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There are 10 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • 10人の女の子全員をプレイしたら達成です。

    10 Idols

    Play with all 10 idols

    This unlocks after you finish the game with all ten idols. As your producer rank goes up after each playthrough, you can begin to make duos and trios. This achievement requires at least five in-game years to complete.

  • 16曲全部をひと通り選曲したら達成です。

    16 Songs

    Select all 16 songs

    This unlocks after producing all 16 songs in the game and requires a minimum of three in-game years to complete, presuming you don't choose a song twice during that time.

  • 季節ごとにある4つの祭典オーディションに全て合格し、 営業で祭典イベント4つを全て成功させたら達成です。

    4 Seasons

    Win all 4 seasonal auditions and succeed in celebration of the events

    In March, June, September, and December, seasonal auditions will appear in the first slot of 'Special 2' auditions. They require image rankings of 9, 11, 10, and 12 respectively. You then need to attend the promotion on the 'fifth week' of that month, which only appears after successful completion of that month's seasonal audition. You don't need to fill up the bar to pass, you can just put your controller down if you wish.

  • オーディション中、もっとも難しいとされている 「スーパーアイドル」に合格したら達成です。

    Super Idol

    Win the Super Idol audition

    Get your unit to image rank 13, and complete the Super Idol audition in the 'Special 2' audition category. It will unlock on the night right after the audition.

  • ランクA以上でドームコンサートを成功させてエンディングを 迎えたら達成です。

    Best Ending

    Get A rank and the best ending at the Dome

    You need to get your unit to at least Rank A for this. When you get to the final day of your unit's career, choose the option to tell them the truth. From then each character's dialogue is different, so I'll refer you to this guide. It's in Japanese, but the character's name is in English in the top-left of the page, and also in the top-right of your game screen.

  • オーディションに通算100回合格したら達成です。


    Audition 100

    Win 100 auditions

    This achievement unlocks on the night after your 100th successful audition. This is very time consuming, as each audition attempt takes around 5-10 mins. This unlocked on my sixth playthrough of the game.

  • 営業の時にグッド以上のコミュニケーションが 通算100回になったら達成です。

    Communication 100

    Get 100 Good or Perfect Communications

    When you do a promotion, selecting certain answers will influence the outcome of the event and give you memories. This achievement will unlock on the night after your 100th successful (Good or Perfect) communication. Refer to the aforementioned dialogue guide under the "Best Ending" achievement for the correct answers for every situation. This unlocked on my seventh playthrough.

  • レッスンでグッド以上のレッスンを通算100回できたら達成です。

    Lesson 100

    Get 100 Good or Perfect Lessons

    This achievement unlocks after the final summary at the very end of a unit's career, just before it fades back to the title screen. You need to complete any of the lessons 100 times with your meter in the green or orange sections. To stop your idols from quitting the lessons early, get their tension down to yellow or blue levels and try to keep it there. This will also stop lessons from being blocked.

  • 営業の時にコミュニケーションで集めた思い出の数が、 通算100個になったら達成です。

    Memory 100

    Get 100 Memories

    Please see the "Communication 100" achievement. After almost every perfect communication, you'll be awarded five memories. Once the cumulative total from your playthroughs hits 100, the achievement will unlock on the night.


Secret achievements

  • プロデューサーランク「アイドルマスター」のさらに上の、「真アイドルマスター」に到達しました。おめでと うございます!

    True Idolmaster

    Reach Production Rank of Idolmaster

    You need to achieve producer rank 10. To do this, finish each unit's career with a high image level, a high idol ranking (at least 'A' rank), and finish as many special auditions as possible. This took me seven playthroughs to unlock, though you could theoretically do it in five if you knew exactly what you were doing from the very start.

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