running back through everything you just did. Dying will cause you to lose side mission progress, however you will keep the XP you gained from it, which is nice.

  • Increase one of your basic stats to 50

    This should come naturally, around the same time as "Level Up" if you focus on leveling your suits primary stats (ie a character with 20 starting endurance should have their endurance raised as a priority). Note that you do not need to actually add all the points for the achievement to pop, so if for whatever reason you want to stop a stat at 45, you can add 5 points to it when you level, then cancel the upgrade and put the 5 points elsewhere.

  • Complete the game with all 5 character classes

    Complete the game once with each character:

    • Scarab
    • Raven
    • Asp
    • Condor
    • Raptor

    Glitch note: Some people have reported that all 5 completions must come in one sitting (without backing out of the game). If this is the case for you, all you need to do is play as each character and finish the last boss, which you can do easily by choosing the last checkpoint in Act IV, and you'll be able to spawn and kill the boss in five minutes or so.

    You can try to take advantage of this and skip to the last checkpoint with each new character, however a level 1 going against the boss can be a suicide run. If you level up a bit first, you may have a better chance.

  • Use the Speed Boost to destroy 3 enemies at once

    While playing Scarab, target an enemy in a group and double tap it to do a speed burst that damages all enemy in your path. You can get this at the very beginning of the game by using this ability on the group of 3-4 enemies that spawn immediately after you use you explosion ability to destroy the gate. Note that you will charge toward the place you click on the screen, so you can clear more enemies by clicking farther away.

  • Destroy the Area 2 boss

    The boss found at the end of the city level, prior to entering the Catacombs, is a giant spider with tons of health and - thankfully - no shield. She does average melee damage, with her most damaging attack being a heat seeking orb that she launches at you and slowly follows you around until it hits something (like one of the many pillars) or hits you. As Raptor, I found his best attack to face her was his drone strike/shift double click ability that detaches his drones so they attack on their own. They both deal great damage and they attack faster than they would if I were using them.. plus you can spend the time hiding behind a pillar. 

  • Attack 3 enemies with Wind Walk activated

    Unlike the other achievements, this does not seem to require you to attack them all at once (or it's glitchy). To do Wind Walk, play Asp and shift click her to make her turn invisible, and then quickly attack an enemy to hit him extra hard and cause a high damage explosion. I figured killing two enemies with the explosion and one with the attack itself would work, but it only unlocked after I used Wind Walk and attacked an enemy to initiate the explosion three separate times.

  • Destroy the Area 3 boss

    The Catacombs boss is a giant machine with four turrets protecting it. For the turrets: Shoot them from the front while their shield is open and they're shooting at you. If you stay out of their laser sight they won't shoot at you. Once they're all destroyed, you must destroy the machine itself by simply shooting it with anything. It will occasionally do a wormhole to suck you into its grinding gears, which does reasonable damage (like the Sarlacc things in the desert), but that's easily avoided.

  • Destroy the final boss

    At the end of the AIM Facility you'll attack the final boss who is currently strapped to the AIM core. He'll start at the top of a tower that you must knock down by hitting the glowing computer terminals on each tier with your special ability (use your AoE ability as many adds will spawn as well). Once he's at the bottom tier he will be very easy to kill, just avoid the rocks falling from the ceiling and the white orb he shoots at you (like the spider boss in the city).

  • Use the EMP to freeze 3 enemies at once

    Falcon's EMP is his double tap explosion ability that you'll use to open the gates at the beginning of the game. Use it on the group of enemies that immediately follows for an easy 10 points.

  • Kill 3 enemies at once with a Condor Mine

    You can get this almost as soon as you start the game. After blowing up the door to leave the building you start in (using Condor's mine), move forward a few steps to spawn some enemies and immediately use the mine again (double tap Condor to plant it). This will blow up all three enemies that spawn and give you the achievement.

  • Kill 3 enemies at once with the line laser as Raptor

    Oddly enough, you can use Raptor's laser on boxes and still get this achievement. In order to use Raptors you must have enough energy available (21), and then double tap and area in front of you two carve a line into the ground using the lasers of your turrets. 

    You can also get this as part of the story/tutorial (though it is missable). Very early on after leaving the crash site you'll get a prompt to use your laser on a line of three enemies. Quickly walk up alongside them so they're in a line going away from you and use the laser (double tap the farthest enemy).

  • Collect 10000 Plasma


    As you may or may not expect, you need to have 10,000 Plasma (ie 10,000P, the games currency) in your inventory at ONE TIME. You can gain plasma by killing enemies, breaking boxes, getting multi kills, and selling unused armor. This can come during the first area if you aren't buying mystery keys or paying to revive instantly when you die, but it's something you'll want to focus on at some point by stopping the purchase of keys, revives or medkits and saving up for the achievement, then you can buy whatever you want.

  • Escape from the drop pod crash site.

    This achievement will unlock about two seconds into the game - once you hack the laser door terminal in front of you and exit through the door.

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