- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline/Online: 55 [970]
- Online Only: 1 [30]
- Approximate time to 1000: 24-28 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [2 recommended]
- Missable achievements: Yes - "You are too young for that!", "Set a Wolf to Mind the Sheep" and "It came for the dessert".
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes - Scenario Mode
- Unobtainable/Glitched achievements: No

Reprise your role as Van Helsing, the fearless monster hunter, the star of this unique action-RPG set in an alternative Gothic-noir Europe (although we really shouldn't ignore his charming, but deadly ghost companion, Lady Katarina). It’s time to return to Borgovia where you had already liberated the land from the tyranny of mad science, only to ignite the spark of a civil war, then grudgingly led the Resistance against the military genius who tried to destroy everything you had been working for. However, while you fought an army of mechanical monsters and defeated General Harker, you suffered betrayal from your mysterious ally, who tricked you and obtained the most powerful artifact, the hidden death of Koschei the Deathless.

Step 1: Fearless Campaign
Make sure to have this post handy as you play through the game to get all the miscellaneous achievements and relics. I did not go into great detail for those achievement descriptions, as it is easier to follow the maps. Between missions, ensure you are sending your Captains and Chimera on missions. For the most part, the game is fairly easy, even on Fearless. The first level or two will be difficult until you get some skills leveled up. There are a number of viable builds for Fearless, but I personally used the Black Widow build for Bounty Hunter. However, I made one huge change, which was to leave Katarina in melee mode to tank for me (rather than ghost mode as he suggests). If you put points into damage and survivability for her, you can then sit back and snipe enemies with little danger. Once you complete the game, you should have the majority of the game's achievements.

If you're ballsy, you can combine this with Step 3 and make this a Hardcore character to get both things done at the same time, but I would not suggest it. Some bosses can one-shot you, and the Clockwork Keep area is tough with its swarms of helicopter robots that can all hit you at once for the same effect - a death and a quick trap back to the beginning of the game.

Once you finish the story, you can drop the difficulty down and work on the Tower Defense missions. They don't expire and you can continue to play after the story is complete.

Step 2: Scenario Mode
Scenario Mode is entered from the main menu, but you can use the character from Step 1. Start a Scenario on Fearless after unequipping your cape, armor, boots, and gloves. Turn off the "auto-powerups" option in the menu if you had it on. If you manage to complete the first map without dying, you'll get all three achievements that require Fearless difficulty. If you die, keep going and finish then do a second one with your equipment back on and try not to die that time.

After that, you'll need to do 20 total Scenario maps (you can do up to three in one campaign). You'll get the 100 special enemy kills along the way, and should finish up the 25000 rep achievement, and 10k kills achievements as well.

Step 3: Co-Op
You need to play the game with 20 other players for one achievement, but this can actually just be the same person 20 times if you want. Join a game with someone and check the achievement tracker. Once it ticks up, disconnect and both go back to the menu, then start a new game together for another tick on the tracker.

Step 4: Hardcore Campaign
Start a new character and make sure you check the "Hardcore" box in the creation menu. You can use a duplicate of the character you used in Step 1 so you'll be familiar with how it plays, and you can go through the story as quickly as you'd like. Do be careful not to rush and get swarmed by too many enemies though. On Casual difficulty, you should have little trouble though, and if you do die there is a trick to saving your character. See the achievement description below for that.

[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III Achievement Guide

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There are 56 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Survive extreme damage from a single attack.


    This requires that you take 1000 damage from a single blow, and survive. Best done once you've got the "You can be strong..." achievement, which means you have 100 Body and a lot of health to survive.

    Once I beat the story, I respeced and dumped all my points into Body for over 1500 health. I made a Fearless Scenario map and got the wooded map with the treants. I took off all my armor and let him smack me for about 1400 damage to easily unlock the achievement.

  • Kill 10.000 monsters.


    This achievement counts all modes for a single character. You'll kill about 6800 during the story if you clear every map completely, and you'll get the rest from the Tower Defense missions and Scenario achievements.

  • Reach 100 base Willpower points.


    See "...But it's Easier to be Just Lucky!" for more info.

  • Reach 100 base Dexterity points.


    See "...But it's Easier to be Just Lucky!" for more info.

  • Reach 100 base Body points.


    See "...But it's Easier to be Just Lucky!" for more info.

  • Reach 100 base Luck points.


    The four individual stat achievements count your base stat plus any bonuses (despite the description saying "base"), so you can use items to help skew a stat and get the achievement earlier. Once you get to Level 30, you should be good to respec and put all your points into a stat to earn that achievement, repeat two more times for the other stats, then respec back to your main build - assuming you already got one stat depending on your main build. Bear in mind this costs about 10k gold each time, so don't try to respec if you can't afford to respec back.

  • Spend 10.000 Rage points across any number of playthroughs.


    Rage points are what fuel your special abilities. As long as you are using special skills often, this will come naturally during your three playthroughs. You should turn on "auto-powerups" so that they are used automatically (helpful if you forget to use special skills and just use normal attacks all the time). If you have any skills or perks that give bonuses for having max rage, make sure to turn "auto-powerups" off once you get this achievement.

  • Level up one of your Resistance Captains.


    After sending a Captain on a mission, if successful, they should level up immediately. To unlock the achievement, go to their page at the Command Post, and move to the middle pane where the Skills box is located. Choose and apply an upgrade to unlock the achievement. Remember to do this anytime they level up, as it will help with Viva la Resistance.

  • Execute all the main missions while managing the Resistance.


    When you arrive in the Secret Lair, you will find the Command Post directly above the teleporter. Here you will send your four captains on various missions. Try to choose a captain based on the mission description and the tips they give for completing it. Often it will be fairly obvious who will have the best chance of success. Each mission takes a number of real-time minutes to complete (must be in-game for the counter to work - sadly you can't start a mission and exit the game then come back and have it complete), so check back often and continue to send people out to complete the missions. They unlock at specific points in the story, so don't worry if you don't have any missions to select for a while. The last two unlock during the game's final story mission - make sure you teleport back to base right when you get the notification and do them.

    Note: I failed the final two missions and still unlocked the achievement, so that doesn't seem to matter.

  • Collect 10 Relics for the Resistance.


    Check the Maps section for where to find each of these relics, as I am only going to mention which map they are found in here in this description. I have marked their locations on the screenshots I took, and noted what to loot them from (most are in chests though). There are 12 total in the game, so you can miss two if you forget to grab them, but you can always return to these areas and get them later.

    • Testing Facility
    • Haunted Forest
    • Gnarlovoy
    • Wraithwoods
    • Gothic Quarter
    • Dark Carnival
    • Necropolis
    • Impossible Tombs
    • Spectral Provinces
    • Valley of Frost
    • Island of Terror
    • Clockwork Keep
  • Equip all of Katarina's item slots with a Set item.


    Set items are green in color. You will need to equip her with three items total, her two weapons and a cloak. The very easiest way to do this is to simply buy the "Katarina Epic Item Set" from the Xbox Store. It's only one dollar, and will grant the achievement immediately once the items show in your inventory and you equip them.

    The other non-money option is to run high-difficulty Scenario missions in the hopes that one drops, or grind out tons of money to buy items from the Pigasus, assuming he is selling them when you summon him. They cost between 2-5 hundred thousand gold for each item, so it'll take a while to grind the gold and get lucky enough that he's selling what you need. The few times I summoned him, he only had items for Van Helsing.

  • Complete 5 Hunting Grounds with your Chimera.


    See "The Beast" for more info.

  • Reach the maximum level with your Chimera.


    In the Secret Lair, up the stairs to the right, you'll find your Chimera. Similar to the Resistance missions, you'll send him out on timed missions and he will return with items and gold. There is a chance he can be hurt and unavailable for a time, so try to pick lower level missions with little danger to avoid that at first. However, it's risk/reward, as succeeding on tougher missions brings better items and more gold. Taking it slow and stead, you'll be able to complete a ton of missions and max his level (which is 15) before the story is over.

  • Complete a Tower Defense mission without killing a single monster directly (kill with traps only).


    See "You Can't Touch This" for a strategy on this.

  • Complete a Tower Defense mission without letting a single enemy in.


    The first map is by far the easiest to do this on. You can also combine it with "Success With Clean Hands" if you want, but if any get near the lair, jump in and stop them then try for that one afterward.

    You don't need anything other than the basic gun turrets to complete this. Make sure you build the ones right down the two lanes, and don't forget about the ones in the pit in between them, which you need to warp to via an ink portal. I only bought one level of each three upgrades for each turret. Having more turrets is better than having only a few that are upgraded in my opinion.

  • Successfully complete all Tower Defense missions.


    There are three Tower Defense missions in the game, and each unlocks at a different point in the story. You'll be sent to talk with Petrov in the Secret Lair, and have a choice to tackle the mission yourself (play the TD mission) or send troops to take care of it (skip the TD mission). Obviously, accept the mission all three times.

    You don't have to do the missions immediately upon accepting them, they can actually sit in your quest log for the entire story and you can do them after. They each have their own entry in the teleporter. Once you turn the mission in, you can no longer play that TD mission though, so if you need to get the two other TD-related achievements, be sure to replay them until successful before turning in the final mission. Both of those are easiest to do on the first mission though.

  • Complete a Scenario without equipped Cape, Armor, Gloves and Boots on Fearless difficulty.


    Doing this achievement isn't much different than "Tough as a Coffin Nail". It's actually much easier as you can die and resurrect however many times you'd like. See that achievement for tips, otherwise just brute force this by doing as much damage as possible before dying, respawning, and keep chipping away. Make sure you're on Fearless difficulty.

  • Complete a Scenario without using any Powerups on Fearless difficulty.


    For this achievement you must complete a map without using any of your power ups, only basic attacks. Power ups are fueled by rage, so make sure you don't have the "auto-powerup" setting on, as that will use a powerup immediately when you have enough rage, thus voiding the achievement. You can still use special skills as much as you'd like, just not the extra abilities linked to them (these are what use the rage).

  • Complete 20 single player Scenario in the game.


    Each individual map is counted for this achievement, so it is only 20 maps total, not 20 full scenarios (which would be 60 maps). If you're working on the no-death achievement and die, don't quit out, as moving forward and completing it will count for this and any kills will go toward "Hunter of Hunters" as well.

  • Kill 100 Champion, Elite or Boss in Scenarios.


    You will easily get this achievement while working toward "Real Life is Overrated" - there are plenty of these monster types in each map (well, only one Boss enemy for each scenario but plenty of Champions [blue] and Elites [yellow]).

  • Complete a Scenario without dying on Fearless difficulty.


    A scenario is comprised of three different maps but you only have to complete a single scenario map for this achievement, and it appears to only unlock on the first map in any given scenario for some reason.

    You want to make sure you roll easier scenarios as well. For instance, something with a time limit is a bad idea, as you'll be moving too quickly and could make a mistake. Choose "hunt" type scenarios, such as treasure hunt, domovoy hunts, bounties, etc.

  • Play with 20 different people in any multiplayer game mode.

    Despite the description saying "different" people, this can actually be the same person 20 times. Find a partner and have them invite you to the game, then check your achievement tracker to make sure it is at 5%, then disconnect and get reinvited. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work where both players can get credit at the same time, even when both return to the lobby and create a new game, so you'll have to take turns.

  • Earn 250.000 Reputation.


    You receive reputation any time you kill a special monster (blue, yellow, and orange names). You will get this easily working on the rest of the achievements. I got about 75% of the way to completing this achievement just from the story alone, so you should easily get the rest during Scenario Mode and the Tower Defense missions.

  • Buy a Set or Godlike quality item from the Pigazus. (Scenario only)


    Despite the achievement description saying "(Scenario only)" I was able to unlock this during story mode. Now, the easiest way to unlock it is to sell him a Set or Godlike item, then simply buy it back. The buy back price is the same as the sell price, so there's no loss whatsoever. The other half of this equation is actually getting a Set (green) or Godlike (purple) item in the first place. As I mentioned in "Million Gold Baby" the easiest solution is to buy Katarina's item set from the Xbox Store for a dollar. Then you can simply summon Pigazus from the summoning circle on the stairway to the right of the Command Post and sell him one of the pieces then buy it back to unlock the achievement.

  • Finish the game with a Hardcore character.


    Hardcore Mode is a "one life" mode where if you die, your save file gets deleted. I personally used the same character type as I did in my main playthrough, since I was comfortable with how it played and what skills to use. You can certainly try a new class if you want to. The one change I did make was to ensure most of Katarina's skill points went toward skills that increased Van Helsing's survivability (rather than her own damage and health). This way you'll be able to take a bit more punishment if you get caught off guard by a swarm of enemies or a boss-type.

    Since all you need to do is finish the game, and you likely got the majority of the game's achievements during the main playthrough, you can basically go straight to the mission objective on every map, which will speed this up quite a bit. However, if you missed any of the three missable achievements, be sure to go for those.

    If you do ending up dying, you can quickly hit the home button on your controller, then choose "manage game" from the tile on your dashboard and delete your save game from your console. The game only uploads to the cloud every few minutes, so if you do this fast enough, you'll be able to delete the local save and sync the cloud save back to your console with the character still alive. I only died once during my run, but it worked no problem.

  • Finish the game on Hard without changing the difficulty throughout the Story.


    See "Monster Hunter Extraordinaire" for more info.

  • Finish the game on Heroic without changing the difficulty throughout the Story.


    See "Monster Hunter Extraordinaire" for more info.

  • Finish the game on Fearless without changing the difficulty throughout the Story.


    The three difficulty achievements stack, so it is suggested to start on Fearless. The beginning of the story will be quite difficult, but as you level up and spec your character properly, you should find a good rhythm. You can die and resurrect as much as you wish, so even if you're finding it very hard, it will only be a test of patience to eventually complete the game.

    You can technically do this difficulty with a Hardcore character and only have to play the game once, but this is NOT suggested. Since a Hardcore character will be gone forever if you die, it's much safer to do that on Casual difficulty.

  • Speak with the gnome.


    In the Valley of Frost, just before the first bridge you will find a small town with a quest. Head to the right of those quest-givers and along the ridge to find a gnome sentry. Speak with him to unlock this achievement.

  • Find THAT rabbit.


    In the Valley of Frost, you will find this fearsome rabbit enemy north of the frozen pond, just before finding the blocked bridge that you need explosives to cross. Kill it to unlock the achievement.

  • Uncover the true story of Hansel and Gretel.


    In the Haunted Forest, you will find a candy house in the northern section of the map. Speak with the old woman here to unlock this achievement, and make sure you hang on to the Hag's Necklace she gives you, as it is required for another achievement later.

  • Save the wounded man bitten by vampires.


    In the Gothic Quarter, you will need to interact with a wagon and a bench before then finding a dying man in the northeast section of the map (he will be marked with a green exclamation point). When you find him, select the second option to take him to Vlad at the Secret Lair. Once you return to the lair and speak with Vlad, the achievement will unlock.

  • Find the underwater section of the Laboratory.


    In the Testing Facility, you'll need to interact with a console down a set of stairs from where you fight the boss to drain the water, which will unlock this achievement.

  • Sell the Chocolate-Covered Necklace to the undead.


    In Nightmare Hollow, just north of the spawn point, you will find a Rotting Abomination. You can trade the Hag's Necklace you got earlier (for the Grimm Truth achievement) to unlock this achievement.

  • Acquire the Skrimbeast potion.


    In Gnarlovoy, you'll find a green exlamation point on a door in the northwest section of the map. Speak to the people behind the door, then go back to the first bridge to kill the Skrimbeast in the cage to collect its Innards. Return the Innards to the people, who will refuse them as being spoiled. Now take the Innards to the Alchemist in the Secret Lair, who will brew a potion and unlock the achievement.

  • Find the Tomb of the Lost Pony.


    In the Necropolis, in the southern section of the map just below the level's exit, you will find a tomb to interact with, which will unlock this achievement.

  • Close the Gateway at the Sacrificial Site.


    In Wraithwoods, just north of where you load into the map, you'll find a large stone slab with five smaller stones around it. Interact with the stones in the order below to close the gateway and unlock the achievement.

  • Find a cabin the woods (it's never good).


    In the Island of Terror, you will find this cabin in the northern section of the map, just before heading left to the inkgrub you need to kill. Interact with it to unlock the achievement.

  • Catch the fleeing Domovoy.


    In the Gatekeeper's Domain, a Suspicious Domovoy enemy will spawn just after the first bridge. He will begin running away immediately, up a rocky incline, and toward the chasm. If he jumps off the edge, you will miss out on this achievement, so unload everything you have on him and ignore all other enemies! There will be a large group of enemies just past where he spawns. This group actually killed me, but I had enough time to respawn (make sure you choose to respawn right where you are if this happens), and still chase him down and kill him. Actually I think it helped a bit, since I was a ghost I just ran through the group of enemies and past the Domovoy, then shot at him as he ran toward me. I was right next to the edge of the cliff he was going to jump off.

  • Damage the airship.


    In the Dark Carnival, there is an airship docked at the very northern section of the map, up a few sets of wooden walkways. Reach the airship to unlock this achievement. You don't have to do anything other then walk next to it.

  • Complete The Dreamer's questline.


    In the Island of Terror, you will find The Dreamer just above the spawn point. He will ask you to find five items, all of which will be marked on the map. Once you have collected them, return to him to unlock the achievement.


Secret achievements

  • Capture the beastly Infiltrator.


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Fight your way through the Haunted Forest.


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Defeat the leader of the Cult of Seven.


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Close the gate to the Otherworld and stop the vampire invasion.


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Defeat the insane Ringmaster Extraordinaire.


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Seal off the Impossible Tombs.


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Defeat the Gatekeeper's champion and gain entry to the Deep Realms.


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Destroy the Ethereal Receivers.


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Destroy Koschei's Death.


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Fight your way into the lair of your nemesis.


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Defeat Koschei the Deathless and save Borgovia.


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Meet one of Katarina's relatives in the Otherworld.


    In the Shrine of Lamentation, speak to the ghost of Katrina's Aunt to unlock this achievement. You will find her to the north of the first straight bridge.

  • Find the pieces of Koschei's shattered Death.


    In the Tower of Torment, you will find a pile of bones at the top of the actual tower segment all the way to the north. Before you start heading down the wooden ramps, check the bottom half of the broken circular section. Interact with the bones to unlock the achievement.

  • Meet Professor Fulmigati.


    In the Shrine of Lamentation, speak with the ghost of Fulmigati to unlock this achievement. You will find him past the first two bridges (one straight, then one to the right), prior to going up the ramp toward the teleporter.

  • Catch a glimpse of a violent universe where only war exists.


    In the Island of Terror, just after the first long bridge and up a hill you will find a dead guy in huge armor. Loot his weapon to unlock this achievement.

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